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  • tinctures and foraged herbs and flowers

    How To Make Tinctures

    Tinctures are used for many different medicinal purposes. You can find tinctures for congestion, coughs, cold & flu, arthritis and so much more. It really comes down to the herbs and medicinal plants you’re using and what their healing properties consist of. Before I begin the how-to portion of this article, I’d like to share […] More

  • rhubarb garden

    Homestead Stories: Great Grandpa’s Rhubarb

    The first heavy frost has just hit and the temperature has taken a nose dive well below freezing. The gardens are all tucked in their beds, well covered with leaves. Little nobs still poke their heads above the frozen earth, but the remnants of my great grandfather’s rhubarb are well blanketed with a thick layer […] More

  • smoothie bowl

    High Fat, High Protein Vegan Snacks

    High fat is a term that often scares people away, I know. We’ve been told for decades that fat is bad for us, and because of ad campaigns and flawed science, there is a fundamental misunderstanding that leads us to believe fatty foods means fat on the body – but this is just not true. […] More

  • jerusalem artichoke tubers

    Jerusalem Artichokes

    I first discovered Jerusalem artichokes about four years ago in Arkansas. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the 5-foot stalk with a yellow flower that looked like a miniature sunflower without the seeds. I flipped through my edible plants book, surfed the web, did some research and was pleased […] More

  • kitchen island

    Kitchen Islands

    It often feels like the kitchen is one of those rooms within our homes where we really wish we could add just a few more drawers, some extra cabinets, and a bit more surface space. If you’re not building a new home, and have no intentions of moving, rather than opting for an entire kitchen […] More

  • Chicken Hatcheries

    When you want to start a flock of chickens or grow your existing flock, you have a number of options for how to go about purchasing chicks. Check out our article on where to buy chicks. One of the most cost-effective methods is to buy live chicks directly from a hatchery. So fluffy! ? Watch […] More

  • Electric Fireplaces

    There’s no denying that the ambiance of a fireplace has almost no equal. There’s something special about sitting in front of a fireplace that invites us to linger a little longer. However, having the maintenance of a real fireplace, along with it not being terribly environmentally friendly, makes some people reconsider having one at all. […] More

  • succulents in picture frame

    Gardening Gifts

    ‘Tis the season of gift giving. Since colder weather has many of us stuck inside instead of in the dirt, we figured this holiday season is the perfect time to find the best in gardening gifts including gear, decor, reading – and of course, don’t forget some of those extra homesteading specialties. We’ve compiled over 70 […] More

  • secret garden

    Homestead Stories: Secret Gardens

    Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote a charming young people’s novel. First published in book form in 1911, “The Secret Garden” lures the reader into a world of discovery and possibilities, all in a garden, shut off from the rest of the world. It’s kept secret for years until a little girl discovers the key. Overgrown from […] More

  • sauerkraut in jar and cutting board on wood table

    40 Fermentation Recipes

    Fermentation is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the mid-1800’s when the study of yeast first began. Since then, we have created recipes that ferment everything from milk to pickles. And of course, we can’t forget about good ol’ sauerkraut! So what’s the difference between canning and fermentation? Well for one, canning requires vinegar, […] More

  • three chickens looking towards camera

    Homesteader Tips For Dealing With Parasites

    How healthy is your homestead? When evaluating the health of your homestead, it is important to look at the whole picture. The condition of the soil, the health of the plants on your property, the water quality, as well as the immunity level and overall health of people, pets and livestock. If a problem is […] More

  • street covered in two feet of snow

    Tips For Surviving Winter’s Worst

    Winter blizzards can be life-threatening. Are you prepared to survive winter’s wrath? Millions of people in the United States live or recreate in isolated areas, away from the amenities of city services. If emergencies services are not readily available, self-reliance is required. In an emergency scenario, your life and the life of loved ones may […] More

  • bamboo cooking utensils

    30 Gifts For Bakers

    Baking helps make your house into a home and is a lovely way to show the people in your life that you care for them. And there is no better time than the holidays to start (or begin again) with baking traditions. But if your baking supplies could use a bit of an upgrade – […] More

  • Making Homemade Kombucha

    Kombucha, the fermented, sweetened tea that has caught the attention of many, has actually gone through several phases of popularity over the years. The traditional tonic is quite trendy right now, but the natural probiotic drink has a number of health benefits and tasty flavors that date back to 221 B.C when it was known as […] More

