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Organic and natural products are coming out of the shadow of mainstream beauty preparations, demonstrating likely and proven restorative results. Both women and men are more frequently choosing not to apply products with chemicals and possible noxious toxins that may irritate or damage delicate skin. Instead, they are opting to only use pure organic/natural preparations.

Artificial scents added to mask the smell of the chemicals used in traditional products can create headaches, congestion, and nasal and skin irritation for many people who use them. Natural skincare products only smell like their natural ingredients or natural essential oils that provide the additional benefit of aromatherapy.

Skin, the body’s largest organ, is capable of absorbing up to 60 percent of the ingredients found in skincare products. It only makes good sense to avoid commonly used synthetic ingredients that medical research indicate may trigger irritation and skin rashes in some people and may have life lasting skin-damaging effects, cause cancer, or even death.

Beauty Is A Lot More Than Skin Deep

It’s a fact: The average person rubs, sprays, or lathers on more than a dozen different skin care products daily. Skin functions like a sponge rather than a barrier. We end up absorbing hundreds of chemicals into our bodies every day. While scientists tell us these substances are safe, at least in small doses, do you want to apply them to your skin?

"Plants are medicine." Don't these words by @laurelskin sum it all up? That is why I feel compelled to challenge the press when there is misinformation about natural formulas or when natural skincare is wrongfully accused. Many of us have worked hard to expand the marketplace to include consciously created blends. The less an ingredient is processed, the more that is captured of the life force energy of the plant, herb, flower, spice; the more health and beauty benefits emerge. It is a tangible force that can be felt. At the same time, these natural substances must be treated with wisdom and reverence for the power that's contained within them. ???? I envision a world where businesses are guided by integrity, authenticity and, transparency, paying homage to the sacred within nature, within people, and within the divine; where kindness and compassion lead; where calumny and competition crumble. This is the world I envision. #takecareofourworld ??????? . . . #itsasmallworldafterall #divineconsciousness #smallbusiness #integrity #smallbiz #consciousness #spices #woodenspoons #wood #nature #naturalcreations #environmentallyfriendly #ecofriendly #ecofriendlyproducts #environment #takecareofyourworld #turmeric #ginger #rosehips #calendula #chamomile

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In all fairness, cosmetic manufacturers have a vested interest in crafting products that do not harm their customers. However, potent chemicals, with known harmful side effects suggest we exercise caution when choosing the products we apply to our skin. The European Union has banned more than a thousand personal product ingredients due to concerns that they may cause birth defects if used by pregnant women or that they may cause cancer. The United States has banned less than a dozen.

Choose Organic Cosmetics To Avoid Toxic Chemicals

No one knows how chemicals affect us over time, or how they react in our bodies in combination. As an example, phthalates, found in artificial fragrances, are a class of hormone disruptor linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility.

It’s a sad fact, as much as 90 percent of the 10,500 cosmetics and skin care ingredients acknowledged to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not been evaluated for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, the FDA, or any other publicly accountable institution.

However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), as well as the FDA regulates certification for agricultural ingredients deemed to be organic and offer guidelines for the number of organic ingredients in cosmetic products. Under these agencies’ rules and regulations, cosmetic products marketed as organic are required to be made of no less than 70 percent organic ingredients by weight. It pays to carefully read the label on products we purchase to make sure that the item is USDA certified organic.

Healing, Anti-Aging Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

Women are discovering the advantages of using natural/organic skincare products that enhance the skin’s natural condition and work in synergy with the skin by utilizing natural active ingredients that optimize skin regeneration. Market analysts predict the market for organic derma-cosmetics and natural/organic cosmetics will continue to grow, especially for products promising dermatological rewards.

Organic and natural skincare products can bring about dramatic improvement in persistent skin concerns such as psoriasis, edema, acne, premature aging, dryness, hyper-pigmentation, or sensitized skin. Organic skin care products are free of harmful skincare ingredients, artificial dyes, synthetic fillers, and harsh chemicals that cause wrinkling, irritation, dryness, redness, breakouts and scaring.

natural skin care products
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While the toxic chemicals and dangerous artificial ingredients in many skin care products strip skin of moisture and age skin prematurely, dermatologically active natural skincare ingredients nourish and maintain healthy looking, youthful, fresh, and radiant skin.

