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  • sous vide swordfish

    15 Sous Vide Recipes

    Translating to “under vacuum” in French, sous vide is a process where food is vacuum-sealed in a bag and cooked at a precise temperature in a water bath. There are a few different reasons people chose this method or style of preparing food. Consistency Taste Flexibility Waste Reduction There are two main types of sous […] More

  • grinding flour

    How To Make Flour

    One of my favorite college coffeehouses was across the street from a milling company. I spent many hours sketching and sipping their various brews, the mood-lit ambiance of the cafe constantly underscored by the low hum of unseen machines turning grain into flour. Anyone who parked more than an hour on the that street would […] More

  • sourdough bread

    How To Capture And Use Wild Yeast

    I have a secret weapon in my kitchen. It makes my daily bread taste amazing (and far more digestible than anything store-bought). As long as I take care of the starter, this weapon is an endless material. And the best part of all? It’s free for the taking. I’m talking about wild yeast — a […] More

  • potato soup

    17 Great Depression Era Recipes

    Nowadays, with the never-ending supply of cookbooks online and in bookstores, and the family recipes your parents passed down, there’s an exhaustive supply of meal ideas. And with modern technology and agriculture, we can basically get any ingredient we need with a quick and affordable trip to the grocery store. But back in the 1930s, […] More

  • duck egg

    10 Delectable Duck Egg Recipes

    Duck eggs, a favored delicacy in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are quickly gaining popularity in the United States. If you’ve never tried them, duck eggs are richer, contain larger yolks, and (due to their thicker shell) stay fresh longer than chicken eggs. Not only are duck eggs considerably larger than chicken eggs, but […] More

  • irish soda bread

    How To Make Irish Soda Bread

    Irish soda bread traditionally contains only four ingredients: flour, salt, buttermilk, and baking soda. Purists would say that anything beyond these four essentials makes an entirely different bread. There is even a society dedicated to the memory and preservation of traditional Irish soda bread! For many a hard year during the poverty-stricken times of the Great […] More

  • sourdough bread

    25 Delicious Sourdough Recipes For Your Home Starter

    Sourdough starters used for baking have been around since the cultivation of edible grasses began thousands of years ago. People have been creating healthful and delicious breads of an astounding variety for millennia. It was only after the advent of large-scale industrial baking that instant yeasts (with their quickness and ease of use) asserted themselves as […] More

  • camping on a dutch oven over fire

    20 Dutch Oven Camping Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

    I’ve always loved camping, and one of my favorite parts is the outdoor cooking experience. Food cooked over a campfire is something you just can’t replicate at home in your kitchen. A lot of times, you will see what I call traditional camping food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, various salads (prepared before the trip) and an […] More

  • smoked chicken on plate

    20 Smoker Recipes

    Heat, air, and smoke. There’s something almost primal about the satisfying taste experience of eating food infused with the flavor of wood smoke. As Chef Ben Vaughn says of smoking, “it only takes a little effort to turn the average cut of meat into something spectacular.” Matthew / Flickr (Creative Commons) Not just a flavoring […] More

  • homemade cough drops

    How To Make Soothing Cherry Honey Cough Drops

    It’s cold and flu season and that means one of two things. It’s either time to stock up on cough drops OR it’s time to make your own at home! It seems like I never have cough drops on hand when I need them, so when a cold hit our family this winter, I decided […] More

  • vinegar

    Homemade Vinegar

    Vinegar: Making it is easier than you think. In its simplest form, vinegar is alcohol that has been diluted and fermented. You can use fruit juice, fruit scraps, wine, or beer. If given the chance to ferment, they will eventually turn into vinegar. What one does with “not great” wine (any other ideas, let me […] More

  • homemade butter in mason jar

    How To Make Butter

    There’s nothing more delectable than a smear of creamy, fresh butter on warm bread. Whether you’re baking French pastries, sautéing green beans, or serving hot popcorn, you’ll want butter within easy reach. Skip The Supermarket Real butter, not margarine or butter substitute, can get pricey, especially if you do a lot of home baking or […] More

  • maple trees tapped for sap

    Homesteading Stories: Maple Sugaring

    There are a lot of different types of maple trees – at least 128 species. Some grow better than others. Some are a harder wood, making them ideal for use on bowling alley floors, while others are considered a weed maple because they grow too big, too fast and too soft. There’s the silver maple, […] More

  • Cabbage Vs Lettuce

    Ever wonder whether to serve cabbage or lettuce? Well, in the cabbage vs. lettuce debate you need wonder no more. More

  • Josey Baker’s Scrumptious Gluten-Free Bread Recipe

    This incredibly delicious, yet incredibly healthy, gluten-free bread recipe comes from Josey Baker Bread, the fun, new eponymous cookbook from the charming San Francisco–bread maker. With thirty-eight core recipes and lots of variations this new cookbook will teach you how to think like a baker! More

  • Vegan Athletics: The PCRM VegRun Program

    The folks at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) launched a plant-based running program, and they offered me a free account to try it out. I jumped at the change to prove that vegan athletics are totally possible! More

  • October Unprocessed: Unsweetened Crock Pot Applesauce

    When I first learned about October Unprocessed, the question that immediately came to mind is: what defines processed food? This crock pot applesauce recipe contains no refined or added sugars and should work for your month of unprocessed eating, no matter how strict you decide to be. More

  • 10 Killer Quinoa Salad Recipes

    There’s nothing like a good quinoa salad… it’s filling, refreshing, and makes you feel awesome knowing the goodness you just put in your body. More

  • 7 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Alternatives

    Do you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too much? Think you need a break from them or need to change it up a bit? Here are 7 (tested) alternatives to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you can try out. 1. Tahini instead of Peanut Butter This is one of my favorites. Instead of […] More

  • Some More Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes for a Barbecue or Picnic

    Here are two more vegetarian or vegan dishes and a drink you can bring to a barbecue to go with the homemade vegan black bean burgers and herbal butter we wrote about yesterday. Especially if you are an apple or mushroom lover, these dishes might strike your fancy. Apple Chutney As you probably already know, I […] More