For centuries art has been at the center of culture around the world. From cave drawings and renaissance paintings to abstract and modern art, you can’t really group art into one specific category. And the same goes for sustainable and recycled art! We’ve gathered up some of the most unique art from around the world (and internet) that aligns with our values of sustainability, upcycling, and reducing our landfill footprint.

Cereal boxes, moss, recycled plastic, string, and cork are just a few of the many mediums that artists have used to create wonderful works of art that are entirely sustainable!

Recent Art Posts

  • Cork Art

    Most cork on the market is the renewable outer bark tissue peeled off the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber) which is native to SW Europe and NW Africa. Once the trees are about 25 years old, the cork tissue is debarked every nine years. The process does not injure the tree—cork oaks live for about […] More

  • The Trash People of HA Schult

    Demotix In March 2011, Ha Schult installed his army of life sized trash people on the ice in the Arctic at Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway. Demotix They have traveled around the world, yet the floating, diminishing ice will be their last installment. In 2007, they were in Rome, 1000 strong. Pic: alessandro silipo In 2002, […] More

  • Nick Cave Sound Suits

    Upcycled suits…or as Nick Cave calls them – Sound Suits Twigs, one of Nick Cave’s first Sound Suits, he says they’re “full body suits constructed of materials that rattle with movement, like a coat of armor, (they) embellish the body while protecting the wearer from outside culture.” Cave constructed his first suit after watching the […] More

  • Auto Parts Art

    Car Henge 38 Autos – Carhenge was built in 1987 by Jim Reinders and his family. The project was a memorial to his father, who had lived on a farm on the site. It is a faithful full scale reproduction, and accurately replicates the astronomical alignments of the original Stonehenge. Alliance, Nebraska.  Flickr: ya3hs3 […] More

  • Barbed Wire And Galvanized Wire Sculptures

    At least you know it’s sturdy—barbed wire was the first manufactured fence able to restrain cattle. The Barbed Wire Sculpture Of David Oliviera Wire Sculpture by David Oliviera of Portugal. Wire Sculpture by David Oliviera. Wire Wolves bounding down a stair by David Oliviera. Wire Sculpture (Imoto, 2012) by David Oliviera. […] More

  • Stick Sculpture

    The materials for your next project are just lying on the ground. The Stick Sculpture Of Patrick Dougherty Combining his carpentry skills with his love of nature, Patrick Dougherty began to learn about primitive building techniques and to experiment with tree saplings as construction material beginning about 1980. He quickly moved from small single pieces […] More

  • Gun Art

    In Arizona the governor signed into law an order banning confiscated or surrendered guns from being destroyed. One solution: turn them into art. ‘Gun Sculpture’ by Canadian artists Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal makes the secret life of weapons visible. Standing at 8′ x 12′ x 8′, and weighing 5 tons, the rectangular structure is a monstrous […] More

  • Cardboard Sculpture And Accessories

    New or reclaimed, cheap, pliable cardboard is an irresistible material for sculptors, including some of art’s biggest names. Cardboard Sculpture By Rauschenberg Robert Rauschenberg Cardboards 1971. Cardboard Sculpture By Tobias Putrid Tobias Putrih Macula Series B 2006  see another piece here: Tobias Putrih Macula Series B 2006 Tobias Putrih Macula Series […] More

  • Bottle Cap Art

    Ideas are cheap, art materials are expensive. One artist didn’t get his start until he was able to find plastic bottle caps he could use for free. The Plastic Bottle Cap Art Of El Anatsui El Anatsui was born in Ghana before its independence in 1957, but since 1975 he has lived in Nsukka, Nigeria […] More

  • Dale Wayne

    The amazing Dale Wayne turns plastic bottles into shimmering joy… Plastic Bottle arrangement, close-up. The plastic bottle wreath Dale made for her mom & dad. First Place at the Festival of Trees, Orlando Museum of Art, 2011.  Dale conceives a large project, then asks the community to assist as to craft skills. Students from […] More

  • Rock Sculptures

    If rock wasn’t the first medium of sculpture, what was? Today’s artists are bringing this traditional art back. Nga Uri o Hinetuparimaunga 2005. Hamilton Gardens Entrance, New Zealand. Five huge columns are covered with a rock blanket or Kakahu, a protective woven pebble cloak. 12,000 quartz pebbles from Southland and 1000 greywacke pebbles from Kaiaua form […] More

  • Tire Art

    Over 1 billion tires are manufactured annually, made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, carbon black, polyester fabric, and steel wire. Tires stay in the environment a long time. Green-thinking artists are doing something with them. The Best Tire Art Tire Frame by Chakaia Booker Pic: Male Torso that left his path by Chakaia […] More

