We’re looking for passionate writers to contribute to Insteading. We’re currently looking for:

  • How-to & instructional posts
  • Guides & “Introduction to [topic]” posts
  • Curated posts or resource pages
  • Other formats as approved

If you’re interested, please read the contributor guidelines below, take a look at our writer’s guidelines, and then fill out the Writer Application form.

Contributor Guidelines

Our writers typically fall into two categories:

1 – Writing For Us Because You Love Writing & Homesteading:

For writers that contribute occasionally and aren’t promoting a product or business, we offer a $50 bounty for accepted blog posts.

We also have a limited number of slots for ongoing writers that we pay on a monthly basis – usually these spots are reserved for writers we’ve worked with a number of times in the past.

2 – Guest Posting For Us Because You’re Promoting Something:

If you’re looking to write a guest post for us, and don’t want to be paid but instead you want to include links to something you’re promoting, then we have really high quality standards for accepting that type of work.

This generally applies to the following types of writers:

  • You own/work for a company and are blogging to promote it.
  • You run a blog that sells ebooks, courses, services, or other revenue other than banner ads.
  • You work with a marketing agency and are promoting a client.

To be specific, it should be better writing than the stuff we’re normally producing for our readers, and your biases and any conflicts of interest need to be reasonably well disclosed.

What Makes A Great Post On Insteading:

Please read other people’s guidelines on quality guest posting to get a better idea of what makes an excellent post. In general we want to see the following from guest posts:

  • Be Thorough – Our best posts are 1000 to 2000 words or longer
  • Make it Educational – please don’t pitch your product here.
  • Make it Practical & Applicable – make it relevant for our readers and include lots of useful tips.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – include unique or custom images that haven’t been used elsewhere, video, or other multimedia.
  • Write Clearly – use a tool like Hemingway App if you’re not a professional writer (most of us aren’t).
  • Prove It – use lots of cited and helpful resources, including other content on Insteading and elsewhere on the web
  • Relevant To Your Expertise – write about topics that you have direct experience with – please don’t submit a post on how to set up an aquaculture tank if you’ve never actually done it.

You can read more on our writer’s guidelines here.

Contributor Application Form:

  • Enter the URL of your blog, your writing portfolio, or your company's website.
  • All of the following writer types are eligible but we have varying requirements for each.
  • Please supply specific sample titles or topics for the posts you're most interested in writing.
  • Please enter a number from 11 to 13.
  • (Check the box below)
    1. I will only submit original posts and will not republish the content on sites other than Insteading.com
    2. I will cite all sources and quotes.
    3. I will only upload images that I own the rights to. For images I don't own the rights to I will clearly link to the image source underneath each image.
    4. I will notify the Insteading editors if I'm affiliated with any of the sites linked to in the post.