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  • garden tools

    How To Sharpen Garden Tools

    Ever tried to slice a tomato with a dull knife? In a pinch, I’ve tried. The jagged pink slabs I made might as well have been cut with a hammer and chisel. Broadly speaking, the same logic applies to garden tools, especially those designed to cut, slice, chop, or dig. The reason to keep a […] More

  • 81 Awesome Documentaries for Homesteaders

    From honey bees to tiny houses to TEDTalks on Capitalism and Humanity’s Future, we’ve assembled a complete list of documentaries and shows on Netflix & Hulu that would interest our fellow homesteaders. Leave a comment below and let us know which ones are your favorite, and which programs we missed! Topics Food & Agriculture Documentaries […] More

  • Horseshoe Crab Facts

    Horseshoe crabs are not crabs, they are in the arthropod family and related to spiders and scorpions. They have been on the planet for 445 million years and they’ve changed very little during that time. The oldest land animals date to about 415 million years ago. Those early land residents were scorpions, spiders and insects; […] More

  • The Watercone: A Simple, Effective Solar Still

    In many parts of the world, lack of access to clean, potable water is a major issue. Water may be found nearby, but only in a brackish or polluted state. Areas close to the ocean may see miles of water, but not a drop to drink. UNICEF estimates that every day 5000 children die as […] More