DIY Teardrop Trailer for Camping and Survival

This isn’t the first time I’ve covered DIY teardrop trailers. Over on Gas 2, we even published a how-to manual from Mechanix Illustrated a while back. This, though, is the first time we’ve seen one of these pop-up on the internet with a full series of build photos!

A Redditor calling himself rufi0h posted these pictures a few days ago, and they show his build progress from an open utility trailer to a fully-equipped pull-behind camper. Rufi0h adds commentary on the build along the way, saying things like “I really had no idea what I was doing, so I just started building a frame around the walls” early in the build, graduating to comments about insulation and the curved hatchback – which gave him some trouble. “Building the frame for the hatchback. This design failed. I ended up breaking 3 hatchbacks before I got a design to work.”

That rufi0h had any trouble at all hardly seems believable when you see the finished product. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, but it seems to be at least as solidly built – if not better! – than some of the budget foam-core awfulness occupying the lower-end of the pull-behind RV gene pool, you know? If you don’t know, count yourself lucky.

Enough chatter, though- this is what you’re here for: build pics. Enjoy!

Source | Photos: rufi0h, via Imgur; originally published on Gas 2.

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Author: Jo Borrás

  1. I might go start building a project of these soon. I loved your project. For me it was a
    source of inspiration

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