Salvaged Kitchen Cabinets

Many new cabinets are made from particle board, which contains formaldehyde, a toxin that can cause eye, nose and respiratory irritation, and even cancer. Solid wood cabinets may be safer but are expensive. Consider the green option: Building around salvaged kitchen items like these.

10 Magnificent Ideas For Salvaged Kitchen Cabinets

1) Reclaimed Furniture

salvaged kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are reclaimed furniture pieces (chests-of-drawers, buffets and display cases) painted black. Note the cabinets to the left of the sink. You can see more at

2) Scorched Cabinets

salvaged kitchen cabinets

Salvaged wood cabinets painted a dark color, then while the paint was still wet, the doors were scorched using an acetylene torch. By designer Gloria Frame, and discussed at

3) Cabinet From The Early 20th Century

Placed above a white counter top, this piece is stunning. The antique-style softens the appearance of the kitchen, making it that much more welcoming.

4) Vintage Decor

salvaged kitchen cabinets

Shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry is made from old fencing. Vintage truck springs, used as stools, were found at Artefact Design & Salvage. Designer and owner of the house Ken Fulk spotted the vintage industrial pendant lights at the Paris flea market. You can see more ideas for your kitchen at

5) Re-Used Wood

reclaimed wood ceiling

Reclaimed wood ceiling and cabinet. The different colors of the island give this kitchen a rustic style. Go to to see more of this photographer’s beautiful work.

6) Metal Cabinet

salvaged kitchen

Salvaged cabinet, wood walls and lighting fixtures. Originally found at “”.

7) Nothing Out Of The Ordinary

A great reminder that some paint, and hard work, can transform an old cabinet into looking like new!

8) Old Wood Cabinets

recycled kitchen

Old wood cabinets by Piet Hein Eek. The photo was found on

9) Large Cabinet

This salvaged cabinet has a great rustic vibe. The distressed decor in the room harmonizes the old with the new.

10) Renovations With Salvaged Cabinets

salvaged kitchen

Salvaged wood cabinets. Almost every piece of furniture was made from wood salvaged from the renovation of the house. The backsplash is made of bricks from the basement; the sink is set into an old gardening table. You can find out more about this house on

Salvaged Kitchen Supplies

If you build with salvaged materials in your kitchen, or if you just want that salvaged look, check out eBay for hardware, parts, and full cabinet sets.

Salvaged Kitchen Islands

reuse kitchen ideas

Old wooden beams hold up a sheet metal covered island. has more ideas and examples like this on their website.

old wood kitchen island

Old Barnwood Kitchen Island. The distressed look on this island truly brings out the rustic vibe. Feel free to visit for more information.

salvaged kitchen island

Salvaged wood island. Note pull out metal carts. The design combines both modern and rustic style, additional photos can be found at

salvaged kitchen

Salvaged kitchen cabinets, primitive teak tables, chalkboard paint as backsplash. Via:

recycled kitchen

Anchored by a stock island customized with oversize corbels, the room features almost entirely second-hand (or third- or fourth-hand) finds. Love the chandelier. Lots of tips here:

salvaged kitchen cabinets

Planked cabinet doors with wood bars for handles. Go to Better Homes & Gardens for more inspiration on how to transform your kitchen.

salvaged kitchen cabinets

Reclaimed cabinets. Started with a walnut cabinet from the Rebuilding Exchange, then added various aged lumber that they locally accumulated- douglas fir floor joists, cedar fencing, walnut doors and panels, pine shelving, both natural and painted white. To preserve the color of the wood, the cabinets were coated with wax. This photograph was originally found at “”.

reclaimed wood kitchen

Reclaimed wood cabinets. By Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo. This picture is from

wood work shop kitchen cabinets

What to do with those old cabinets. Metal cabinets turned into a woodwork shop. More information can be found at

reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

Dilettante Studios, their work was originally found at “”.


Plants really brighten up old metal cabinets. Cabinets have library pulls. More inspiration can be found at

Cool Recycled and Upcycled Kitchen Ideas

salvaged kitchen

Recycled kitchen. Corrugated sheet metal never looked so good…

salvaged kitchen

Old wooden crates as cabinets. This picture was found at “”.

reuse kitchen

German designer Katrin Arens, who lives in Northern Italy, blends old pallets and ancient wood with stone and white paint. More images can be found at


Barnwood kitchen. This kitchen uses Ikea frames, the doors and drawer fronts of planks from an old barn. (Yes, you can buy Ikea frames without the doors.) The worktop is cast in concrete. Kitchen Building has more information on their site.

pallet wood cabinet

Pallet wood kitchen cabinets. New Moon Cottage Long Beach Island, NJ. Designed by: Richard Bubnowski Design LLC. Photo: Sam Oberter Photography

reclaimed kitchen

A salvaged marine metal bouy as island base. The table rolls. By Peter Reiquam on The Seattle Times website.

salvaged kitchen

Reuse kitchen. Stainless restaurant sink and counter. Old lockers. For more photographs go to

salvaged kitchen

Industrial finds, more chalkboard paint. A great idea from

reclaimed kitchen

Old restaurant counter as island, stainless steel cabinets. This picture was found at

salvaged kitchen

Russell Bloomfield shows off his kitchen made of reclaimed items sourced from building salvage yards. Go to for the full article.

reuse kitchen

Small efficient fridge, old cupboard, white board walls, rag rug. This photograph is from eatlivewear.tumblr.

reuse kitchen ideas

Old table and chair/bench. Simple Ikea-like cabinets, stainless counter, a shelf and lots of jars = nice look. Visit for more information.

salvaged kitchen

Salvaged barn wood kitchen. Via:

reuse kitchen ideas

Over the top large, not a 99% kitchen, but at least they used recycled elements! Salvaged wood island, unhoned slabs of stone for countertops, inexpensive local stone back splash and salvaged wood doors. Found on, you can find more pictures for inspiration on their site.

