There’s something oddly nostalgic about the good ol’ push reel mower. The smell of freshly cut grass, walking it on the sidewalk as a kid, going door to door, looking for a few extra bucks to top off the allowance. It was, and still is, a symbol of spring and summer.

However, just below the blinding glare of nostalgia are the painful memories of struggling to use a dull and rusty push mower and wanting to give up on the machine mid-yard.

Look For Versatility

Luckily, not all push reel mowers are old, rusty, and dull. In fact, they’re making a comeback, with new and improved designs to make your mowing experience as effortless and time-efficient as possible.

Make sure you get a push reel mower designed for easier pushing, longer blade life, and if possible, one that is capable of attaching a grass catcher to.

Push Mower Costs

Push mowers available for sale online range in cost from approximately $95 to $250. Most push mowers fall in the $125 to $150 range. The most important factors in the cost of push mowers are:

  • The width of the blades
  • The size of the wheels
  • Grass chute design

The least expensive push mower we’d recommend is the Great States Push Mower. The cost is low because it’s a bit smaller than other options on the list.

The most expensive push mower on our list is the Fiskars StaySharp Push Mower. The cost is high because the mower features wide blades and an adjustment lever to control the length of the cut.

The Best Push Mowers On Amazon

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower
fiskars push mower

Estimated Price: $250

This mower’s inset wheel design exposes its full 18-inch-wide blades, meaning you can edge closer to fence lines without the front wheels getting in your way. It’s patented InertiaDrive design increases the ease of pushing by 60%, meaning a speedier and easier ride.

One of the coolest features of this mower is the reversible grass chute that allows you to throw clippings out the front or sides of the mower, eliminating clippings from accumulating onto your legs and shoes.

The adjust lever is easy to use and control your cut height with. With a three-year warranty, this mower is worth the investment. The only downside is that the grass catcher is sold separately.

One reviewer admits that there’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out, you’ll never go back to electric options. The mower is a quiet alternative and costs you a lot less in the long run. It takes on hills without a problem, and though it isn’t as accurate as a gas mower, it gets the job done well.

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Sun Joe MJ1800M Push Mower
sun joe push mower

Estimated Price: $150

Sun Joe makes great landscaping products and this push reel mower is no exception.

This is a durable unit with a cut path of 14 inches. The mower’s five-position height adjuster ranges from 1.1 inches to 3.2 inches and is easy to use. The all-terrain 10-inch wheels make this unit a lot easier to push, and the four-wheel design means easier steering.

The five-blade reel system is made of heavy-duty steel and will stay sharp for a long time as long as you take care of it.

Reviewers mention that this push mower is easy to push and maneuver, and has a powerful cut. Other reviewers mention that it isn’t the best with tall grass, and might take some strength to get going.

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Sun Joe MJ502M Mow Joe
sun joe mow joe

Estimated Price: $120

I think this model is the best bang for the buck.

$120 gets you a quality four-wheel mower with five 20-inch reinforced steel blades. It’s also significantly lighter than the mowers listed above, weighing in at 30 pounds. With this light mower you can easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces and clip a lot of grass per pass.

The unit also comes with a grass catcher and a nine-setting adjustment system to fine-tune your mower height. All these features work together to make for an easy and consistent mow.

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Great States 304-14 Push Mower

Estimated Price: $92

This is your nuts and bolts mower, but a great one. I’d recommend this mower if you have a small yard that’s relatively flat and with a grass species that’s not too dense.

The 10-inch wheels will help make it easy to push this mower around and the 14-inch cut width is decent. The unit as a whole is corrosion-resistant, but that doesn’t mean you can leave it out. Make sure to store this mower, like any other, in a dry place.

There’s nothing wrong with going with this design. I’d only recommend stepping up your purchase if you have a larger and hilly yard with thicker grass.

One reviewer mentions that they have 2/3 of an acre to mow, and this push lawn mower cuts through all the grass, short and tall. They do mention, though, that this mower doesn’t put up with things like twigs, pinecones, rocks, and the like, and it will stop working.

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