• outdoor wall sconces

    Outdoor Wall Sconces

    An outdoor wall sconce can be: A functional item. Just there to make sure you don’t trip over the patio stairs. A contributing design element. Follows the theme or style you’ve chosen for your outdoor decor. A focal point. If you don’t have incredible landscaping, or stunning furniture, sconces are an inexpensive backyard conversation piece. […] More

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  • Outdoor Beds

    Outdoor beds are trending, but you may be wondering, “Why an outdoor bed and not just a hammock, chair, or bench?” Prepare to list your bench set for sale, dear reader. Aside from the most obvious use for outdoor beds (the ability to lay down outside on something other than grass, dirt, brick, concrete, or […] More

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  • Green Roof Inspiration

    A green roof—essentially, a garden atop any office building or home—helps save energy, promote drainage, and feed you. Why Build a Green Roof? Sod roofs are common on the Faroe Islands, west of Norway. Traditionally the roof was covered with sod on top of several layers of birch bark over wooden boards. Today, commercial roofing […] More

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  • What’s Your Green?

    No, my title is not a pickup line overheard at a recent Earth Day festival (though it bloody well could be!). Instead, what I refer to here is how the environmental movement is far from homogenous if one truly looks at the diversity of individual motives and methods for going green. The green movement is […] More

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  • PG&E Wants Californians to Wear Green Goggles

    Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) newly qualified ballot initiative will lock in high rates by killing honest competition from outside energy providers. California law allows communities to purchase power on the open market. PG&E wants to stop local communities from exercising their constitutional right to cleaner and cheaper alternatives. The signature verification process has just […] More

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  • Outdoor Furniture Cushions

    Our outdoor furniture takes a beating—sun, rain, wind, and more. Before long, the cushions on our favorite chairs and lounges start to look older than they really are. If you’ve tried cleaning them, and they still aren’t as inviting as you’d like them to be, it may be time to replace them. Related Post: Outdoor […] More

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