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A vegetable garden can give you organic, fresh produce year-round. But, as vegetables vary greatly in size, spacing, harvest time and growing conditions, planning tools are an essential part of any garden strategy.

Vegetable Garden Software

Vegetable Garden Online

Vegetable Garden Online

This item is a basic grid planner with drag and drop veggies. The website itself offers specific advice on many different vegetables, and the software requires no learning curve.

Find it at Vegetable Garden Online

Smart Gardener (Top Veggie Knowledge Pick)

smart gardener planner

Smart Gardener is a garden planner and mentor all in one. You will need to sign in and create a free account, but the ability to customize and create down to the exact vegetable variety is unmatched. The planner gives you growing information, buying information, and square footage advice. There are suggested templates for small space or low sun, and free templates for circles and triangle patches too. You can also purchase add-ons for shade gardens and landscaping shapes. The setup of your plot is a little time-intensive, but the results will be highly customized and usable for your yard.

Find it at Smart Gardener

Grow Veg Garden Planner (Top Crop & Planting Pick)

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has long been a gardener’s trusted companion. In addition to the annual planting advice, the Almanac crew also recommend garden planning software though Growing Interactive Ltd. This software is also the planner of choice for Mother Earth News. Described as simple yet powerful, this planner offers a feature not found in other tools with their option for succession planting and crop rotation. With 180 different vegetables, herbs, and fruits, this intuitive design also has the depth to plot and plan a complex garden too. This planner begins with a free 7-day trial and can be continued with an annual subscription of $29.

Find it at Growing Interactive Ltd.



Plangarden offers a free 45-day trial. The software is described as a program specifically for vegetable gardeners, but can also accommodate strangely shaped gardens and raised beds. This program uses a drag-and-drop interface to create rows or individual plants. A standout feature unique to this product is the harvest estimator to help stagger crops.

Find it at Plangarden

$eed Money

Seed Money offers a 7-day free trial and the option to extend to a $29 per year subscription. In addition to a large variety of plants, this grid-based system also gives advice on spacing and rows.

Find it at $eed Money

Kitchen Garden Planner

Kitchen Garden Planner

In addition to a design your own option, this free software offers 26 pre-planned options including many designs for raised beds. We recommend the Cook’s Choice garden. The interface features easy drag and drop edits too.

Find it at Kitchen Garden Planner

Garden Design Apps

A computer is useful, but not portableβ€”a bit of a drawback when we’re talking about outdoor planting. Some of the garden design programs mentioned above also have a mobile option, such as Growing Interactive’s Planner. But these apps are meant to function as planners on their ownβ€”no desktop computer needed.

Vegetable Tree

Vegetable Tree

Vegetable tree lets users browse a “constantly growing” vegetable catalog via mobile. Included is an interactive calendar, progress tracking using text and picture notes, email support, and more. This app costs $4.99 and rates at 4.5 stars.

Find it at Apple App Store



Gardroid, your Android gardener, tracks planting while also giving advice on sowing depth, spacing, and desired planting temperatures. Choose from the free version or Premium available for $2.27.

Find it at Google Play Store

Garden Compass

Described as the app that “gives plants a voice” Garden Compass provides advice on more than just planting months. Experts provide info on pests and weather, also plant and flower.

Find it at Apple App Store

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

This app is more task-oriented. Plant Alarm is designed to make sure you do those intended gardening tasks from watering to fertilizing. Don’t risk neglecting your garden needs, instead log and share your progress.

Find it at Google Play Store

Garden Planners

Simple garden planners, calendars, and logbooks, have been around for many years, and are still just as useful as they always were. If you prefer writing to typing, you may prefer these offline options.

Week-by-Week Vegetable Handbook (Top Paper Planner Pick)

Week-by-Week Vegetable Handbook (Top Paper Planner Pick)

This #1 bestseller helps you make the most of your vegetable growing season. Detailed weekly to-do lists break managing your garden into simple tasks for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike.

Find it at Amazon

The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book

The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book

This 8.5×11 notebook includes monthly planning checklists, a shopping list, grid plans, and to-dos.

Find it at Amazon

Garden Journal and Planner

Garden Journal and Planner

Create a book of garden memories with this journal and planner by Michelle Marsh. Initially created for her own use, this record aids in planning ahead and also provides browsing of past thoughts and projects for years to come.

Find it at Amazon

Multi-Climate – Year Round Garden Planner

Multi-Climate - Year Round Garden Planner

This $4 planner slides to give you year-round planning based on your chosen climate’s start date. A handy and portable guide, this is easy to store anywhere and bring outside to the garden too.

Find it at Seattle Seed Co

Clyde’s Garden Planner

Clyde's Garden Planner

Clyde offers a little of everything with a planner, app, and blog to support your efforts to plant between the frost in multiple different climates. Choose the right fit for your veggie needs, or combine his different advice for a bigger picture.

Find it at Clyde’s

Regional Garden Guides

US 50 states KΓΆppen

The basics of choosing your veggies and planting rows can get a lot more complicated when it comes to different climates and growing seasons. What might work for Tucson likely won’t work in Chicago or San Francisco. Plan your garden with region specifics for your area. Some common climates in the United States include Mediterranean, Subtropical, Continental, and Oceanic.


Month-to-Month Almanac for the Pacific Northwest: This monthly planner includes suggestions both on planting times and harvest times, with handy suggestions to help you eat local organic produce year round.

Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in the Northwest: ParentMap provides simple, yet detailed, ideas for gardening in the Pacific northwest. Find suggested planting times, lists of recommended veggies, and also tips on soil, spacing, and more.

Puget Sound Garden Timetable
Suggested planting times inland of the Puget Sound, based on historic frost and maximum temps in the area.


Cold Climate Vegetable Timeline
Colder climates have significantly shorter growing times than other areas. One great feature of this resource is the “weeks to harvest” reminder on each crop type.

Fall Planting Guide
Specifics vary based on your cold hardiness zone, but many prairie climates can produce a bounty of fall vegetables.

Extending the Growing Season for Cold Climate Gardening
With advice so successful people have purchased it twice, “Cold-Climate Gardening: How to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days” was originally written in 1987 and still rates highly today with customers in both Alaska and New England.


Seasonal Garden Bed Preparation
How to grow gardens year round in warmer climates. Details the different steps you need by season.

How to Plant a Southern California Vegetable Garden
Erik Knutzen is a well-respected homestead writer, and he doesn’t disappoint in this resource-filled veggie how-to blog post.

Southern California Organic Gardening
This updated classic includes month-by-month planning and color photos.


Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide
The University of Florida provides the highly specific planting guide for this hot and humid area. The guide also addresses factors like pest control without pesticides and soil pH.

Florida Vegetable Planting Calendar
Without needing to check a climate zone map, this guide provides handy planting advice city by city.

Georgia Vegetable Chart
True to its southern climate, this Georgia planting calendar has both spring and fall planting dates.

Written by Kane Jamison

Kane is the founder of Insteading. He lives on his own urban homestead with his family in West Seattle.


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  1. Looking forward to checking these out as I plan for the upcoming season (albeit a bit late?). Just FYI… having trouble with the zukeeni link; it isn’t “safe”.

    • Hi Katharine!

      It looks as though Zukeeni is now Smart Gardener. I’ve updated the link on the article. Happy gardening!


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