Wattle Fence

Wattle is woven wood fencing. Hurdles are woven wattle fencing panels. Historically moveable hurdles were employed for pasture and livestock rotation. We have been wattle making (wattling) since Neolithic times.

How To Weave A Wattle Fence

The upright stakes are sometimes called “sales” and the saplings called ‘weavers’. Hazel, willow, sweet chestnut, plum, forsythia or any supple, long, straight, slender saplings make good weavers. Newly cut, green wood is best and easiest. Willow is an exception as it can be soaked to become more supple. Use thin, long branches -or- larger saplings that are cut down the center (cleft) as ‘weavers’. (See video below on how to cleft a sapling.) The saplings you choose should be long enough to weave around at least three stakes (preferably more) for stability. The weavers are woven around the ‘sales’ like basketry. The simplest weave would be to weave each row of saplings alternating around the stakes, the next row is woven on the opposite side of the stake from the sapling below it. Each sapling row should be firmly pressed down.

Hard wood is a good choice for the sales. Beware if you use willow as stakes as your fence just might take root and come alive, it will turn out strong, but you would need to trim it each year.

Wattle work is still a viable small industry in the UK, each company maintains a sustainable coppiced woodland to harvest weavers or withies. If you do not have access to woodland, you can order willow cuttings (withies) online

38 Amazing Wattle Fences Around The World

Vermont Wattle Fence

wattle fence

A charming loose weave wattle fence in Vermont. Photo by Katrinka / Flickr.

Hazel Wood Wattle Gate

wattle fence

Six foot high cleft (split) hazel fence with gate and archway leading through an existing hornbeam hedge. The gate is pine with hazel infill. The cut side of the hazel wood is facing the viewer. For more images go to burwashwonderwood.com.

Wattle And Stone

wattle fence

Wattle fence and gate integrated into a stone wall, Stara Planina, Bulgaria. This photo was found at nashdom-bg.com.

Wattle Arch From Europe

wattle arch

Wattle arch of hazel. Hazel is the most common wood used for wattling in Europe. For more wattling ideas go to naturalfencing.com.

Close-Up Of A Wattle Fence

Building fences. ☀️

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This photo gives you a close up of how a wattle fence is constructed. You can see the weaving pattern they used to make this fence.

Wattle Door

wattle fence

A continuous weave wattle fence with an oak framed gate that contains a hazel weave infill. The hazel rods have been split with the grain as opposed to sawn, thus retaining its inherent strength and therefore creating a denser fence. Video below on how to cleft a sapling. By Tim Radford. Go to burwashwonderwood.com to see more.

Rustic Wattle Fence

wattle fence

Rustic wattle fence by Dan Holmes, UK. For more inspiration, visit www.sussexgates.co.uk.

Hurdle Maker’s Wattle Fence

wattle fence

Stevens the Hurdle Maker. Located in rural Hampshire, UK. The cleft, or split side of the wood is facing us, bark side faces interior of yard. Other designs can be seen on Stevens’ site, wattlehurdles.com.

Partial Wattle Fencing

wattle fence

According to Mick, “a well made hurdle should have uprights 9 inches apart. The top 6 – 8 inches should be made from whole rods of a small diameter, and the remainder, from split rods. It is very important that at least 3 rods per foot go round the end post and back into the hurdle. There should be no nails!” To see more examples, go to micksticks.co.uk.

Lively Wattle Fence

These designers are using the wattle fence to create a European-styled garden.

On-Site Wattle Fencing

wattle fence

Wattle fence with windows by Mick, UK. A fence built on site will last much longer than a premade hurdle. Unless the hurdles are movable and brought inside for the winter months. This photo was found on micksticks.co.uk.

Campsite Wattle Fence

wattle fence

Wattle fence around a camp. Perfect! Photo by Lynn Spitz / Flickr.

Walnut’s Farm

wattle fence

Wattle fence at Walnut’s Farm, Sussex Weald, UK. This photo was originally found at “www.walnutsfarm.co.uk”.

Wattle Fence Of Hazel Wood

wattle fence

Wattle fence of hazel wood on Walnut’s Farm, East Sussex, UK. Originally, this photo was found at “walnutsfarm.co.uk”.

Wattle Fence On Brick

wattle fence

Wattle hurdles on top of brick wall. Stevens The Hurdle Maker offers Wattle Hurdles, Continuous Weave, Stakes and Binders, River Faggots, Rose Arches, Pea Sticks, Spar Gads, Sweet Chestnut Posts and Rails and welcomes any special enquiry you may have. Hampshire, UK. To find out more about Stevens, go to wattlehurdles.com.

Natural Fencing’s Wattle Fence

wattle fence

Hazel framed hazel hurdles by Natural Fencing, UK. 6ft x 6ft, £68.00. Go to naturalfencing.com for more information.

