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  • 8 Toxic Chemicals in Conventional Dish Soap

    Choosing organic produce is important, but so is making sure that the dishes you use to cook and eat aren’t washed in toxic chemicals. Here are some common bad guys to avoid and why you should give them the boot from your kitchen. More

  • The New Insteading is More Apocalypse-y and Awesome

    If this is your first time at, you’ll probably want to get a sense of what it’s all about. This site was started a few years ago as a means to promote a more organic, holistic, and “green” way of living that was presented as not just responsible, but actually better than the wasteful, […] More

  • Wanderlust Festival brings mindful joy, healthy living to north shore of Oahu

    Creating community around mindful living. Traveling the world meeting a cultural demand that’s already there, and just fulfilling it.That’s the job description for John Krasno and Seane Hoess, founders of Wanderlust. They’ve been doing this for a while, but they’ve found new elements to incorporate in the Oahu Wanderlust–especially surfing. Seeing the correlation between surfing […] More

  • Change Your World by Changing Your Attitude

    Jimmy Buffett really is right. Although many people think that changing the world around them is the best solution, the real life changer is changing your attitude. There is little that you can do to make another person fit your image, but there is something that only you can do to change your attitude about […] More

  • Learning a new Love Language

    People feel and express love in different ways. What one person may believe communicates their deepest feelings may seem superficial and unneeded by another person. This comes from your personal love language. There are five different love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Expressing and receiving love differently […] More

  • Avoiding mid-life crises with a life course correction: Burning Man

    Men approaching 40 often hit what is termed a “mid-life crisis”. They dump their old car and buy something they can’t afford with lots of horsepower and a sexy exterior. They start jumping out of planes. And often, they divorce their wives in the pursuit of younger women. The underlying cause is a feeling of […] More

  • What is an Intentional Community?

    Have you come across the phrase “intentional community,” but didn’t really understand what it meant? Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage resident Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig provides an insiders look at what it means to live in such a community.

  • Instead of What?

    I’ve been contemplating the name of this blog and what it means to me personally. I don’t know the thought behind the name, as I was not involved in its development. What does insteading mean? According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of insteading is: When you’re doing anything but the assignment that you’re supposed […] More

  • New Garden Resolutions: Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

    I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I understand the intention to start a new year with healthy goals, yet they rarely last longer than a couple of months for most individuals. Instead, I am personally more successful with season resolutions. This year, as I toil away in the garden, my new […] More

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