  • morning glory and flower

    How To Get Rid Of Morning Glory

    Morning glory (Ipomoea lacunosa) is a flowering vine that is native to the eastern and southeastern United States. On the East Coast and in the South, it’s a well-loved and beautiful part of well-tended gardens. #morningglories #blue #blueandwhite #thatcolor #thankyougod #latergram A post shared by Angela Dugas (@xubrnc) on Oct 19, 2017 at 4:29am PDT […] More

  • close up on two pink/orange roses

    Growing Roses

    Roses are popular and beautiful flowering shrubs in many homestead gardens. However, starting a rose garden can seem like a bit of an intimidating challenge for new gardeners. It isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, with planning and proper planting, most anyone can cultivate a successful rose garden. There is no argument […] More

  • chickens drinking water

    Lessons From Facing Death On The Homestead

    As a small girl in my suburban neighborhood, dealing with death was something unusual. So when my pet fish died, tears were shed and a solemn, toilet-side funeral was held, complete with speeches! Any time I found a dead baby bird in the spring, my long-suffering father would kindly wrap it in tissues and bury […] More

  • chicken tractor

    Chicken Tractor Plans

    When it comes to housing your flock of chickens, there are many options, but one of the most flexible is the chicken tractor. A chicken tractor is a portable coop that has many of the benefits of a stationary coop as well as a number of added benefits. Building the best structure for you and […] More

  • man walking through woods

    Forest Therapy

    Shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing. Forest Therapy. No matter what you call the practice, the goal is the same: for humans to use the forest as medicine. History of Forest Bathing Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or, more simply, forest bathing. The practice was developed in Japan in the early 1990s […] More

  • yellow dye, green dye, brown dye, purple dye

    How To Dye Fabric Naturally

    If you are a homesteader or just a do-it-yourselfer you are going to love this. Natural dyes! I once dyed my curtains using turmeric. They turned out a beautiful golden yellow that complimented the room beautifully. Natural dyes, dyes, or ants, as they are called, are derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Most natural dyes […] More

  • chicken coops

    Chicken Coop Plans

    A well-built chicken coop is a worthwhile investment. Options range from simple and affordable to elaborate. With so many options available, and a world of creative possibilities to build yourself, it can seem daunting to decide what you want in a coop. Types Of Chicken Coops   Here are a few chicken coop design options: […] More

  • Vegan Cheese

    Vegan cheese has come a long way in the two decades since I started eating it, and there are more options than ever for those of us that don’t (or can’t) eat dairy.   15 Varieties of Vegan Cheese Below I’ve detailed the most common brands of vegan cheeses, what the best uses are for […] More

  • house with fire in the background

    Homestead Fire Prevention

    Many people fail to realize that they face serious wildfire danger. However, if you live in the rural prairies, foothills, or mountainous regions of North America, you are at risk. Fire is frightening, unpredictable, and life-threatening. Weakness in your homestead’s fire protection scheme can create opportunities for a fire to take control, often because of […] More

  • Growing Elderberries

    A member of the honeysuckle family, the common elderberry (Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis), also known as American elder, wild elder, sweet elder, dwarf elder, hairy blue elderflower, European elder or Tree of Music, is a dense, woody shrub. It grows wild across the northern reaches of the United States and in the southern provinces of […] More

  • beets and carrots

    How To Make Carrot Wine

    As a young man, my father was a homesteader who raised root vegetables to sell at the town fresh market. Even when the harvest was plentiful, there were always misshapen carrots, not attractive enough to appeal to what he called “picky city folk.” Dad stashed most of the rejects in the root cellar, to make […] More

  • Homestead Stories: Memories Of Carving Pumpkins

    The shape isn’t perfect – it never is. It’s rather flat on one side since that’s the way it laid on the ground while it grew. Its shape adds character. At least, one can imagine that it does. Washed and then dried, it sits on the kitchen table awaiting its demise. Or, perhaps, its re-creation […] More

  • Adirondack Chairs

    Almost no vacation would be complete without the addition of an Adirondack chair somewhere on the property. Whether you’re lounging beside the sea, or circled around a campfire with friends, an Adirondack chair is practically essential. These comfortable, spacious chairs have become staples on beaches and shorefront cottages, and we’ve started to incorporate them into […] More

  • dark brown uncooked wild rice

    Cultivating And Harvesting Wild Rice

    Wild rice (Zizania palustris) is known as the “caviar of grains.” Contrary to its name, wild rice is actually the seeds of wetland grass. Other common names include water oats, Canadian rice, marsh oats, and blackbird oats. A native, aquatic, ancient cereal grain that grows in isolated riverbeds, marshes, and shallow lakes across North America, wild […] More

  • Rain Chains

    You know what’s perfect on a rainy day besides a good book and a roaring fire? Listening to the soothing sounds produced by a rain chain. There is something very zen-like about hearing the trickle of water during a light rain, or the roar of whitewater during a downpour! Rain chains were originally created in […] More

