Koch Brothers’ Products

Koch Brothers Products — We’re Surrounded.

If you have been following news about the Koch brothers, you might be curious as to which products they manufacture.

It turns out, the Koch Brothers, with a net worth of over $40 billion each, own stakes in a ton of industries like paper and wood products, chemicals, textiles, plastics, etc.

Here are a list of companies and industries in which the Koch brothers own a stake:

  • Paper Products: Angelsoft, Brawny, Dixie, Mardi Gras, Quilted Northern, Soft n Gentle, Sparkle, Vanity Fair
  • Wood: Georgia-Pacific (largest plywood manufacturer in US – also owns most of the paper companies above).
  • Textiles & Plastics: Polarguard, Stainmaster, Dacron, Lycra, CoolMax/SolarMax, Thermolite, and more.
  • Chemicals, Coal, & Oil: Crude oil processing, Flint Hills Resources, lots of other commodities handled.
  • Nitrogen: One more reason to make your own fertilizer – Koch Industries produces many synthetic fertilizers.

Those are just the best known brands – there’s many more on the list below. =(

Koch Brothers Products: Paper Products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific owns all of the brands above, and also distributes paper towels, napkins and soap dispensing systems used in commerical settings. Some GP commercial toilet paper brands: Envision, Coronet®, SCA, Tork and Fort James. GP also produces Pacific Garden liquid soaps.

koch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific produces ink and office paper under the labels: Advantage, GP (including GP Harmon recycled papers), ImagePlus and the Spectrum® family of office paper products.

Koch Brothers Products: Wood

Georgia-Pacific is the largest manufacturer of plywood in the U.S.

Including Plytanium Plywood®, DryPly® plywood, Ply-Bead®.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the country’s largest suppliers of corrugated boxes and containers.

Various, numerous wood products, dimensional lumber and building materials: Blue Ribbon, Clutter Cutter, DensArmor Plus, DensDeck, DensGlass, DensShield® gypsum board, DryPly, Fireguard®, Grant Forest OSB Board, GP Lam, Hushboard, Nautilus, Ply-Bead, Plytanium, Southern Gold, Sta-Strait, Thermostat, ToughRock and Wood I Beam.

Koch Brothers Products: Textiles and Plastics

These are under the Koch Brothers brand Invista Products. Invista produces a large selection of products under this business, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymers for carbonated soft drink, water, beer, juice, food and custom container applications. Production also includes polyester intermediate feedstocks, film products, fibers, and specialty polymers for a variety of applications, inlcuding PBT-based engineering polymer.

  • Stainmaster
  • Dacron
  • Lycra
  • CoolMax
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Thermolite
  • Antron
  • Comforel fiberfill
  • DBE® dibasic esters
  • Tactel
  • Tactesse Carpet Fibers
  • Terathane
  • ADI-Pure®
  • Polyshield®
  • Polyclear®
  • Oxyclear™
  • Performa®
  • Cordura fabric
  • Supplex® Fabric
  • Somerelle® Bedding

Documentary: Koch Brothers Exposed

The full-length documentary starts with the background of the Koch brothers—their father started the empire with oil money earned in the Soviet Union. This is an updated edition of the documentary, showing the latest political contributions made by the Koch Brothers. It goes on to discuss their plans for eduction, their opposition to the minimum wage, their work to increase barriers to voting, their opposition to unions, and the environmental impact of their businesses.

Koch Brothers Products: Chemicals, Coal & Oil

Through its subsidiaries Koch operates refineries in Alaska, Minnesota and Texas, with a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 800,000 barrels per day. Koch Industries owns or operates about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. Koch Minerals and its affiliates are among the world’s largest dry-bulk commodity handlers, marketing and trading more than 40 million tons of coal, petcoke, cement and other related products annually. Flint Hills Resources produces about 9 billion pounds of building-block chemicals per year. Koch is a leading producer of paving and roofing asphalt. Koch Oil Sands Operating LLC has leases for 1.1 million acres of Alberta oil fields. Their Pine Bend, Minn. refinery is one of the largest single buyers and refiners of Canadian heavy oil. Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Industries Produces:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Jet fuel
  • Naphtha
  • Asphalt
  • Fracking Chemicals
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Metaxylene
  • Paraxylene
  • Orthoxylene
  • Cumene
  • Cycohexane
  • Heavy reformate
  • Pseudocumene
  • Sure Sol ® 100
  • Sure Sol ® 150
  • Purified Isophthalic Acid
  • Maleic Anhydride
  • Trimellitic Anhydride
  • Ethylene
  • Chemical Grade Propylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene

