Greenhouses from Old Windows and Doors

Calling all used awning windows, bay windows, storm doors, and clerestories back to service.

1) Recycled Window Greenhouse, Minnesota

greenhouse made of old windows
Greenhouse made from recycled windows by Jan and Ed Vitse of New Look Floral (a garden and floral business) in Rochester, MN. This little gem, made from recycled windows was built in 2003. The structure is 12 feet long by 6 1/2  wide, and 10 1/2 feet tall.

2) Tinker House, Indiana

greenhouse made of old windows
Donna Reyne of Indiana built Tinker House from from reclaimed doors, windows and millwork from a home renovation. The doors are old pocketdoors on slides, slid open in this photo.

3) Recycled Window And Tile Greenhouse, Texas

greenhouse made of old windows
Old window greenhouse by Karla and Steve Ritchey of McKinney, Texas. Used Mexican roofing tiles from a mansion in Fort Worth frame the hydrangea and variegated liriope-filled flower bed.

4) Recycled Windows And Doors Greenhouse, Texas

recycled greenhouse
Re-purposed windows and doors. Linda J. of McKinney, Texas built this greenhouse using old windows and french doors. It has a chandelier inside and icicle lights that set it off at night.

5) Greenhouse With Materials From The Neighbors

greenhouse made of old windows
Old window greenhouse, using recycled windows from one neighbor who was replacing all the windows on her house, and a couple of old doors from another neighbor who was getting new ones installed.

6) Montana Greenhouse


Greenhouse from recycled materials by Montana Wildlife Gardener. To see additional information on building a greenhouse, visit their site for pictures and information on each step of the process.

7) Greenhouse From The Piny Woods Of Texas

Built with reused materials, the owner also incorporated trellises for vining plants.

8) Old Window Greenhouse

greenhouse made of old windows
greenhouse made of old windows
Old window greenhouse by Lucy and Stephen Marr. Photos by Todd Selby at

9) Old Window Greenhouse, Asheville, NC

greenhouse made of old windows
Kathy of Moss & Twigs in Asheville built this greenhouse from old windows she’d collected over the years.

10) Greenhouse From Donated Windows

greenhouse made of old windows
Neighbors donated used windows for this greenhouse. It was built to fit the windows, without plans. It has 3 sliding windows for ventilation.

11) Salvaged Wood Greenhouse, San Francisco

greenhouse made of old windows
Greenhouse by Jesse Schlesinger at The General Store, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

12) Old Window Greenhouse, Ohio

greenhouse made of old windows
A mom in Northeast Ohio made this greenhouse from old windows.
greenhouse made of old windows

13) 45-Window Greenhouse, North Carolina

old windows greenhouse
Greenhouse built from 45 old windows from all different places. Some bought most donated. Wanted to keep the shabby chic, vintage look so added Mason jars lights with Edison bulbs inside. The owner/builders Eric and Elizabeth love garden veggies and wanted to be able to do it year round, and threw in flowers for pops of color. No plan, just started building and this is what it became. Lincolnton, NC.

greenhouse from old windows
During construction of the above greenhouse in NC. Greenhouse turned out to be 10′ x 15′. Interior shelves were built from pallets. Gutters collect rainwater runoff. By Eric and Elizabeth.

14) Small Re-Used Window Greenhouse

This Instagram post is a great reminder of how a greenhouse doesn’t have to be large. A small greenhouse can be easily built with a few windows for herbs year-round.

15) Asian-Influenced Greenhouse

greenhouse made of old windows
Tall greenhouse with an Asian influence, by

16) Recycled Window Home In Copenhagen

greenhouse made of old windows
Glass house Made from recycled windows in Copenhagen’s 40-year-old Freetown Christiania Commune. Considered “architecture without architects” there is a strong political will to tear the houses down—they are illegal, follow no building code, have no permit. Image by Seier + Seier via Flickr.

17) Salvaged Window And Door Greenhouse, Ontario

greenhouse made of old windows
A gardener in Ontario built this 10×16 greenhouse. She used salvaged windows for the glass, and salvaged doors. Half of the floor is an old deck, the other half is discounted paving stone.

