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  • Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

    You can skip the butter and coconut oil: this vegan bulletproof coffee is so delicious, making a great morning or afternoon treat, with the benefit of healthy coconut oils and superfood maca. More

  • The Best Coffee Comes in White Mugs [Study]

    Not loving the taste of your coffee? Have you considered changing the color of your coffee mug? According to recent research, it may make all the difference between ordinary and the best coffee ever. More

  • Does recycling K-cups make them better?

    Single-cup coffee is incredibly popular right now, but what happens to all of those single-use plastic pods? Does recycling K-cups make them less of an environmental problem? More

  • Pour Over Coffee Made Easy

    Pour over coffee makes a delicious, mellow brew but can seem intimidating if you’re used to a regular coffee pot. Here’s a simple guide to pour overs! More

  • Numi Organic Tea Giveaway

    Numi Organic Tea is announcing a contest to design their next tea blend and they’re also giving away a collection of Numi Organic teas to one lucky reader here at Eat Drink Better! Tea conjures up images of warmth, quiet, and time with family or friends (or just by myself).Β  Tea is such a simple […] More

  • Where does that Earl Grey tea come from?

    Tea is one of those commodities that should be subject to Fair Trade standards and in my humble opinion should be organic and non-GMO as well β€” for the enjoyment and health of the tea drinker as well as those who work on the farms, which are often in faraway places where the potential for unsafe and unfair practices has been common. More

  • best foods to dehydrate: beef jerky in a jar

    Giveaway + Review: New Teas from Mountain Rose Herbs

    I. Love. Tea! When the folks at Mountain Rose Herbs offered to let me try out their new line of organic teas in sustainable packaging, I leaped at the chance. When they offered up an additional set of teas for one lucky Eat Drink Better Reader, I was even more thrilled! Read on for a review of their new tea line and deets on how to enter the giveaway. More

  • Can French press coffee raise cholesterol?

    I’m not a huge coffee drinker these days, but I do like a small cup after lunch. Usually, I’ll fix a cup from the leftovers in our drip machine, since my husband drinks coffee in the mornings, but if there’s no coffee in the house, I like to make a cup of French press to get me over the afternoon energy slump. A new study in The journal Molecular Endocrinology looks at how French press coffee raises cholesterol, and it definitely gave me pause when it comes to that afternoon cup! More

  • Guayaki Yerba Mate Review

    There’s nothing like beginning the day with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Usually, I pour myself a cup of tea to wake up with, but I recently had the opportunity to try several different blends of Guayaki yerba mate. I might have started a new habit. More

  • EcoChi for a Greener Home and Hearth This Winter

    Was great to be back in the studio with a full crew and some extras! We got caught up a bit and talked about an article I’d written for our local daily newspaper about a few simple eco-resolutions we could consider for the New Year, which led to a discussion on strategies for succeeding with them! More

  • Choosing Sustainable Beverages

    If you’re a regular reader here, chances are you know the importance of eating well and of trying to eat local and organic foods. However, if you’re washing those healthy foods down with unhealthy or unsustainable beverages, does it cancel out your sustainable food choices? More

  • Soothing After-Thanksgiving Stomach Remedies

    I thought I’d share a few ideas to get your stomach feeling good again after the Thanksgiving binge. There are several natural remedies, so it depends is you need a pick me up like ginger or a relaxant like chamomile. More

  • Sustainable Coffee: Green Up Your Morning Cup

    We know how to make sustainable food choices, but what about our coffee? Yes, even healthy eco-minded people drink coffee in moderation. The first thing to consider is where your coffee comes from.

    According to the Rainforest Alliance, 25 million people depend on coffee crops for their living and coffee farming covers over 30 million acres. That’s a lot of coffee. We know how to make green choices for our home, and our environment but what about our coffee? Yes, even healthy eco-minded people drink coffee in moderation. More

  • Coffee May Fight Depression In Women

    Feeling guilty about that second or third (or fourth!) cup of coffee in the morning? Erase that guilt because a new study shows extra coffee may be helping us! More

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