“In Flint Hills Resources manufacturing plants, various hydrocarbon products are the basic feedstocks. At the refineries, the main feedstock is crude oil. The refineries produce a wide range of transportation fuels for motorists, truckers and the airline industry. In the olefins plants, the company processes natural gas liquids into ethylene and propylene. In the polymers plants, those two products are processed into various forms of olypropylene, which are key ingredients in products such as consumer and healthcare products, packaging and other plastic products. In the aromatics plant, products produced during the crude oil refining process become xylenes, cumenes and other light products. Those products are the building blocks for many other chemicals and plastics.” Source: www.fhrstage.fhr.com

Koch Carbon LLC and its affiliates globally trade and transport petroleum coke, coal, cement, pulp and paper, sulfur and other related commodities through a network of bulk import/export terminals in the United States and Europe. The C. Reiss Coal Company is a leading supplier of coal and related products typically used in industrial applications or to generate electricity.

Koch Exploration Company LLC and its affiliates acquire, develop and trade petroleum and natural gas properties in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Koch Oil Sands Operating LLC has leases for 1.1 million acres of Alberta oil fields. The Koch’s are developing a bitumen recovery project known as the Dunkirk In Situ Project which is roughly 60 km West of the Fort McKay native community. Source: =The Globe & Mail.

Frac-Chem: is an oilfield chemical manufacturer & wholesale chemical supplier with an emphasis on hydraulic fracturing, stimulation and coil tubing chemistries.

Bernie Sanders Speaks About The Koch Brothers

In this 17-minute speech from 2014, Senator Sanders discusses the Koch Brothers and their influence on politics, which has only increased since the Citizens United decision eliminated limits on campaign spending. Sanders goes over the Koch brothers’ positions. Asks Sanders: “What do they want? Why are they spending so much money on politics? What do they stand for?” He focuses on the Koch Brothers’ desire to repeal security net programs like Social Security.

Koch Brothers Products: Pipelines

Koch Pipeline and its affiliates own or operate about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. Koch Alaska Pipeline Company owns an approximate 3 percent interest in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, as well as a has a 28 percent interest in Colonial Pipeline Company, owner and operator of the world’s largest-volume refined products pipeline.

Koch Brothers Products: Fertilizer

Koch Fertilizer and its affiliates have the capability to manufacture, market and distribute more than 10 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer products annually. They distribute to dealers, so their product has many a label. “Fertilizer today is an intensely industrial business more akin to oil refining or chemical production.” Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Brothers Products: Equipment

Koch-Glitsch and its affiliates are global leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of mass transfer and mist elimination equipment. The company’s products are found in refineries and chemical plants worldwide.

Koch Membrane Systems develops and manufactures membrane separation systems for a variety of applications worldwide, including membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion and its affiliates are global leaders in ultra-low emission process burners, boiler burners, duct burners, flares and thermal oxidizers. The companies are also global suppliers of flare gas/vapor recovery and vapor combustor systems.

Molex makes electronic connectors, sensors and other electronic gear.

What You Don’t Know About The Koch Brothers

Daniel Schulman, author of Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, discusses the family’s history. In researching his book only Frederick Koch agreed to speak to him—Frederick isn’t involved in the family company and instead spends his time restoring homes. He also describes the 20-year series of lawsuits within the family—”one of the most brutal family feuds we’ve ever seen.”

Koch Brothers Products: Cattle

Koch Ag and Energy Solutions operates three ranches with a total of 15,000 head of cattle in Kansas, Montana, and Texas. “Matador Ranch in Texas offers a number of hunting packages that include first-class accommodations. Everything is provided to ensure an enjoyable experience.” Source: www.kochind.com

Koch Brothers Services

Koch Supply & Trading companies around the world trade and provide risk management services in crude oil; refined petroleum products; natural gas and gas liquids; gas, power and emissions;  industrial metals; and other commodities and financial instruments.

