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  • Vermont Right to Know Gets Its Day in Court

    Oregon’s GMO labeling law may be kaput for now, but in Vermont the shopper’s right to know is still a possibility. The Vermont Right to Know GMOs Coalition sent out a press release this morning announcing that tomorrow morning Burlington’s Federal District court “will be hearing the first oral arguments on Vermont’s landmark GMO labeling law.” More

  • Food Memories: Summer Grilling

    Have you ever had a memory inextricably linked to a type of food or a specific meal? When I think back on my childhood, I am often drawn to those moments of family lore that involve food. More

  • World’s Strongest Waterproof Glue

    Anyone who has ever had to clean the underside of a boat knows that there are some sea creatures that are nearly impossible to remove. Now scientists have put that stick-to-itiveness to work by using mussels to create the world’s strongest waterproof glue. Mussels produce proteins in their feet that allow them to β€œglue” themselves […] More

  • 8 Apps for Shopping Better and Smarter

    It can be hard to make ethical shopping choices when you’re standing in the grocery store or department store. These eight apps for shopping (or not shopping!) help you make smarter decisions before and during your trips to the store. More

  • How to Cook Pasta to Perfection

    I thought I knew how to cook pasta, but it turns out I’ve been doing it wrong for my entire adult life. Here’s how to cook pasta that doesn’t stick. More

  • 8 Toxic Chemicals in Conventional Dish Soap

    Choosing organic produce is important, but so is making sure that the dishes you use to cook and eat aren’t washed in toxic chemicals. Here are some common bad guys to avoid and why you should give them the boot from your kitchen. More

  • Meatless Monday: Meet Your Mates

    We just embraced the meatless Monday concept. With that on my mind, I wondered why there aren’t themes for other weeknights. So my wheels started turning… More

  • Five Festive Food Art Finds

    Making art is creative. So is making food. When combined, it can be quite magical. So I hope you’ll enjoy discovering five of my favorite food art finds. More

  • What is a Foodie? Ask Mark Bittman.

    I quit thinking of myself as a “foodie” when I realized it didn’t accurately convey the way I think and feel about food. So what is a foodie? And what am I? More

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