18) Garden Shed

greenhouse made of old windows
Reclaimed window garden shed. Photo via

19) Small Greenhouse From Old Windows

greenhouse made of old windows
Old window cold frame. Photo via

20) Cold Frame From Old Windows, South Carolina

greenhouse made of old windows
Adina and Walter of Campobello, South Carolina designed and built this cold frame using an old window.

21) Small Greenhouse

greenhouse made of old windows
Small greenhouse from 3 storm windows exactly the same size. Love this! Instead of using her find of 3 old storm windows for a low cold frame, Anne decided to go upward.

22) Greenhouse From Salvaged Doors

greenhouse made of old doors
Old door greenhouse by Tara Dillard. Love this. Just attach old doors to a side of your home.

23) Lloyd Kahn Greenhouse, With Adobe Walls

greenhouse made of old windows
Greenhouse built by Lloyd Kahn with used windows. Says Lloyd: “The rear wall consists of stabilized adobe bricks made with a CinvaRam, a compression tool I learned about in the ’60s from the Whole Earth Catalog. There’s a solar-powered fan for cooling and a small solar-powered trickling fountain inside. Note: using old windows like this requires a lot of time puttying and/or painting.” Lloyd’s latest book is Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. For more info, see:

24) Greenhouse Made From Leftover Building Materials

greenhouse made of old windows
Recycled window greenhouse by Holly Willgress and Fraser Koroluk of Bella Coola, B.C.. In the process of renovations with a new roof and third floor added onto their lodge, they had a lot of old and leftover building materials. They maintain a “no new stuff” theme to their backyard.

25) Greenhouse In Rockwood, Tennessee

This greenhouse was constructed by Amy Moore with reused windows for walls, and a foundation made of old railroad timber. An assortment of wood planks were used for the frame.

26) Asymmetrical Salvaged Wood And Window Greenhouse

greenhouse made of old windows
Recycled window greenhouse by artist Shannon Rankin and friend.

27) Tall Old Window Greenhouse, Washington State

greenhouse made of old windows
Old window greenhouse by Angela Davis of Washington State. Read more aboout it on her blog Gardening in My Rubber Boots.

28) Old Windows Frame A Clear-Awning Roof

greenhouse made of old windows
A clear-awning roof allows lots of light to enter this greenhouse made from lots of different old windows.

29) Greenhouse From Salvaged School Windows

greenhouse made of old windows
Sara of Davison, Illinois made this garden shed from windows salvaged from an old school.

30) Old Window Greenhouse From Mooresville, Tennessee

The greenhouse above uses a larger amount of wood in the design to reduce the amount of windows needed in construction.

How to Build an Old Window Greenhouse: Supplies

A few ideas on how to get the materials you’ll need.

  • Ask your neighbors: They may have old windows sitting in their garage they’d be happy to get rid of.
  • ReStores: A nationwide chain of used building material stores run by Habitat for Humanity.
  • Architectural salvage stores: Such as the online salvage store Olde Good Things.
  • Salvage yards: You can look for one in your area.
  • Antique stores: Omero A Well Traveled Home is one of the antique stores you can find online.
  • Craigslist: To look for items for sale in your area.
  • Freecycle: A collaborative effort to reuse materials by exchanging reusable items for free.

How to Build an Old Window Greenhouse: Online Resources

The Best Greenhouse And Gardening Books

recycled greenhouse

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  2. Meanwhile the city of Minneapolis has fined me $1460 for the greenhouse I built out of old sliding glass doors and reclaimed lumber, and is forcing me to tear it down, and they don’t want to know if it is sound and functional or not.

  3. My historical greenhouse built in 2015/ Greenhouse consists of 63 windows that are 50-112 years old. I spent 5 months resorting greater than 230 panes of glass prior to construction. Lastly, as beautiful as it is on the outside, the same detail was completed on the inside. It was a passion project from day one, and I am so glad it will be a portion of our urban garden for years to come. Thank you for your blog!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea. We just moved to a colder climate and are looking to build a greenhouse. This post comes at a perfect time!

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