Optimized Process Designs LLC provides consulting, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and construction services for the natural gas and gas processing industries worldwide. OPD has been the general contractor on some of the largest natural gas plants built in the U.S.

Koch Knight LLC and its affiliates are leaders in acid proof solutions. The companies offer construction, engineering and services through a global network of manufacturing and outsourcing facilities. Their products, made from state-of-the-art ceramics and plastic materials, are available worldwide.

Invista provides the resources and know how to deliver world-scale technology for licensing to a growing portfolio of technologies in the polyester, polyurethane and nylon value chains.

Koch Brothers European Brands

  • Colhogar®
  • Delica®
  • Demak’Up®
  • Inversoft®
  • Kitten Soft®
  • Lotus®
  • Moltonel®
  • Nouvelle®
  • Okay
  • Tenderly®
  • Tutto®

Source: kochind.com

Pollution by Koch Brothers Companies

Koch Industries emits 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year. Koch Industries is the nation’s 13th largest polluter/emitter according to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute. See detailed emissions breakdowns:  peri.umass.edu

Koch Industries spent a total of $37.9 million on oil and gas lobbying during 2006 to 2009. Source:  sourcewatch.org

According to the International Forum on Globalization, Charles and David Koch are America’s single largest source of private money for attacks against environmental protections. They have spent over $643 million to block or rollback legal protections for clean air, clean energy, clean water, and other environmental issues through sketchy scientific research, lobbying lawmakers, contributing to electoral candidates’ campaigns, media manipulation, etc. Source: kochcash

Petroleum coke (a byproduct of tar sands refining) has been irritating numerous residents in both Chicago and Detroit. Koch Carbon is storing enormous quantities of petroleum coke on the banks of Chicago’s Calumet River and Michigan’s Detroit River. The ever growing piles await processing, but refineries cannot keep up with the quantity. Source: thinkprogress

A routine aerial inspection found Koch Pipeline Co. spilled 400 gallons of crude oil in Texas in late October, 2013.

Environmental Charges Against Koch

November, 2014: the city of North Pole, Alaska filed suit against refinery owner Flint Hills Alaska Resources: “During the times that the defendants owned or operated the refinery, the defendants caused or allowed numerous and/or continuous releases of hazardous substances into the groundwater located beneath the refinery, and failed to contain or remediate the hazardous substances,” the lawsuit states. “Ultimately, these hazardous substances have migrated off the refinery property and have contaminated the groundwater down gradient of the refinery and within the city, including wells owned by the city and supplying drinking water to the city’s inhabitants. The presence of sulfolane contamination in the city’s groundwater has rendered that groundwater unfit for human consumption and endangers the public health or welfare, or fish, animals, vegetation or any other part of the natural habitat in which it is found,” the lawsuit states. Source: newsminer.com

December 2006: Flint Hill Resources fined nearly $16,000 by the EPA for 10 separate violations of the Clean Air Act at its Alaska oil refinery facilities, and required to spend another $60,000 on safety equipment needed to help prevent future violations. yosemite.epa.gov

May 2001: Koch Industries paid $25 million to the federal government to settle the federal lawsuit that found the company had improperly taken more oil than it had paid for from federal and Indian land. A federal jury found that Koch Industries had stolen oil from government and American Indian lands and had lied about its purchases more than 24,000 times. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

September 2000: A federal grand jury in Corpus Christi, Texas returned a 97-count indictment against Koch Industries Inc., Koch Petroleum Group for violating federal clean air and hazardous waste laws, due to the release of at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled, untreated carcinogenic benzene. In April 2001, the company reached a $20 million settlement in exchange for admitting to covering up environmental violations at its refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. Source: justice.gov

