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  • Eat Drink Better is Going Vegan!

    Yesterday was World Vegan Day, and this morning I’m thrilled to make the exciting announcement that Eat Drink Better is now a vegan website. More

  • Help Build the Best Green Jobs Site EVER

    Finding jobs that align with your ethics can be hard, especially in the world of food. What if there were a place where you could look for a green job a trust that you’d be making a difference? More

  • Myra and Marea Goodman’s Early Summer Sauté Recipe

    “Straight from the Earth: Irresistible Vegan Recipes for Everyone” is a mouthwatering cookbook created by mother and daughter: Myra Goodman and Marea Goodman (Chronicle Books, March 4). You may recognize them from Earthbound Farms; Myra is the co-founder of the mega-produce company. The Goodman’s love for yummy organic and convenient vegetables doesn’t just stop with delivering fresh produce to grocery stores across the country. As they show in this perfect summery sauté recipe, they take their cooking just as seriously, too. More

  • Edible Insects Coming To A Table Near You

    Get ready for the next food trend: Edible Insects Its official. We will be seeing edible insects on our dinner plates soon. How do we know? People everywhere are talking about it. The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) has a special advisor on edible bugs and a Directory of Edible Insects Stakeholders on […] More

  • October Unprocessed 2013

    October Unprocessed starts tomorrow! This month, I make the commitment to eat only unprocessed foods. Thirty-one days isn’t so long, right? More

  • Mmm, Toxic Nanoparticles!

    When you bite into fresh produce, are you also biting into health-damaging silver particles? Apparently — I’m not even making this up — no one really knows. Some 1,000 foods currently on the market are nanotechnology based, and there’s no question that such contaminants can damage human health. Now new research points to methods that could help identify these toxic nanoparticles on our food, so we can know whether or not to (continue?) eating them. Great news, or disturbing wake-up call? More

  • Childhood Obesity: Progress Underway?

    If you follow food and health news in the U.S. our obesity crisis is no secret: more than 18% of premature deaths can be linked to excess weight. An estimated 1 in 3 American children now struggle with obesity, a rate that has almost tripled since 1963. But after decades of skyrocketing obesity rates, new research offers a glimmer of cautious optimism. More

  • Vitaminwater To Be Sued Over Bogus Health Claims

    Yet, another beverage maker is being sued over their false and misleading marketing claims that their products are ‘healthy.’ A few months ago, POM Wonderful pomegranate juice was found guilty by the FTC of false advertising. Then last week, PepsiCo’s Naked Juice brand was forced to remove the “natural” label from its products. Today its Vitaminwater, […] More

  • 7 Ways to Ditch Fad Diets, & Change Your Lifestyle!

    How many ‘eating plans’ have you been on, in your lifetime? According to the CDC, 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese — and that number is not decreasing, regardless of the fact that the fad diet industry is booming. If you’re working towards healthy-body-weight goals, it’s important to consider just why quick fix diets don’t work. And more importantly, it’s important to explore the basic rules of what does work! For a lastingly healthy lifestyle and an end to destructive fad diets, read on… More

  • Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

    Getting rid of fruit flies can be tough, and this is a simple, inexpensive fruit fly trap will get those suckers our of your kitchen without harsh chemicals! More

  • What’s Green And Happening in California Wines

    I’m always on the look out for new “green wine” trends. And now that I live here, I am especially interested in what’s happening in California. Two wineries have new offerings worth taking note of. I’m a fan of the eco-properties of boxed wine: Boxed wine reduces waste and carbon emissions. What’s not to like? […] More

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