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  • Earthbag Dome House

    How To Build An Earthbag House For $6,164

    In this post, guest author Jay Eisenberg details how he and his wife built their earthbag house for $6,164, completed on Oahu recently in 2017. For years I had dreamed of building my own home and not being enslaved with a mortgage. While living in New Zealand I was connected with Shaye Boddington of DIY […] More

  • frame made from barn wood

    How To Build A Barn Wood Frame

    It is hard not to admire old barns that are resting, quietly in old, abandoned farm fields. I often wonder what stories they could tell. This insight would provide a pivotal history to its former owner and the landscape the barns guard with a watchful eye. A few months ago, a friend of mine was […] More

  • Rustic Dining Tables

    There’s something about a dining room table that suggests so much more than a practical piece of furniture. If you look carefully, you can almost see the story being told. The faded spot where the stain has worn off at the head of the table where Dad always sits with his coffee and his newspaper. […] More

  • textured recycled glass tile for a tiny house bathroom

    Gorgeous Recycled Glass Surface For Tiny House Bathrooms

    What’s more natural? A surface with texture, or one that’s flat and plastic? Even better is a textured surface made from recycled glass. One of the most compelling things about building a tiny house is that you can consider materials that would be prohibitively expensive in a “normal” home. Salvaged tin ceilings, vintage hardwood floors, solid […] More

  • gutter-gardening-horizontal-gutters

    Gutter Gardening

    Gutter sculpture watering system… During a very heavy rainstorm I would imagine dirt and water must pour out of these pretty gutters. Lakeside cottage, Lake Erie. Paint your old gutters attach to painted stockade fence. Painted gutter garden. How to: Gutters on fence – filled with flowers blooming in a riot of color. […] More