Today, there is a diverse array of natural ingredients with proven properties, recognized for their effectiveness in enhancing the health and vitality of hair and skin. Natural skincare products typically combine two or more botanical extracts, plant-based essential oils, vitamins, and natural materials that are not harmful to the skin. Natural skincare products do not rely on dangerous chemicals and additives.

DIY hyaluronic acid serum for deep skin hydration! My skin likes winter just about as much as I do. Which, in short, is absolutely not at all. My hands and lips get so dry they crack and bleed if I don't moisturize like crazy. I usually keep a bottle of jojoba oil in my purse to apply as often and I can during the cold months. This year though, I'm taking preventative measures. Hyaluronic Acid is the compound in the epithelial tissues that is responsible for the soft dewiness babies' skin has, and that we all want to keep as we age. It has the ability to hold 1000x its weight in water, thus keeping the deeper layers of our skin hydrated and plump. HA also promotes collagen production and cell migration; in short, it may be able to help reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles. Who doesn't want that? But who wants to pay for overpriced serums that may have been sitting on shelves in warehouses for months when you can make it yourself!? I like to use my homemade HA serum on clean skin, then once it is all soaked in, I use fresh aloe vera to add tons of moisture (if I'm staying home) or my Rose & Marigold face cream (if I'm leaving the house) to seal in the serum. Both aloe vera and marigold also increase collagen production, so using these products along with the Hyaluronic Acid serum is compounding the benefits. This recipe is super easy, but I cant take credit for it. I have adapted my version from @mommypotamus origian Hyaluronic Acid serum. Read her post on it to get more info about the benefits and why to choose High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid. Swipe through the photos to see how easy it is to make! What you will need: ✨Some sort of hydrosol or rose water ✨HMW Hyaluronic Acid (I buy it on amazon) ✨Essential oils, if desired. I add literally only 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of rosemary for its antimicrobial properties. ✨Glycerin ✨A clean container for storage. I like this amber pump bottle. Process continued in comments ??

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Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of botanicals and other natural ingredients in personal care products. These benefits have been utilized for thousands of years for their anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and healing properties. Neutralize free radical damage by selecting moisturizers and creams containing vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are potent antioxidants that help prevent oxidation and eliminate unsightly discolorations that occur as a result of sun damage or acne scars.

You will find vitamins A, C, and E listed in natural skincare formulations as ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl palmitate, vitamin C-ester, tocopherol palmitate, or tocopherol. These essential vitamins are found in abundance in natural skin care ingredients such as rice bran, walnuts, green tea extract, orange, pomegranate, lemon, grapefruit, flax, pumpkin, avocado, and sunflower seed oils. Vitamin C encourages collagen synthesis, essential for firm and supple skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

A few of the most effective and popular ingredients found in natural skin care products include alpha hydroxy acids. There are many different varieties of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) found in plants, fruits, and vegetables. However, five have been medically proven to be the most beneficial: glycolic, lactic, citric, malic and tartaric acids. These are in order of which acids are said to be the most effective.

First, the most effective, glycolic acid, which is derived from sugar, allows for the most skin-deep penetration since it has the smallest molecular structure. The next most beneficial, lactic, comes from milk. Next, from citrus fruit, we are given citric acid, which is followed by malic acid, which is most commonly found in apples, and tartaric from fruit fermentation. Many natural skincare products combine these acids to enhance exfoliation, stimulate cellular renewal, improve tone and texture, and increase skin’s thickness while softening, hydrating and moisturizing.

Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Here are some more common ingredients you’ll find in your natural skin care products:

Beta Carotene

Found in red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables like peppers, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya and pumpkins, beta-carotene is an essential nutrient required for healing skin irritations, protecting against sun damage and to encourage skin cell rejuvenation.

“Topical beta-carotene has antioxidant benefits on the skin and research has reported that it improves discoloration due to melasma,” advises Jessica Wu, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California.