Pear Tree Wattle Fence

Had some left over wood from my pear tree pruning so I thought I'd throw together a little wattle fence today. #gardenlife #westcoast #wattlefence

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A great example of how you don’t need to go buy a lot of materials to build a wattle fence. Wattle fences are a great way to use pruned branches.

Garden Fence

wattle fence

Wattle fence hurdles connected by 4×6 posts. No source: media-cache-ak1.pinimg.com.

Green Man Woodcraft’s Fence

wattle fence

Continuous weave wattle fence (bark side facing us) by Green Man Woodcraft. More projects, and their descriptions, can be found at greenmanwoodcrafts.co.uk.

Weald And Downland Living Museum

wattle fencing

Wattle fencing at the Weald and Downland Museum, West Dean, UK. wealddown.co.uk This image was originally from “theoldwashhouse” website, but you can still find information at Weald And Downland Living Museum.

Medieval-Style Windows

wattle fence

A short continuous weave wattle fence containing medieval style windows. By Tim Radford. This photo can be found at burwashwonderwood.com.

Wattle Fence In Brooklyn

wattle fence

Wattle hurdles in Brooklyn, N.Y. support blackberries and rambling roses. Image via Vogue magazine.

Flowers Growing On A Wattle Fence

Flowers are a great addition along a wattle fence, bringing color and variety.

Hazel Wood Hurdles

wattle fence

Wattle fence hurdles made of hazel wood. Fencing materials can be found on www.arksupplies.co.uk.

Wattle Cover

wattle fence

Cleft wattle screen with roof (protecting bee skeps) at the Weald and Downland Museum. Go to wealddown.co.uk for more information.

Sanok-Sansen Wattle Fence

wattle fence

A wattle fence at Sanok-Skansen outdoor museum in Poland. Found on wikipedia.org.

Colony Of Avalon

wattle fence

Colony of Avalon, Ferryland, Newfoundland. Looks sturdy enough for goats and cows. Photograph by Vicky Taylorhood / Flickr.

Wattle Barrier

wattle fence

Wattle Fence made from saplings and branches collected from the wooded area of owner’s yard. Woven like a basket between 4 foot re-barb driven 1 foot into the ground. By Cliff Gilliam. This photo can be found at www.yardshare.com.

Wattle With Herringbone Design

wattle fence

Continuous weave wattle fence, herringbone design with wood shake top. Maramures, Romania. Image by Myra Lea / Flickr.

Wattle Trellis

wattle fence

An open trellis in the panel gives privacy with a feeling of openness. By Simon Fowler. More wattle fences can be seen at peaktraditionalfencing.co.uk.

Vertical-Weave Wattle Fence

wattle fence

Upright wattle fence in Lithuania. Copyright: Gdaiva / Flickr.

Wattle On A Rail Fence

wattle fence

Attach wattle to a pre-existing rail fence. ‘Another idea’ – weave saplings into a chain link fence painted brown. By Jason DoubleGrande / Flickr.

Corner Of A Wattle Fence

Wattling my worries away #wattle #wattlefence #traditionalskills #localreasources

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In this image, you can see how the ends have been overlapped to create a corner.

African Wattle Fence

Wattle fence
Wattle fence has ancient origins in Africa as well. A reconstruction of the traditional King’s palace at Nyanza, Rwanda. This photo is from en.m.wikipedia.org.

Wattle Fence From The 1400’s

wattle fence

Wattle Fence in the 1400’s. Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. This painting was found on en.wikipedia.org.

Wattle Fence Resources

Online Resources


More Ideas


The more protected, the longer lasting. Lasts much longer if covered in vegetation. Annual application of linseed/turpentine: bramptonwillows.co.uk

Premade Hurdles


Here’s another short video (using thin branches) to start you off:

For more information, Alan King makes a hurdle and shows the stages involved at woodlands.co.uk.

Also see our Wattle Edging post.

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. Hazel is best for long term durability. But willow also works well as weavers. You can purchase willow ‘withies’ in quantity for a large project. Other young late spring saplings could work…but some species (if taken too thin) might get brittle over time, so good to test their long term strength. Thick-ish, green and pliable are best. I do not have a list of the most pliable U.S. saplings, sorry!

  2. I would like to purchase some wattle panels for my garden and would appreciate knowing if you supply such to small quantity buyers please.

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  4. I really like wattle fences….After moving into my new home in North Palm Beach, the last item on my list of projects was the fence. I got six different quotes and chose Fence Crafters not just because they were affordable but also I got a good vibe from them during the bids process. My gut feeling paid off. Their team completed my fence professionally, efficiently and affordably. I would highly recommend this company for any fence job, large or small.

  5. Hi I teach a little 1-on-1 medieval archery and wanted to buy some wattle-pannels. About 12 or 15 to protect others in our garden. Any idea where I can source in Ireland or Britain?

  6. do you supply split hazel hurdles 6ft x 6ft twisted ends, how much (probably about 6 required) and how much extra for delivery to tn5 6 area

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