Insteading Giveaway – December 2019

Regardless of whether you had a large harvest of food from the garden this year, or simply found a lot of cucumbers on sale at the grocery store, preserving food is an excellent way to provide yourself with a little more self-sufficiency in the winter months. While canning and dehydrating are common methods of food preservation, another method to consider is fermentation! Fermented foods add a unique flavor to your meals and provide you with beneficial probiotics.

For this month’s contest, we’re giving away a fermentation starter kit including a 1.3-gallon fermenting crock and the book Fermented Vegetables.

Want to learn more about preserving food at home? Check out our articles about fermentation recipes, dehydrator recipes, and our guide to canning at home.

Insteading December Contest Giveaway

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Written by Kane Jamison

Kane is the founder of Insteading. He lives on his own urban homestead with his family in West Seattle.


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  1. Thanks Kane for the giveaway fun! I don’t have a way to post a photo but we have tomatoes, pumpkins, and a lot of herbs!!! I would totally dry that, especially since we have not had a working oven in over 3 years. You have a terrific blog site.

  2. Just like Donna I don’t have a way to post photos, however, I have A LOT of herbs & veggies in our gardens. We have 2 types of tomatoes, onion, 2 types of lettuce, watermelons, pumpkins, garlic, cucumber, sweet potato, spearmint, hibiscus, sage, lavender, German thyme, Chocolate mint, and rosemary just to name a few. I LOVE cooking with fresh herbs!

  3. I was just saying the other day that I wanted to learn how to can. This would be a perfect prize. Thank you for your generosity. Good luck to everyone.

    • Amy, canning is a great way to preserve your harvest. Some of us are very lucky that we come from old stock and learned our canning skills at our mother’s or even grandmother’s knee. I still use equipment both of mine. Pressure canning was a new skill, but by following the instructions that came with our canner we had great success. Check your area’s USDA extension office, they may have classes or be able to recommend some.

  4. Sure would love to learn more about permaculture and convert more of my one acre over to more sustainable practices. I expand my vegetable gardens every year and compost like crazy, but I know there’s more I could be doing. Love being outdoors tending to natural processes. Your website is a great help! Thanks.

  5. I’m so excited about this giveaway as it has motivated me to add tomatoes to my newly planted vegetable garden. I remember as a child my Grandmother’s tomato garden. She would always ask me to help her pick the tomatoes when they were “just right”. She grew many different varieties but most of all I remember the delicious recipes she whipped up with those tomatoes; salads, sauces, soups and even juices!

  6. I have filled out the enter form twice but it doesn’t show that I’ve entered? Not too sure what I’ve done incorrectly?
    I’m happy to have found your site, although I don’t have the time immediately to have a deep examination of it, but will soon. I’ve been an organic farmer for 30 years but still want suggestions. Thanks, Amandah

    • Hmm – sometimes if you have participated in past contests with us or sites using the same software, and then try to log in with a Facebook or Twitter account, you will need to “finish” logging in. Generally you just have to click another button and it will complete the signup process. Please feel free to email us at hello -at- niftyhomestead -dot- com.

  7. I would love to learn more about canning! We have plum trees, a pear tree, and blackberries, but I’ve never learned how to can them!

  8. Hi; firstly thank you for bringing us such an amazing site, I feel very lucky to have found it. A great giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters!

  9. I have just “discovered” dehydrated orange slices, and these are to die for. However, I’d like to buy organic oranges and dry my own…thanks for this giveaway!

  10. Growing mostly hot peppers this year so been busy canning Candied Jalapeno’s (Cowboy Candy) along with pepper mustard not counting the jams and jellies I have been canning as well.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity./ I would love to dry different fruits and veggies, etc.

  11. Thanks so much Kane for the chance to win a dehydrator by Excalider, and the dehydrator bible and jars.That would be awesome for this gal who loves canning and preserving food.I will keep all my fingers crossed tight! 🙂

  12. Thank you for this opportunity to win this exciting prize! I would love this because I am an avid gardener and I love preserving fruit and veggies! It would be amazing to win the dehydrator by Excaliber and the dehydreator book and jars. I will be keeping all my fingers crossed tight! 🙂

  13. My first dehydrator was an Excaliber and it is used on a regular basis. We dehydrate and then powder a lot of stuff so no one really knows what they are eating and yes, it tastes delicious.

  14. I have entered the contest for a few months now, I can’t get people interested in your contests. I shared every day, but no bites. Is there another contest running ?

  15. Thanks for an opportunity to win a Set Of Two Portable Cold Frames; it is a pleasure to be part of such a great site filled with wonderful inspiration, tips and advice.

  16. I just entered your giveaway – wish me luck! 🙂 – it’s about 17 degrees where we are and am looking forward to Spring, warmer temps, and gardening!

  17. Thank you so much for this contest & this opportunity. I’f I’d win this, I would cook with so much love from my outdoors & bushcraft skills for my wife, son, Mom & Mom-in-law for stress-free & occasional outdoors excursions…

  18. I would absolutely love to win a cast iron skillet! Used to have one when I was married and I used it all the time!

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