March 2000: Koch petroleum which operates a refinery in Rosemount, Minn., was sentenced to pay a $6 million criminal fine and pay an additional $2 million in remediation costs. This is the largest federal environmental fine ever paid in Minnesota. Koch admitted that it negligently discharged 200,000 – 600,000 gallons of aviation fuel into a wetland and an adjoining waterway. In addition, their way of recovering the fuel (a year and a half later) destroyed a portion of the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife habitat. In a separate offense, Koch dumped a million gallons of wastewater with high ammonia content on the ground between November 1996 and March 1997 and also increased its flow of wastewater into the Mississippi River on weekends when no one monitored discharges. These actions allowed Koch to circumvent the weekly monitoring and reporting requirements of its wastewater discharge permit. The case was investigated by EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division, the FBI and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and was prosecuted by the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota. Source: www.ehso.com

January 2000: Koch Pipeline agreed to a $35 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department and the State of Texas as fines for the firm’s three hundred oil spills (300 million gallons) in Texas and five other states going back to 1990. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

August 1996: Koch’s Sterling butane pipeline had a leak in Lively, Texas, on August 24, 1996. Two teenagers on the way to report the leak drove into the unseen butane cloud, and were killed when the gas exploded and burned. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that severe external pipeline corrosion was the cause of the failure. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

Koch Brothers: Climate Change Denial

A March 2010 Greenpeace report shows that Koch Industry foundations have contributed (2005-2008) nearly $25 million to organizations that oppose clean energy and climate policy. That does not include oil and gas lobbying of $37.9 million. For more info on Koch Industries’ funding of Climate Denial Groups — Source: GreenPeace’s report “Koch Industries Funding the Climate Denial Machine” pdf at greenpeace.org

In the August, 2010 New York Magazine article ‘Covert Operations,‘ oil tycoon David Koch was quoted as saying, global warming will be a good thing for the planet and will help “support enormously more people because a far greater land area will be available to produce food.” Source: newyorker.com

Koch Brothers: Revenue

  • Koch Industries brings in $115 billion in revenue annually.
  • Charles Koch has a net worth of over $42 billion.
  • David Koch also has a net worth of $42 billion. The Koch brothers’ combined net worth is $84 billion.
  • Charles Koch has called the recent push to raise the minimum wage ‘an obstacle to prosperity’. forbes

Koch Brothers: Voting Rights

Since the Citizen’s United decision, corporations can now attempt to influence their employees’ votes. The Koch Brothers jumped on that band wagon right away and mailed out lists of Koch supported candidates to their 50,000 employees during the last election. See info and a copy of a recommended election packet at thenation.com

Koch Brothers: University Affairs

They give as long as they can pick the teachers. See “Billionaire’s role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions” at tampabay.com

Not Just Florida State…Utah, West Virginia, etc… Source: insidehighered.com

The Mercatus Center is a conservative Think Tank at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. It is a university-based research center that makes its research findings available to the media and public policy makers. According to GreenPeace the Mercatus Center has received over 10 million dollars worth of funding from the Koch Brothers. Mercatus also fights environmental regulation, opposes clean energy legislation and lobbys to prevent curbs on industrial pollution. Sources: greenpeace.org,  mercatus.org

List of Koch Organizations

  • Koch Family Foundations
  • Koch Network
  • Freedom Partners
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • American Encore
  • 60 Plus
  • Generation Opportunity
  • Knowledge and Progress Fund
  • DonorsTrust
  • Donors Capital
  • TC4 Trust

Koch Brothers Oppose Electric Cars

This report from the show The Young Turks explains that the Koch Brothers are backing a new organization trying to stop the rising tide of electric vehicle adoption. This would hurt petroleum producers like the Koch Brothers. The group is likely to run ads attacking the subsidies given to electric cars.

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. Terrific. Filled with information I’ve wanted to know but didn’t know where to find.

    From now on, NO MORE BRAWNY!

  2. I furious that you have so much disregard for the USA. To continuely pollute our country for your finincial gain is appalling.

    Also, to try to buy elections is fraud!!! I’d like to see you sit behind bars for the rest of your nasty lives!!!!

  3. This company should be ashamed of their disregard for the people in the United States! It would be wonderful to see them sit in jail and rot for buying their political party. They should be ashamed of their obsession with money and power.

