3 Ways To Share or Trade Your Used Clothing

This is called a Welsch love spoon, hand carved from Poplar, and comes with a story as well: "The tradition, which continues to this day, tells us that a young man in love carved a spoon, in itself a symbol of food and plenty, to be presented to the young woman he fancied. Since romance was involved the design of the spoon often included symbols of love, protection, stability, the ability of the suitor to provide for a family, luck, prosperity and many other things. Tradition also tells us that if the young woman accepted the love spoon, she also accepted his love, so it was sort of a rural engagement ring."

Even though it seems like summer just started a few weeks ago, some families are already looking forward to the start of Autumn, school, and all the activities that go along with the changing of the seasons.

Cooler weather usually means a shift from summer clothes to winter clothes, and if your closets are full to bursting with clothes, you’re probably looking for ways to get rid of the garments that aren’t used or needed any longer.

Here are three ways that you can use that unwanted clothing to save money, meet a need, or make a difference in your community!

1. Donate: The easiest and most obvious thing to do with clothes, shoes, and accessories that still have some wear left in them is to donate them to a local charity or thrift store. Although extra closet space might be the only thing you get in return, you can feel good knowing that someone else will benefit because you chose to make the effort to donate rather than throw the clothes away.

2. Swap: Even though you might have outgrown some clothes or changed your style preferences, chances are your neighbors and friends could find a way to make your unwanted outfit look great. Instead of tossing your clothes into the donation bin, think about throwing a community clothing swap. Invite your book club, classmates, or the entire neighborhood to bring their unwanted clothing to a central location on an agreed upon day. People can “shop” through their respective clothing piles and trade for what they want or need. (If you’re not in the swap organizing-mood, you can check The S.W.A.P. TeamClothingSwap.comSwap for Good, and The Swapaholics for clothing swaps near you).

3. Trade: There are lots of collaborative consumption websites that will help you trade and share your used clothing outside of your immediate community as well. Swapstyle.com is an interactive fashion website where members can swap, rather than buy, unlimited designer clothes with each other. Use ThredUp to swap children’s clothing and toys with other parents. Use Lending Luxury or Renttherunway to rent authentic designer clothing for up to 90 percent off retail prices.

Image Credit: Flickr – CGP Gray


Written by Beth Buczynski

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