• Cleaning Service Options Go Green

    Green cleaning* has emerged as the new wave in household cleaning services. “Green” methods of cleaning have become extremely popular due to the safety and effectiveness of products and techniques used that minimize health risk and maximize cleanliness. More

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    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    Too many cleaning products contain chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment and its inhabitants, including humans. Eco-friendly cleaning products are an easy alternative and solution! The ozone, water, air, land, and the entire ecosystem are all affected by the choices we make as humans, including what products we use. Today I am going […] More

  • Life Goggles: Eco-Me Home Cleaning Kit Product Review

    Editor’s note: Cleaning can be a messy business, with all of the chemicals in traditional housecleaning products. Today, Joel at Life Goggles takes a look at a greener, non-toxic cleaning system (which is reasonably priced, also). And, if you like the product reviews we’ve been featuring from LG, make sure to check out their Great […] More

  • The Green Cleaning Challenge: Substituting Chemicals With Vegetables

    I have discovered the holy grail of green cleaners! There are very few situations in which consuming unnecessary chemicals seems like a good idea so I decided to re-vamp my cleaning supplies. Slowly I am substituting my traditional products for vegetable-based products which are more safe and sustainable and I challenge you to try the […] More

  • Is RoundUp Killing the Soil?

    There is still a great debate on whether or not Monsanto’s genetically modified crops and heavily used pesticides are safe. But has it already been proven that the company is severely damaging our soils? Monsanto is an $11.8 billion/year industrial agriculture behemoth. Aside from numerous environmental and health concerns regarding its pesticides, genetically modified seeds […] More

  • Lean, Mean and Green Spring Cleaning

    Everyone knows how dangerous chemical cleaning solutions are, but avoiding them is easier said than done. Make Spring Cleaning 2012 more eco-friendly with these sustainable cleaning choices. More

  • Herb'n Maid: Green Cleaning Comes to the Lou'

    A couple of weeks ago, I got email from Richelle White, the co-owner of Herb’n Maid, a new green cleaning service in town. While I’m now officially inundated with press inquiries, I thought Richelle and partner Larbi Belkouch’s story was intriguing, and wanted to give some attention to their fledging company. According to the press […] More

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