Chamomile calms, comforts, and soothes and maintains healthy skin while it heals dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

Citric Acid

Derived from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, limes, and lemons, citric acid is a natural pH adjuster and acts as a natural preservative and antioxidant.


Traditionally employed for centuries in natural healing preparations, Eyebright reduces puffiness and redness to visually brighten the eyes. Its antiviral properties make it a useful addition to many skincare products.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Dry, itchy scalp? Gently massage warm coconut oil onto your scalp using your fingertips (not nails), wrap with a cotton t-shirt & leave on for 30 min. Apply remaining coconut oil to length of hair. (Prepare to smell super coconutty!) Then shampoo with Dr. Bronner’s soap (or your favorite natural shampoo) & condition as normal. Repeat weekly, or as needed, to help relieve and prevent dry, itchy scalp. Read more in our BIO.

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This healing oil is a natural emollient that soothes and softens the skin.


Prized and coveted by kings, frankincense contains powerful healing, soothing, and relaxing properties that promote facial skin cell rejuvenation by improving blood flow.

Green Tea

A primary ingredient in many natural skin products, green tea contains powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and act as a natural skin healing agent. Green tea helps prevent and reverse UV damage to delicate skin. Vitamin E protects skin from free radicals that arise as a result of sun’s ultraviolet radiation.


Licorice contains stellar anti-inflammatory properties that make licorice extract one of the most effective natural ingredients to treat rosacea and redness. Medical research studies validate that properties in the plant reduce uneven pigmentation by blocking the production of melanin. Licorice extract, along with Vitamin C, helps fade brown age spots.


Used for centuries, the herb marshmallow works to relax, soften, heal, and recondition prematurely aging skin.


With a wonderfully refreshing smell, menthol presents a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, absorbs quickly, and is highly effective in reducing skin puffiness.

Natural Glycerin

Glycerin is a natural humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft. Glycerin is used as a base in many natural skin preparations.


Colloidal oatmeal, one of the natural ingredients approved by FDA to treat skin irritation such as dry, irritated skin, eczema, insect bites, and poison ivy. The lipids and proteins contained in oats enhance and strengthen the skin barrier.

Oats also exhibit diverse anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help heal skin irritations and reduce acne flare-ups.

Orange Oil

Orange oil works to reduce skin puffiness, moisturizes skin to discourage wrinkling, enhances blood circulation, minimizes blemishes, and exfoliates the skin for a healthy and glowing tone.


#purpleveggies ? Dark fruits and vegetables have #Antioxidants which mop up free radicals and keep you looking younger, longer. Thus, dark foods with a purple pigment, such as purple onions, concord grapes, purple cabbage, black mission figs, prunes and blackberries, are known for having amazing #healingpowers. ????????????. The purple pigment in all of these #fruits and #vegetables contain #flavonoids, including #resveratrol, which can help decrease blood pressure. Resveratrol helps relax the arterial walls, decreases the pressure in the arteries and allows better circulation. Produce with #purple hues contain a variety of #polyphenols that can reduce the #inflammatory response in the body. #Inflammation is at the root of all major diseases, including heart disease, #diabetes, arthritis and immune dysfunction. . . . . . . . . . . #eattolive #eatmoreplants #veggies #nutritionist #dallasnutritionist #nutritioncoach #nutritionplan #nutritioniskey #eattolive #nutritiontip #nutritionadvice #eatclean

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A polyphenol, derived from grape skin and wine, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps protect against harmful UV damage.

Shea Butter

Derived from the fruit of the karite tree, creamy shea butter helps to prevent moisture loss from the skin while it soothes and softens.


Soy-based skin products help to brighten skin and even skin tones and are an excellent choice for persons seeking an alternative to expensive, prescription-strength ingredients such as hydroquinone or retinoid.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E contains powerful antioxidant properties to reduce skin inflammation or irritation. Argan oil, commonly known as “liquid gold,” is an essential oil derived from a tree native to Morocco. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E.

Witch Hazel

This healing herb contains potent anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce puffiness around the eyes and soothe irritated skin. Witch Hazel is useful in contributing to control oil production while offering hydration and a reduction in skin inflammation and redness.


Written by Marlene Affeld

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