Girl Scout Cookies News: Gluten Free Cookies, Thin Mints Now Vegan

Girl Scout Cookies News: Gluten Free Cookies, Thin Mints Now Vegan

There is exciting Girl Scout cookies news: Thin Mints are now vegan and there is a new gluten-free toffee cookie, the Toffee-tastic.

Vegan Thin Mints

At a recent Girl Scout cookies training, there was much hoopla about the fact that all Thin Mints have been reformulated to be vegan. Until this year, Thin Mints from Little Brownie Bakers contained whey, and only ABC Baker Thin Mints were vegan. But a reformulation has eliminated the whey and they are now all officially vegan. (As our cookie training leader said: “No whey! Way.”)

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Introducing a New Girl Scout Cookie: The Gluten-Free Toffee-tastic

The second big piece of news is that there is a new Girl Scout gluten-free cookie, the Toffee-tastic. They will be available at a limited quantity. According to the Girl Scouts, they are introducing the Toffee-tastic to serve the growing number of people who are avoiding gluten.

More than just a fad, gluten-free products are quickly becoming a way of life for many people. According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, more than 3 million Americans (1 in 333) are estimated to have celiac disease, and market research by NPD Group reports that 29% of Americans are avoiding gluten for health reasons.

The sale of Toffee-tastic Girl Scout Cookies is a pilot program, and the cookies will be offered in 67 councils, for as long as supplies last. They will be sold primarily at booth sales.

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A bit more news is that the Cranberry and Dulce de Leche cookies have been eliminated and a new cookie, the Rah Rah Raisin, has been added.

Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers are the official baker of all Girl Scout Cookiesยฎ and nutritional content for all their cookies can be found on their websites.

Girl Scout cookie season runs from February 5 through March 8 and all cookies cost $5 a box.

Written by Jennifer Kaplan

Jennifer Kaplan writes about sustainable food and wine, the intersection of food and marketing and food politics for Insteading (and before the two sites merged) and is the author of Greening Your Small Business. She is an Instructor at the Culinary Institute of America-Greystone and was named one of The 16 Women You Must Follow on Twitter for Green Business. She has four kids, a dog, a hamster, an MFA and an MBA โ€“ follow her on Twitter.


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