Beautiful Handmade Wooden Spoons

wooden spoons spoontaneous

Teak Wooden Spoon, almost 12 inches long.

I’ve been crawling etsy for the past few days looking for a gift and have been amazed by the number of hard-carved wooden spoons that are on the site.

Here’s photos of some of the most elaborate wood spoon carvings I’ve come across – click on the photo to see the original listing.

These include woods like cherry, walnut, pine, oak, plum, beech, eucalyptus, linden, and more. The various artists use axes, knives, carving equipment, and more. One artist even burned down the spoon bowl using a hot coal!

Note: All photos are copyright of their creator – click on the photo and shop at their stores to support them. Many of these spoons are very reasonably priced. $10-20 was very common, and a few were as high as $400+, so quite a range here.

wooden spoons zircote spiral

Attractive spiral spoon. Probably made from Zircote.

wooden spoons turtle

Turtle wooden spoon made from Linden wood, painted and finished with beeswax and flax oil.

Wooden spoon with hole burnt by coal.

This artist actually burned the spoon hole with a coal. Made of pine and sealed with Tung oil.

Wooden Dragon Spoon

Not just a gorgeous carving from oak, the wood has a story of its own: “The Oak for this spoon was sustainably sourced from my family owned and managed woodland, overlooking lake Bala in Snowdonia, North Wales. Having fallen in winter storms a few years ago, the 150 year old Oak lost most of it’s branches but was left to lie and has since sprouted new growth. This spoon was carved from one of the seasoned, broken branches.”

Scalloped wooden spoon

Nice photo and what the artist calls a “scalloped” edge.


Eucalyptus spoons

I love the natural bowl shapes on this collection. All made from eucalyptus and sculpted by axe and knife.

Plum wood spoon

This spoon from plum wood reminds me of a skeleton’s arm at the end.

Carrot & Radish Carved Spoon

This piece is carved and painted into a carrot and radish. Great gift for a gardener.

Walnut wood spoon

I like that this Walnut wood spoon has bowl that looks a bit like a walnut shell.

Cocobolo wood spoon

12 inch long spoon made of Cocobolo wood, a heartwood from Central America.

Wooden Leaf Carving Spoon

Very subtle leaf design. Looks a bit like a leaf emerging from a fruit, in fact.

olive wood spoon

Curvy olive wooden spoon.

eucalyptus carved spoon

I’m amazed at how much these resemble stacked pebbles. Carved from red eucalyptus wood.

Large wooden ladle

A full 17 inches long, the artist suggests this as an excellent ladle for the sauna!

plum wood spoon

Great grain color and pattern in this plum wood spoon.

ebony wood spoon

An impressive and distinct spiral in this Gaboon Ebony wood spoon.

Double-sided measuring spoon

One teaspoon and one tablespoon on this double-sided measuring spoon. Made from walnut wood.

Large wooden soup ladle

Large wooden soup ladle made from walnut. 17″ long for those deep soup pots.

Celtic knot wooden spoon

Great Celtic knot olive wood spoons.

black walnut bent wood spoon

Black walnut spoon with a natural bent curve in the handle.

Hand carved wooden arrow spoon

Hand carved wooden arrow spoon, made from Molave wood. Very striking shape. No pun intended.

Welsch love spoon

This is called a Welsch love spoon, hand carved from Poplar, and comes with a story as well: “The tradition, which continues to this day, tells us that a young man in love carved a spoon, in itself a symbol of food and plenty, to be presented to the young woman he fancied. Since romance was involved the design of the spoon often included symbols of love, protection, stability, the ability of the suitor to provide for a family, luck, prosperity and many other things. Tradition also tells us that if the young woman accepted the love spoon, she also accepted his love, so it was sort of a rural engagement ring.”

oblong wood spoon

I like the oblong shape of the bowl on these 2 maple wood spoons.

Shubert cherry white and brown wood spoon

This serving spoon is made from Shubert Cherry and has an awesome white streak carrying down the entire handle and into the bowl.

hand carved cherry burl wood spoon

Says the artist, “From the fallen branches of a windswept cherry this spoon was carved.”

ash wood tablespoon

Tablespoon made of Ash wood. Great flow to the handle.

Handmade wooden serving spoons

A great assortment in this serving spoon collection including Beech, Cherry, Hickory, 2 Maples, and Walnut.

Australian Desert Hardwood wooden spoon

A simple Australian Desert Hardwood wooden spoon with subtle rough stubble on the handle.

hand-carved beech scoops

These playful and stackable scoops are hard carved from Beech.

witch hazel carved spoon

Carved spoon from Witch Hazel wood, with an intricate wood house at the top.

cherry wooden heart spoon

Cherry wood ‘heart spoon’.

Gnarled handle black cherry wood spoon

A gnarled handle on this black cherry wood spoon harvested and carved in Michigan.

sassafras knot wood spoon

Tight thick knot at the head of this Sassafras wood spoon

tree root spoon

One of the most organic shapes of all of these wooden spoons. Says the artist, carved from “an ancient old growth tree root from the Cascade Mountains in Oregon”

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