40 Fermentation Recipes

Fermentation is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the mid-1800’s when the study of yeast first began. Since then, we have created recipes that ferment everything from milk to pickles. And of course, we can’t forget about good ol’ sauerkraut!

So what’s the difference between canning and fermentation? Well for one, canning requires vinegar, either hot or cold, to be poured over your vegetables, typically with some spices. Fermentation, on the other hand, is typically just a salt bath of sorts.

In some ways, fermentation and canning are quite opposite, wherein fermentation promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, while canning works to eliminate the growth of any sorts of bacteria, hence the vinegar. Fermentation typically gets a lot of credit for cultivating probiotics, especially in Keifer and yogurt.

Whether you’re using a fermentation crock or some mason jars, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fermentation recipes available. Some are traditional recipes that you’ll recognize, while others are a modern take on a classic family favorite. So get out your fermenting tools, do a little experimentation and let us know how it goes!


Beginner Sauerkraut

If you’re just starting your fermentation career, check out this recipe for sauerkraut. Perfect for beginners!

Find it at Fermented Food Lab

Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut

A twist on traditional sauerkraut, this ginger and carrot recipe features a mellow flavor with a bit of a bite!

Find it at Make Sauerkraut!

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Sauerkraut

Now here’s a flavor combination you probably weren’t expecting! Lime, rhubarb and ginger bring a whole new dimension to this sauerkraut.

Find it at Mountain Feed And Farm Supply

Pumpkin Cranberry Sauerkraut

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins and cranberries. This sauerkraut will spice up your Thanksgiving dinner with a subtle cinnamon undertone.

Find it at Mountain Feed And Farm Supply

Alton Brown Sauerkraut

You know him, you love him, it’s Alton Brown from the Food Network! Check out his take on sauerkraut with caraway seeds and juniper berries.

Find it at Food Network

Spicy Sauerkraut

The days of plain, traditional sauerkraut are over! Bring some spice to your dinner table with this recipe.

Find it at Killer Pickles

Carrot And Radish Sauerkraut

Carrots and radishes have never paired this well before. The radishes bring a bright color to this sauerkraut, and the carrots are full of health benefits.

Find it at Fermented Food Lab


Easy Kimchi

Kimchi: spicy, flavorful and a staple in Korean food dishes. Learn how to make your own with this easy-to-follow recipe!

Find it at The Kitchn

Vegan Kimchi

For our vegans out there, you don’t have to sacrifice taste in this recipe. Spicy as always!

Find it at Minimalist Baker

Sweet Kimchi

Now if you’re not the kind of person who likes heat, check out this recipe for sweet kimchi! All the flavors of kimchi without the burn!

Find it at Mama In The Kitchen

Radish Kimchi (Kkakdugi)

Check out this recipe for radish kimchi, otherwise known as Kkadugi. As compared to traditional kimchi, this recipe features daikon radishes with the same spicy punch.

Find it at Maangchi


Fermented Pickles

Pickles without vinegar! Just salt and good old fashion bacteria turn these cucumbers into tasty fermented pickles.

Find it at The Prairie Homestead

Fermented Pickles With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is helpful in a variety of applications, but what about pickles?!

Find it at Homemade Mommy

Fermented Crock Dill Pickles

Of course, we need a nice, traditional recipe for fermenting pickles! Break out that fermentation crock because this recipe is perfect for just that!

Find it at University Of Minnesota Extension

Hot And Spicy Pickles

If you’re in the mood for something a little spicer, check out this recipe. A little kick of heat is always a good thing, right?!

Find it at Pickle Me Too


Naturally Fermented Carrots

If you want to introduce your kids to fermented foods without handing them a bowl of kimchi, check out this super approachable recipe. The kids are already eating carrot sticks, why not fermented ones?

Find it at Cultures For Health


Fermented Asparagus With Ginger

Pickles are one thing, but what about asparagus? Fermenting asparagus makes them a tasty, crispy snack that will compare to your favorite jar of pickles.