Using Chalkboard Paint in Your Kitchen

kitchen redo ideas

Chalkboard paint comes in many colors these days… For more amazing ideas go to

chalkboard kitchen

Chalkboard paint, white shelves and old wood. The entire gallery can be found at

Buying Salvaged Kitchen Items

Green Demolitions of Fairfield, New Jersey and Greenwich, CT receive donations and consignments of pre-owned kitchens and showroom displays from all over the U.S. and then resell those kitchen and baths at deeply discounted prices. Donation proceeds benefit Recovery Unlimited, whose mission is recycling, creating jobs, providing affordable kitchens (and various other items), and funding 501(c )(3) charitable outreach programs. To donate or buy, see: greendemolitions

As for the west coast, ReFind Kitchens of San Diego, California finds luxury kitchens and baths that are going to be demolished, salvages everything, and converts them into a showroom for clients to peruse. Once customers find what kitchen they want, ReFind packs it all up and brings it to their home for installation. ReFind Kitchens also offers a free configuration service and full design services to ensure that the kitchen will fit aestetically and functionally in the home’s current space.

Also look at flea markets, antique stores, architectural salvage stores, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. Re-using and re-purposing items for a kitchen is timely for me — and the examples shown here are amazing. I am trying to construct an approved kitchen on a shoestring and these are inspirational.

  2. thank you thank you thank you! your site is wonderful. i’ve trawling the net for days looking for inspiration beyond the ‘pristine perfect, boring as heck’ examples of kitchen design.

    I’m itching to get started & looking at everything now with a very beady eye to dual purpose it! Thanks again!

  3. Chalkboard paint is actually paint? Or is it an actual piece of chalkboard? If it’s paint, where would you even find some since chalkboards are considered so outdated? Does it get all spotty when wet? I’m looking for a back splash idea, but rent, so bricks would be out of the question. open to suggestions.

  4. I have been looking online forever (ok, about a year) to find pictures of people using salvaged pieces in the kitchen, and I could never come up with a good example. Now I have plenty of great, inspirational examples all on this site! THANK YOU!

  5. Green Demolitions receives donations and consignments of per-owned kitchens and showroom displays from all over the U.S. We have many wonderful after pictures from customers who have retrofit these recycled kitchens. Please let me know who to send to and I e-mail to you and mention this site on our Facebook. Thanks.

  6. I would like to get old metal kitchen cabinets and get rid of the cheap standard wood cabinets. I want a 40s or 50s look.

    • Keep checking Craigslist for metal cabinets. I have been on the lookout for a farmhouse sink for out kitchen which we hope to remodel next year. I found not only the double drain board sink, but it came with metal cabinets to boot. Best thing…they’re PINK! I can’t wait to fix them up and install them next summer. We live in a manufactured home and our cabinets are hideous, cheap particle board.

  7. So inspired by all these ideas!! I began decorating with salvage style out of necessity. Even though I can now afford new Im still doing salvage because of all the character it provides. Love it!!

  8. Wonderful site and organisation….we are looking at using pallets for our kitchen renno….I wonder of there is a site like yours in Australia?

  9. Hopw Beautiful to see The Woods of the Past come alife in the modern World thank you for sharing such a awesome site

  10. Thanks for posting sch a nice and innovative blog,. I’m really very touched from it.

    According to perception if we implement the un used wooden and metal waste to decorate our house and kitchen cabinets then it would really save s a lot of money. There are many possibilities out there to do so..

    Again Thanks a lot

  11. Hi..

    My name is Zayuk from WISANKA Jepara, Indonesian Furniture company.

    I can supply various kind of furniture made from recycled or reclaimed teak wood such as cabinet, chair, table, bed, wardrobe, etc.

    For order, please feel free to send me an email to or call 62 81126 48 026.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Zayuk (Mrs)

  12. Thank you for the blog. I’m looking for alternative kitchen ideas and have truly been inspired by the ones posted in your site.

  13. Awesome ideas that will inspire truly original kitchen designs.

    Friends of Gumberry Worktops have recently contributed their own kitchen upcycling ideas to our website blog.

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  15. It is nice look.Steel Cupboard is designed for the ambience of the classrooms, different types of institutional furniture like white board and green board.

  16. Can you repurpose kitchen cabinets outside in a sheltered position? Im doing my diploma and have a kitchen to redo plus a butler’s kitchen and an outdoor entertaining area. Thought it would be good to repurpose the kitchen outside, after using the items like sink and oven for the “pantry”

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