A good pruning saw can make the difference between mangled or well-shaped limbs—both on the plant you’re shaping and your own body.

There are three major considerations when you’re buying a new pruning saw.


Assume that you’re going to need to saw for a while. Will repetitive motion with the saw be easy, or will it require effort that can cause a repetitive stress injury?

Blade Quality

The poorly made blade will limb badly. Also, a blade that’s made of a low-quality alloy will dull quickly, and a blade that’s forged poorly might result in chipped saw teeth. A quality blade will also last longer and stay sharper, especially if it’s cleaned regularly.


Do you want a saw that folds? Beware—there is a slight chance that the locking mechanism in your folding saw will fail while you’re using it. That can be very dangerous, especially if you’re on top of a ladder.

Contemporary saw and knife locks are rugged and reliable, but there’s always a chance that you could damage your saw without knowing. On the other hand, saws that fold are easier to store. They’re also much safer to carry while climbing a tree or tall ladder.

The Best Pruning Saws On Amazon

EverSaw 8” Folding Hand Saweversaw pruning saw

Estimated price: $15-25

The EverSaw’s handle and blade both really stand out. The teeth are made to be extra durable and stay sharp for a long time.

The handle is super comfortable, even if you’re using it for a long time.

The EverSaw also features a very reliable gear lock and hides all the teeth inside the rugged handle when it’s folded shut. It’s rugged enough to cut a tree limb, but it’s small enough to bring camping or hunting.

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Samurai Ichiban 13” Curved Pruning Saw With Scabbard

Estimated price: $40-50

samurai pruning saw

This Japanese-made saw is truly the Cadillac of pruning saws. The price reflects as much, but so does the experience of using it.

The martial-sounding name—and the included scabbard—are another clue that the Samurai Ichiban is a serious saw.

This saw will cut thick limbs easily, with help from the well-designed handle.

The blade will slice through tough, knotty wood—or your finger—even with a gentle, careless touch.

The Samurai Ichiban does not fold and features a curved design, which helps when cutting large pieces of wood.

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Tabor Tools T6 8” Folding Saw

Estimated price: $10

tabor tools folding pruning saw

The Tabor T6 is the most affordable of the saws that we’ve reviewed. It’s rugged and durable and features a trusty lock. However, the handle leaves something to be desired.

If you’re sawing often and for long durations, this probably isn’t the saw for you.

But if you do some occasional lopping to keep a hedge orderly or want to have a reliable saw to take camping, this is a good bet.

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Silky Professional Series BIGBOY 2000

Estimated price: $50

big boy pruning saw

The Silky brand name is accurate: Only the Samurai Ichiban matches the ease of cutting that you’ll find with a Silky saw.

This is the largest, most effective, and ergonomic folding saw on this list—and the price reflects all those advantages.

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WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

wilfiks sawEstimated price: $15-20

The WilFiks 16” saw is an effective all-purpose saw. If you’re used to handling a traditional hand saw, this is a good choice—it works well on tree limbs but can also be used for any number of other sawing purposes.

The WilFiks doesn’t fold, but it has an excellent, comfortable cutout handle and a durable, tempered blade with sharp, long-lasting teeth.

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