  • Disaster Preparedness For Homesteaders

    Emergencies, by their very definition, are stressful. I, like many homesteaders, find myself concerned about the possibility of an emergency event such as a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, or an act of terrorism. Do you too, wonder if you have done all you can to help prepare for a catastrophic survival situation? Panic and […] More

  • pile of different varieties of squash

    Winter Squash Harvest And Storage Tips

    Why do homesteaders grow pumpkins or winter squash? While the process may be challenging, the reward could be enormous. There are dozens of varieties of pumpkins and winter squash, weighing from 2 lbs. to 500! What’s in your garden? Read on to discover harvest, curing, and storage tips for the seasonal vegetable that is the […] More

  • Cabbage Vs Lettuce

    Ever wonder whether to serve cabbage or lettuce? Well, in the cabbage vs. lettuce debate you need wonder no more. More

  • thimble berries in hand

    Cultivating Thimbleberries In The Homestead Garden

    Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus Nutt.) is a common bramble plant found growing in the wild on sunny, sub-alpine, mountainous slopes and avalanche tracks from Alaska to California. In fact, thimbleberries are a circumpolar fruit that grows wild in Japan and Russia and all but the most southern regions of North America. Red when ripe, thimbleberries may […] More

  • goal zero yeti solar power generator

    Portable Solar Power Systems

    Did you know that the amount of energy produced by all of the world’s nations is still less than the amount of energy provided to Earth by the sun in a single hour? The sun is, without a doubt, the biggest power plant on the planet, and for that reason, everyone who leads a self-sufficient […] More

  • Storage Benches

    Storage benches may be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we can own. For anyone needing to maximize space, they’re the answer to solving storage and seating problems. They can also serve as a beautiful piece of home décor. The options for storage benches are endless. We’re using them in our living rooms, […] More

  • brown cow standing in grass next to pile of manure

    Why Manure Is The Unsung Hero of the Homestead

    When I lived in the city, I had the luxury of ignoring poop. If a neighbor’s dog left it on my tiny lawn, it was a rude, unusual inconvenience. Aside from what I delicately flushed into oblivion with the touch of a lever, my experiences with poop were largely nonexistent. My suburban upbringing trained me […] More

  • Floating Shelves

    Shelving is a staple household decor item that can be functional, decorative, and necessary all at the same time. Whether your style is traditional, rustic, shabby chic, or modern, shelving units come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need. Floating shelves are no different. Their simplicity and functionality have made […] More

  • pile of new fall leaves

    Using Fall Leaves For Winter Mulch

    I love my garden and I love working in it. Unfortunately, it’s a seasonal thing. Once winter approaches I do all I can to protect and preserve my garden for the next spring. Many people, myself included, cover their gardens with mulch. Others purchase mulch chips for their garden. Personally, I let the leaves fall […] More

  • image of Aspergillus flavus under a microscope

    Household Mold Removal

    Gross, slimy, smelly, and dangerous to people and pets, mold is the last thing you want to see growing in your home. Mold won’t necessarily destroy your homestead, but it can make family members and pets sick while it makes your home, barns, outbuildings, chicken coop, root cellar, livestock pens, and pump house look awful […] More

  • Wind Chimes

    Wind chimes have been used by many cultures going back as far as 1100 BC. Believe it or not, they weren’t created to irritate cranky neighbors, but in fact were thought to ward off evil spirits. They’re considered a percussion instrument, and because their sound is created at random by the wind, their soothing, melodic […] More

  • Flowers From Garden To Canvas

    I love my garden, but sadly, it’s only a seasonal thing. The remainder of the year, I look out at the bleak leaf and snow-covered earth surrounded by barren trees and shrubs. Even the fungus, which creates artistic designs during the summer and early autumn, is hidden. I can sit inside and dream about the […] More

  • slat system wooden bed frame

    Bed Frames

    For as much time as we spend in our bedrooms, it’s surprising how little attention we sometimes give that space. It’s likely because we feel like no one else will see it, so it can wait until we’ve addressed other rooms throughout the home. But what about you? Why shouldn’t your bedroom be the sanctuary […] More

  • copperhead snake laying in woods

    Homestead Stories: Dealing With A Copperhead Den

    I knew before making the move to Arkansas several years ago that I would get to see a lot of snakes, especially since Central Arkansas is hot, humid, and rocky. The climate in combination with the rocky terrain makes the area perfect for snakes. I’ve encountered beautiful queen snakes, king snakes, garter snakes, and many […] More

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