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  • raising mealworms

    Raising Mealworms: 7 Easy Steps To Raise Mealworms At Home

    While there are many nutritious treats you can feed your chickens to keep them happy and healthy, mealworms are one of the best that you can provide your flock. Mealworms are extremely high in protein. Dried mealworms can contain as much as 53% protein. Mealworms are a really great treat to feed chickens, but they can […] More

  • raising rabbits

    Raising Rabbits: How To House, Feed, And Care For Rabbits

    Rabbits are one of the cutest animals you can raise on the homestead. Their soft and fluffy bodies are irresistible. Rabbits are also diverse. You’ll find quite a difference in the colors, sizes, and hair textures; you can raise them as meat or pets.  Rabbits are often overlooked in favor of larger livestock like cattle, goats, […] More

  • greenhouse plants

    10 Greenhouse Plants To Get A Jumpstart On The Gardening Season

    When you started gardening, you probably had dreams about all the different plants you’d grow. You imagined heaping piles of tomatoes, cucumbers to make more pickles than you could eat in one winter, and a never-ending supply of bright red bell peppers. If you have a greenhouse, all those dreams can be possible, even if […] More

  • chickens eating lettuce

    17 Treats For Chickens

    There is nothing quite as satisfying as a happy flock of chickens. I’ve developed a good relationship with my chickens through care, gentle handling, and the occasional treat or two. I love to watch them run toward me when I come outside.Β When they see me, they’re usually hoping for attention and a snack. Over the […] More

  • chickens foraging

    15 Things You Shouldn’t Feed Your Chickens

    One of the best parts about raising backyard chickens is the fact you can feed them almost anything — and they’ll eat it! I love being able to give table scraps to chickens that even my dogs won’t eat. Throwing away food is wasteful, so it’s nice to know chickens will take care of some scraps […] More

  • snowdrop flowers covered in frost

    10 Winter Flowers To Add Color To Gray Winter Days

    It can be rather sad to see the blooms of summer fade. As your summer flowers die back and prepare for winter, plant some of these winter flowers to create color for otherwise dreary landscaping. You can fill containers with winter-blooming annuals like pansies and violas, and plant perennials in the landscape for color that […] More