Bark Walls

Bark comes indoors…Bark is long lasting and visually interesting.

The World’s Best Bark Walls

birch wall panels
Birch veneer wall panels, framed by split branches.

bark wall
Birch bark walls.

bark wall
Cherry bark walled bathroom.

bark wall
Birch Bark Wall.

bark wall
Bark Walls sealed with lacquer means easy cleaning.

bark bathroom
Poplar bark siding used indoors. Sealed with lacquer.

bark wall
Bark wainscotting.

bark wall
Birch room by Mimi McMakin. Raymond Bouvier made the chest of birch drawers.

bark walls
Birch room by Mimi McMakin. Raymond Boier made the chest of drawers.
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bark walls
Birch-Bark Bedroom; Mimi McMakin got the idea for a birch-bark room from a reassembled wall from an old camp at the Adirondack Museum. Animal pillows by Elizabeth Stewart were made from vintage fabric. McMakin, who loves bringing whole trees into the house, tacked a slender birch to the wall in the adjacent hallway.Β

bark walls
Rustic Dining Room in Guntersville, Alabama.
Matheny Goldmon Architects

linville church
One hundred year old interior bark walls in Linville Church, North Carolina.

bark wall
Birch bark wall and cabinet paneling, scribed stick and log detailing, flowing and sculpted butternut drawer and door fronts, site-made antler handles, stone sinks sculpted from boulders found on-site, and spalted maple and stone counters organically grow together at the Moose Meadow Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Vermont.

locati builders birch bark
Birch Bark Walls.

bark wallpaper
Birch bark wallpaper. A birch-bark wall covering by Elizabeth Dow lines the walls and ceiling of this Montana sitting room.

bark wall
Birch Bark Wall Squares. Tuohi birch bark squares are produced ecologically and are fully recyclable and manufactured inΒ Lahti,Β Finland.

Bark Wall Resources

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