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  • 6 Gorgeous Small Rustic Cottages: Sweden's Urnatur

    Urnatur is a family-owned retreat and tree house hotel, with private cabins in the incredible Swedish forest. It’s a place where individuals can go to learn about traditonal skills (foraging wild foods, traditional building), or simply go for a bit of downtime. More

  • Tiny Houses are Big! Lloyd Kahn's Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

    Lloyd Kahn’s new book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter delivers a fresh look at the gamut of modern tiny houses and their owners, and the sheer diversity of approaches people are taking to scale back in an era where few could deny the need to address our massive consumption of energy and resources. More

  • Top 10 Tiny House Books: Small House Designs

    In recent years, with the mainstream success of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, housing prices going through the roof, greater awareness of sustainable and ecological living issues, living in tiny homes has become an attractive option for increasing numbers of people. More

  • Sweet Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Design

    There’s no doubt: people are excited about building their own DIY, inexpensive ovens for baking pizza, bread, and other delicious foods. For all of those folks, I want to highlight this particularly unique design for a wood-fired pizza oven, built in a greenhouse. More

  • fire built top down

    How to Build a Clean Fire: The Top-Down Fire

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to build a fire. But that doesn’t mean they are all equal: the top-down fire (or upside down fire) is perhaps the most efficient and cleanest way to build a fire. More

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving With Local Foods Recipes

    Local foods play a big role in my life. I’m dedicated to eating as locally as possibly, and growing as much of my own food as I reasonably can. When there are foods I need to buy, I try to make sure they are organic and seasonal. More

  • Great Green Home Insulation Product: Sheep's Wool Batting

    Wool is one of the best natural insulators — think of how precious that favorite wool sweater of yours is, or those toasty wool socks you can’t leave home without on a cold winter day. Well, the benefits of wool extend to keeping your house comfortable, too — it is a fantastic, highly insulative, and energy-efficient material that is a superior material for saving on home heating and cooling expenses. More

  • Small Strawbale Book Spotlights Attractive Tiny Straw Bale Homes

    Building small homes is an increasing nation-wide trend, and similarly, natural building methods are picking up steam and gaining recognition in the movement towards more sustainable lifestyles. Small Strawbale a a book fusing these two attractive building features, providing a nice bit of juice in the inspiration department for those folks intrigued by small homes […] More

  • Map Shows Who Gets Screwed by Climate Change, Who Doesn’t

    In a new map illustrating climate vulnerability, it’s obvious which countries take the biggest hits, and are most susceptible to the effects of climate change. Developed by risk analysts Maplecroft, the map combines measures of the risk of certain global warming impacts, including storms, flooding, and droughts, with the social and financial ability of both […] More

  • Occupy George: Protest Wealth Inequality in America on Your Dollars

    As Occupy Wall Street protests ramp up around the country, conversations abound about wealth and income inequality in America. But now you can put your message on your money with Occupy George dollar bill templates, which highlight economic disparities through clever graphics that you can print directly on your greenbacks. More

  • Top 10 Tips For a Zero Waste Home

    Do you think you can reduce your annual trash to squeeze inside a single quart size jar? Well, Bea Johnson and her family did, and so can you. You probably already know half of what you need to do, but in this post, Bea Johnson spells out everything you need to do to achieve zero […] More

  • Gränsfors Bruks: Still Hand Forging Axes in High Tech Gadget Age

    A big part of my life is building. I moved into my own hand-built cob house two summers ago, and currently I’m building a timber frame kitchen, and planning for a another house. I pursue natural building, using local and recycled materials, and with that, using traditional techniques. This includes the use of hand tools. […] More

  • Tour a Sustainable Community: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Open House, Sept. 24

    Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a sustainable community? Or what life is like off-the-grid, using renewable energy? On September 24, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage will be hosting its annual Open House. The community will be open to the public for an afternoon of tours and behind the scenes information of living in a […] More

  • What is Life Like Without an Air Conditioner?

    For the past two weeks, talk about the weather has been a very, very hot topic. (Godawful pun, forgive me.) For good reason. Here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri, daytime temperatures have been in the mid 90s consistently, peaking as high as 100°. Nighttime temperatures have brought little to no relief. On top […] More

  • The American Dream is a Mirage: a Poem

    Still denying Still lying to yourself Still crying about all the wrong things One of these days Something’s gonna tip or fall or crash and maybe, just maybe you’ll wake up and realize that ice is melting the sun is blazing and even your feet are colder in the winter That things aren’t just gonna […] More

  • Cheap Solar Lighting with a Two Liter Water Bottle

    An ingenious solar lighting idea is spreading across the slums of the Philippines. This solar light design requires neither a solar panel nor a light bulb, however. In fact, all it requires is the sun and a two liter water bottle. Light bulbs are only for the very fortunate in the Philippines, as they are […] More

  • What is Organic Food, Really? Exposing The Agriculture Myths

    Just what the heck is organic food, anyway? When a particular product is certified organic, does that mean the same thing that we imagine it to mean — that the food was raised without pesticides, was grown responsibly and in a non-destructive manner? Well…. maybe not. In a can-o’-worms-openin’ article for Scientific American, Christie Wilcox […] More

  • Damn! 400+ High Temperature Records Broken in US

    It’s still mid-summer, and already over 400 individual maximum recorded temperature records have been broken in the US. Are you starting to sweat? Or were you already? Readers can use a handy feature on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) website to check out just how hot this country is, and how many heat […] More

  • Dive! Film Explores Dumpster Diving and Food Waste

    Despite the title, Dive! is not a movie about graceful Olympic divers. Nothing could be further from that image. Instead, it’s a new film about the massive food waste in America, and those who choose to dive into dumpsters to save food from going to the landfill. In his film, Jeremy Siefert takes on Trader […] More

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