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  • dowsing for ghosts

    Dowsing For Water

    Witching for water, or water dowsing, is an old practice to find an objectΒ using forked sticks, pendulums, or rods. Water dowser claim that they can find things ranging from fresh waterΒ to unmarked graves and ghosts. Brief History Of Dowsing One of the first written records concerning witching for water is theΒ De Re Metallica by […] More

  • plastic water bottles

    21 Facts About Bottled Water, The Environment, & Human Health

    The plastic water bottle market in the United States is worth billions of dollars annually. Plastic water bottles can be purchased just about everywhere and they are quite convenient, but there are many problems associated with them. In fact, when you become aware of the problems and how many there are, you may never buy […] More

  • How To Make A Rain Chain

    Rain chains aren’t just beautiful, but they can help manage water runoff around the home and help mitigate soil erosion from water pouring out of your gutters. In this video, green guru Michelle Kaufmann shows you how simple it is to build a beautiful rain chain. More

  • Most Dangerous Uses and Biggest Misuse of Water

    Robert Glennon is the author of Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What To Do About It. I’m sure the whole book is a good read, but for a snapshot of some of the biggest water issues we face today, here are some of Glennon’s thoughts supplemented with a little additional research of my own. What […] More

  • The Birth Control Pill Threatens Fish Reproduction

    An estimated 80 million women worldwide take oral contraceptives (aka “the Pill”) to “inhibit ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy”.  First available to the public in the 1960s, the Pill has been pronounced as “the most significant medical advance of the 20th century”.  Although the Pill revolutionized women’s health, traces of the contraceptive are ending up […] More

  • How Much Clean Water is Available for Human Use?

    We know that the world is covered in water. Continents are like large islands in the planet’s much more expansive oceans. 75% of the Earth is covered in water. Yet access to clean, fresh drinking water is a major world concern. An infograph I ran across on world water day helps to show, in a […] More

  • Reduce Water Waste by Installing a Rainwater Harvesting System

    Got a roof? Get a tank! Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve this one of the scarcest natural resources and save your dollars in the bargain. An average family uses about 107,000 gallons of fresh water every year. Much of this is flushed down the toilet or poured into the garden. If you […] More

  • Cigarette Butts Kill Fish According to New Study

    One of the most common forms of litter is cigarette butts. Once these butts enter waterways, they become toxic to fish. According to a new study by San Diego State University (SDSU), filter-tipped cigarette butts are deadly to marine and freshwater fish. In fact, researchers would like to have the butts classified as hazardous waste. […] More

  • Toilet to Tap: Orange County Turning Sewage Water into Drinking Water

    The Orange County Water District is purifying wastewater into drinking water at a $481 million recycling plant. The plant uses micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection. 70 million gallons of sewer water is treated a day in Orange County, California meeting the drinking needs of over 500,000 people, including visitors to […] More

  • The Watercone: A Simple, Effective Solar Still

    In many parts of the world, lack of access to clean, potable water is a major issue. Water may be found nearby, but only in a brackish or polluted state. Areas close to the ocean may see miles of water, but not a drop to drink. UNICEF estimates that every day 5000 children die as […] More