Find it at Cultures For Health


Spiralized Fermented Beets

Spiralizing beets makes them more approachable in salads and dishes. Check out this option for fermenting beets!

Find it at The Stingy Vegan

Fermented Beets With Orange And Ginger

Beets, orange and ginger? I bet you weren’t expecting that flavor combination! If you want to take your fermenting experimentations to the next level, check out this recipe!

Find it at Nourished Kitchen


Fermented Turnips

Turnips can be cut, spiralized or shredded in this recipe. Try these tossed in a salad to bring a lot of flavor in a small bite!

Find it at The Spruce


Fermented Radish Slices

For a traditional sliced radish fermentation recipe that will potentially challenge your grandmother’s, this is the one you want!

Find it at Serious Eats

Vegetable Medley

Fermented Vegetable Medley

For those of us who just can’t choose one vegetable to ferment, check out this medley! Featuring cauliflowers, onions, carrots, apples and ginger, this recipe is vegan-friendly!

Find it at Paleo Leap


Fermented Potatoes

Full of probiotics, this recipe uses sweet potatoes, red potatoes or yams. Mix and match potatoes to get a colorful display of tasty fermented potatoes.

Find it at Divine Health From The Inside Out


Basil-Garlic Tomatoes

Alright, this just looks way too tasty. Tomatoes, basil and garlic? Yes, please!

Find it at The Crushing Cancer Kitchen

Tepache Pineapple Drink

Tepache Fermented Pineapple Drink

Tepache is a fermented drink made from the fruit and rind of a pineapple. Originating in Mexico, this is sure to be a hit at your next party!

Find it at The Feed Feed

Basic Fruit Fermentation

Basic Fermented Fruit Recipe

While this recipe isn’t tailored to a specific fruit, you have a lot of freedom with this one. Choose your fruit you want to ferment and follow the steps.

Find it at Pickle Me Too


Probiotic-Rich Apples

With a sweet and tangy flavor, these fermented apples are both full of probiotics and super tasty.

Find it at Empowered Sustenance

Fermented Apple Chutney

Taking a spin on fermented apples, this chutney is best served as a condiment or even a side dish.

Find it at The Spruce

Fermented Apple Juice

Probiotics are the feature of this apple juice, that take fermentation to a whole other level.

Find it at Homemade Mommy


Fermented Mixed Berries

There’s no such thing as too many berries! These fermented berries are sure to please in a sauce or spread.

Find it at Nourished Kitchen


Spiced Peaches

Canned peaches are a homestead classic, but what about fermented spiced peaches?

Find it at Briana Thomas


Fermented Oranges

Oranges are another fruit you probably didn’t expect to see on this list. Fermented oranges are great in sauces, dressings and glazes.

Find it at Fermentools

Grape Leaves

Fermented Grape Leaves

Don’t just prune those leaves away! Save them for fermentation with this recipe.

Find it at Joybilee Farm


Fermented Jalapenos

There’s something about fermenting jalapenos that just makes them so darn tasty!

Find it at Reformation Acres


Fermented Garlic

Garlic does a good job of bringing flavor to all sorts of dishes, and fermented garlic is no different!

Find it at The Spruce


Beginner Milk Keifer

Keifer is a popular fermented item, full of probiotics and similar to yogurt. Check out this recipe if you’re a beginner fermenter or Keifer-eater.

Find it at The Kitchn

Coconut Milk Keifer

An alternative to traditional milk, coconut milk Keifer has a different taste and is still full of those notorious probiotics we keep bringing up.

Find it at Culture For Health

Almond Milk Keifer

Another alternative to traditional milk Keifer, check out this almond milk recipe that’s tasty and good for you too!

Find it at The Alternative Daily

Hot Sauce

Fermented Hot Sauce

Mmm, hot sauce, we can taste it already!

Find it at Phickle

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

If you need to spice up some of that down-home cooking, check out this recipe for a Louisiana style fermented hot sauce.

Find it at Joy Of Cooking

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