Corrugated Metal Ideas For The Home

Corrugated galvanized iron was invented all the way back in the 1820s. Now you can find corrugated sheets in numerous types of metals. The best ‘type’ for the environment is reclaimed corrugated metal.

Although manufacturing steel is polluting, corrugated metal’s assets make up slightly for that initial harm. Metal sheets or rolls are lightweight, portable, corrosion-resistant, durable, economical, low maintenance, fire and storm resistant, very long-lasting and easy to recycle.

29 Stunning Ways To Use Corrugated Metal

1) Peter Mamacos’ Home

Reuse of corrugated metal in architect Peter Mamacos’ home in South Africa. His house is discussed further at

2) Corrugated Metal Accent

corrugated metal backsplash
Corrugated metal backsplash. Metal is the perfect accent to this kitchen. More projects can be found on

3) Metal Ceiling

corrugated metal ceiling
Corrugated Metal Ceiling, Forrest House, Australia. Provides a rustic style to this home. Photo by:

4) Weathered Corrugated Metal

In this home, the use of rusted metal sheets adds texture and depth to the room.

5) Kitchen In Long Island

corrugated metal in kitchen
Corrugated panels in the kitchen of a home on Long Island. For more projects by these designers, go to

6) Corrugated Metal Cupboards

corrugated metal in kitchen
Corrugated kitchen in South Carolina by Jane and Michael Frederick. At, you can find inspiration from even more designs.

7) Accent Wall

corrugated metal wall
The corrugated metal siding comes into the house. The metal is used to continue the architecture from the outdoor deck. Get a closer look at this photograph at

8) Corrugated Metal Beadboard

corrugated metal wall
Corrugated metal beadboard. Provides a fantastic barrier between the wooden walls and dark flooring. Discover more at

9) Indoor Barn Doors

So much rusty goodness in these doors. 🙌🏻

A post shared by Jason & Tiffany George (@futurefolksupplyco) on

The metal on these stunning barn doors compliment the weathered, wooden boards used on the wall.

10) Metal Bathroom

corrugated metal wall
Corrugated metal in a San Francisco bathroom. Originally found at

11) Up-Cycled Corrugated Metal

Reclaimed corrugated metal bathroom. These designers used neutral colors to blend the metal into the rest of the room. More information can be found on

12) Shower In California

corrugated metal wall
Outdoor corrugated metal shower at the Carneros Inn, California. This photo was found on

13) Showers At Ontario Beach

corrugated metal shower
Outdoor corrugated shower at an Ontario beach home. The metal continues onto the side of the house. More projects by these designers can be found at

14) Fence In California

corrugated metal wall
Corrugated metal fence, California. Provides a stylish way to have privacy. For more ideas, go to

15) Farmhouse In Michigan

This farmhouse has a corrugated metal ceiling and walls. The metal reflects the light coming in from the large windows, illuminating the room.

16) Corrugated Metal House

Corrugated tin and reclaimed snowfence siding. Go to for more photos of homes by Centennial Woods.

17) Cabin In Montana

Montana cabin with reclaimed corrugated metal & wood siding. For more pictures of custom designs, visit

18) Corrugated Metal Studio

corrugated metal cabin
Artist’s studio with corrugated metal and wood siding. For more photos go to

19) Home In Maine

Corrugated aluminum house directly on the salty, cold, windswept coast of Maine. Alex Porter has photographs of other projects at

20) Outdoor Counter

Using corrugated metal for siding on this outdoor counter gives this area a modern style.

21) Corrugated Steel Siding

Corrugated steel siding. This is only one idea to use sheets of corrugated metal, for more go to

22) Green-Roofed Metal Home

Partially submerged corrugated metal and green roofed house in Ontario, Canada by Ian Macdonald. More projects by these designers can be found at

23) Corrugated Metal Beach-House

corrugated metal house
Beach-house with corrugated Galvalume metal and cement board siding in Marin County. Go to for more photographs.

24) Mountain Home

Old roofing was used as siding in this gear room. A great way to reuse materials while upgrading your home.

25) Corrugated Siding In Vermont

Modern farmhouse with corrugated metal siding in Vermont. You can find green designs on their website,

26) Corrugated Metal Cabin

corrugated metal cabin
Corrugated metal sided cabin. The full conversation about this cabin can be found at

27) Barn In Missouri

corrugated metal house
Metal clad barn in Missouri. The copper skin has a recycled material content of 90 percent. Go to for more pictures.

28) Corrugated Metal Cladding

corrugated metal house
Corrugated-steel cladding. This home was designed on a budget, using corrugated metal for efficiency. More information about this home can be found at

29) Garden Boxes

corrugated metal bed
Corrugated garden beds. Originally found at

MIT professors discover new environmentally-friendly method of producing steel:

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. We would like to use corrugated siding in areas where winter snow causes damage. Two places would be around the upper edges of sides at roof line and 4 ft up at bottom of house.

    Can you tell me if this is a good fix forthose areas and can it be done in an architecturally attractive way?

    do you have any photos of examples ?



  2. I am considering using corrugated metal instead of wood or vinyl shutters to replace rotten wood shutters on the home we are purchasing. Thoughts?

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