  • Willow Tree Sculptures

    Living willow structures or fences start with live cut rods or withies. Once inserted in the ground, they take root. Willow sculpture may use green wood but the rods are not planted, so the sculpture can be preserved if you want. The Most Amazing Willow Tree Sculptures Wicker Sculpture – Queen at Faulkland Palace, 2012. […] More

  • Coin Art

    There’s always something both startling and exhilarating about seeing an everyday object like a coin turned into art. The Best Coin Art Detail of Manhattan Mettle, below, by Ann Carrington. For more close-ups see: Manhattan Mettle by Ann Carrington. Mixed media: metal punching, dollars, dimes, subway tokens, spanners, nails, pins… 8m x 5m, […] More

  • Succulent Art

    Just a spritz of water here and there and succulents take care of themselves. These artistic sculptures utilize wireframes and other methods to keep succulents in place. Succulent Topiary, created by Pat Hammer, Director of Operations of the San Diego Botanical Garden. Image ©Inspiration Green. “Succulent People” with clay faces and a bit of metal […] More

  • Recycled Glass Art

    Repurposed glass dishes become an apple tree. By Alison Fox. Repurposed glass. “A Sprite’s Garden” $595, 28 x 15″ By Alison Fox. ‘Downtown’ 27″ x 20″ repurposed glass. By Alison Fox. Glass dishes and vase. By Alison: A geode path with carnival glass, depression glass, a lamp base and a unique blue furniture coaster. 22″ […] More

  • Fairy Houses

    Supply a home to our ethereal friends in your backyard, in a park, or in your city apartment. Great fun with kids, as the activity is usually outside in nature, and sparks imagination and creative play. Fairy Houses Fairy House on Monhegan Island, Maine. Fairy House. Fairy House by Aviary. Fairy House at […] More

  • Omo Valley Tribes

    Imagine growing up without artwork on the walls, minimal paper and no pens but surrounded by bodies, nature, colored minerals and all sorts of animals with amazing designs. The Ultimate Canvas: The Human Body In the remote Omo valley in Africa, where the earliest known Homo sapiens remains have been found, indigenous tribes have been […] More

  • A Moon Gate For Your Garden

    A moon gate rises out of the earth, like the moon rises in the sky; both spheres celebrate the continuous cycle of birth and death…rising and falling… 33 Stunning Moon Gates 1) Un-Mortared Granite Moon gate, built of unmortared granite blocks, built in 1996 by Dave Araneo of Massachusetts. “It’s is one of the oldest technologies around,” […] More

  • Hundertwasser Paintings and Textiles

    The Colorful Hundertwasser. No straight lines, please! Friedensreich Hundertwasser- Red Streets- Hundertwasser Poster- pic source: “The work of the artist is very difficult, because it cannot be done by force, diligence or intelligence.” Hundertwasser- Irinaland over the Balkans, 1969. Hundertwasser- Blobs grow in beloved gardens. “We are in need of magic […] More

  • Moss Art

    Bringing out the beauty of this 350-million-year-old plant. Mud Maiden Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornall, England Mud Maiden Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornall, England. The Giant’s Head Lost Gardens of Heligan. By Susan & Pete Hill. Mud Maiden (a newer sister to above) By Susan & Pete Hill – Private Collection. […] More

  • Styrofoam Art

    Expanded/Extruded Polystyrene Inspiration – (C8H8)n Styrofoam is a trademark name of Dow Chemical and is ‘extruded’ polystyrene (hard insulation). The white stuff used for packing and coolers is ‘expanded’ polystyrene, but often mistakenly referred to as styrofoam as well. Nurdle Beach. A nurdle is a pre-production plastic pellet or ground down particles which were formerly […] More

  • String Art

    Artists who’ve done incredible portraits and abstract work using everyday string or thread. String Art By Casey Zavaglia ‘Darbi’ – cotton, silk and wool thread on linen by Cayce Zavaglia. Sanded acrylic paint on the background only. 6.5 x 7.5″. Cayce lives and works in St Louis, Missouri. ‘Dad’ by Cayce Zavaglia. “The direction in which the threads are sewn […] More

  • Circuit Board Art

    Circuit boards are the foundation of 21st century, online living. They’re also strangely beautiful. The Circuit Board Art Of Theo Kamecke Circuit Board Box. Theo Kamecke started collecting vintage circuit boards in the 1980s. Old circuit boards were often handmade, and therefore unique and interesting. Inside of a circuit board box by Theo Kamecke. […] More

  • traditional masks photographed by phyllis galembo

    Phyllis Galembo – Masquerade

    Portraits of masqueraders – Galembo has spent the past twenty-five years photographing rituals and religious culture in Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico. Akata Dance Masqueraders, Ogoja, Nigeria, 2004, Ilfochrome, printed 2011, edition 3/5, 30″ x 30″ It is the ancestor’s responsibility to compel the living to uphold the ethical standards of past […] More