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  • What Does Copyright Have To Do With Your Right To Repair? Plenty…

    An available, efficient repair infrastructure couldΒ contribute significantly to a reduced waste stream: why toss and replace when you can fix it? Right? Unfortunately, not only have we gotten out of that mindset (because of cheaply available products often made under less-than-ideal conditions), but, in many cases, we’re prevented from repairing products by manufacturers. Really? If […] More

  • Happy World Toilet Day! [Video]

    Non-profit Ohorizons celebrates World Toilet Day by talking to New Yorkers about the water they drink, and the water they flush. More

  • How Much Waste Can One Million Clean Cookstoves Prevent? [Video]

    I’ve been writing about clean cookstoves for years: these simple pieces of technology are wonders of sustainability. They address dangers to human health posed by open-fire cooking; they also free up lots of time for women in the developing world. And, they contribute to waste prevention by allowing for much more efficient use of wood […] More

  • Montana Craft Brewers Get Entrepreneurial, Communal With Glass Recycling

    We Americans are doing much better in terms of recycling materials, according to a new article from Yes!: the EPA notes that we recycled 65 million tons of solid waste in 2013. We’re trying to do the right thing, but the economics of recycling follow the ebbs and flows of the market… and that means […] More

  • Recycling Old Milk Into New Products

    A German start-up has figured out a better way to handle the millions of gallons of old milks thrown away every year: recycle it into a biopolymer. More

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