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  • Healthier Snacks for Kids

    Finding healthier snacks for kids can be tough, especially during a picky phase. I’m a bit believer in options, so here are lots of ideas for your healthy snack arsenal! More

  • Simply Plastic Free Gum

    Did you know that your chewing gum likely contains plastic? But you don’t need plastic to make delicious gum! More

  • Gifts for People Who Love to Cook

    Holidays are for sharing food and love, and if you’re a gift giver, this is the list to help you give BOTH food and love. Here we present our Eat Drink Better guide to gifts for people who love to cook! More

  • Wind Energy for a Cleaner Energy Future

    Every month, your home or business uses a mix of energy that includes fossil fuels from your electricity supplier or local utility. Would you like to use your monthly energy bill to vote for renewable energy? More

  • garden hose timer

    The Story Behind Bambu

    We spend a lot of time talking about what goes into our food, let’s talk about what goes into our kitchens. More

  • oats for making fodder


    Smallholders on plots of ten acres or less produce the majority of the world’s tea and coffee. More

  • Two Powerful Tools to Stop Mold Growth

    Mold is a nasty substance that can be found in areas that have high moisture levels, and you need the right tools to stop mold growth. This can be in the kitchen, bathroom, on the outside of the home or in closets, basements, attics and other dark, damp places. Mold can not only cause health […] More

  • Free Solar Panels For Off-Grid Living

    Most of us have heard of solar panels but not many people know that much about them. In the simplest terms, solar panels are devices that use light from the sun to create electricity. Usually, they are installed on the roof of a private home or small business. There are many kinds of solar panels. […] More

  • How to Find Cheap Solar Thermal Panel Installers

    Recent advancements in solar water heating technology and its rising popularity means thatΒ prices for solar water heating systems have become much cheaper. There are a couple of different systems that are available, and purchasers should do their homework before choosing. Flat plate collectors, developed in the 1950s, are the most common and are comprised of […] More

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