Learning By Doing: 3 Sharing Sites That Offer Unforgettable Experiences

Exploring is fun, but it's better when you do it with people that know a place intimately and can share their personal knowledge of what makes it awesome.

I just moved to a new town. While it’s cool to be in a new place, it’s hard not knowing anyone. Exploring is fun, but it’s better when you do it with people that know a place intimately and can share their personal knowledge of what makes it awesome.

One thing that makes the collaborative consumption/sharing economy movement so unique is that itΒ values access over ownership, and experiences over material possessions. Instead keeping up with the Jones’, people are sharing their skills, knowledge, passion, and communities with each other in an effort to restore the bonds of trust that have been destroyed by decades of selfishness and fear.

But where do you start? Do you just knock on random doors in your neighborhood, asking people if there’s anything they want to teach you? Probably not a good idea.

The three websites listed below are a much better way to find like-minded people in your community, and start having unforgettable experiences that could eventually lead to lifelong friendships.

Vayable:Β This site makes it easy and safe to connect explorers with great people who want to share the things they love to do–called “guides.” And the best part? Anyone can offer or book an experience. Whether it’s touring street art, learning how to cook regional foods, or hiking to the best local spots, earn extra cash safely and easily inviting to experience what you love.

Gidsy: This siteΒ makes it easy as possible for you to find stuff to do, whether you are looking for a private guide to show you around local art spaces, or to take you mushroom-picking in the forest. The community of organizers will try to make sure you have a fantastic experience. (Gidsy hasn’t launched yet. Sign up for email updates on the home page).

Sidetour: Tired of scripted tour guides and lame tourist attractions? This is the site that can help you transform a cookie-cutter vacation into a memorable experience. This online community offers a way of exploring and experiencing the world shared by people who refuse to accept the routine and prepackaged, who instead want a taste of the original, the authentic, the real. SideTour is about moving beyond what we already know and do, getting our hands dirty in the world and discovering new people, places and perspectives that enrich our lives.

Image Credit: Graff Tours Network via Vayable

Written by Beth Buczynski


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