  4. You have lost touch with reality. I guess the millions of people that have made you wealthy don’t mean anything to you. To secretly fund candidates in the name of special interest is disgraceful. I guess money and power are the only thing that matters to most republicans.

  5. This is important research material, in evaluating the influence on Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas. MN Representative Bachmann and the Tea Party, and the Republican electoral victory in November of 2010.

  6. Its criminal that our elected officials, and courts have allowed this to continually go on but when you’re getting your summer homes, kids college tuitions, and jobs after elected life paid for by the billionaires why wouldn’t you?? Why would you have any morals? Obviously this is American politics at its finest!!!

  7. As a hardworking member of society, college educated, and a veteran my family and I will be boycotting all of your products. The attack you are supporting against all hardworking middle class Americans is completely unacceptable!!!

  8. Starting immediately, I am not buying any products produced by your company. I have printed the list and urging all of my friends, Via Facebook and on email, to do the same. Since I am from Wisconsin, I am especially disgusted by the way you and the new Gov. have decided to do business. Disgusted by the way, is putting it lightly.

  9. Folks,

    Please help us in Wisconsin to fight these creeps. The ENTIRE budget agenda is about these guys. They are paying off our puppet of a Governor to take away our rights.

  10. I have printed this list and will carry with me to be sure I never purchase any of the their products. I will also pass this on for others to make informed decisions about their purchases.

  11. Fortunately I don’t use a single of the consumer GP products…and will encourage anyone I know not use them as well. Please share this particular link on Facebook or via email to your list.

  12. Thankfully, we live in an area full of woodlands and untouched prairie. We live a sustainable lifestyle, and many of these products mean nothing to us. Nonetheless, I have printed this off and have emailed over 1,000 friends, colleagues, friends, and neighbors and told them each to spread the word. We ALL can survive just fine without their poison! Do the same!!

  13. I certainly have used some of these items, in the past. I even recognized labels my grandmother has sent me to the store to pick up for her. This list is very helpful in knowing what I won’t be spending money on. I love it when shopping is made simple. These Koch brothers have a place in this world….somewhere…..not in Wisconsin though. Solidarity Forever

  14. Tea-Baggers know that no matter how manytimes they post; there are les of them than there are of us. I will be happy to boycott all Koch products and any associated with Walker supporters and any that support the other Republicans that are trying to break the unions.

    Lets see how they like it.

  15. I for one am finally glad to see just how much of our lives these vile men own. Well no more. Boycott everything they own if possible but the best thing is VOTE BABY VOTE. I think the reality of elections have conquences is beginning to hit home. Democrates and Progessives don’t vote in number. Repub’s do. So again VOTE BABY VOTE!

  16. I will check the list of their products before I buy anything. Their ads are insulting. We know what ‘Americans for Prosperity’ stands for.

  17. How many companies in the Koch brothers conglomerate have union shops for the manufacture of their products? Might want to be careful not to hurt fellow union brothers’ jobs with this type of boycott.

  18. well I guess I won’t be buy any of Koch products

    anymore it will be difficult to sort out because

    so many are popular and used everyday but hey

    i can live without them … I like to breath clean

    air and I like to voice my opinion and I think we

    are only free as long as we have the opportunity

    to say no

  19. You guys got blinders on. Lets take a look at what Obama’s bosses Rothschild & Rockefeller Companies Werner Lambert, Bristol Myer Squibb, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sterling Drug, Sabien Pharma, Merk Pharma, Baxter Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, ovartis, Amgen, Roche, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Wyeth, GE, Exxon, BP, Mobil, ICX, FLIR, GE/RCA Government communications (L-3 government com…munications), Boeing, Monsanto, GMO Food Industries, All Biogenetic seed companies, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citi Group, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Boerse. <<<<<<<

  20. Koch brothers oil company products, paper towls, toilet paper, plastic bags, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic plates, carpet cleaner ect…. Since NAFTA Koch has been regulated heavy on carbon gases. Making useful household items.<<<<<

  21. The American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil and gas industry trade group, will start backing political candidates this year as the U.S. considers repealing $46 billion in subsidies and imposing pollution rules.

    The group, whose members include Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp., would make donations separately from industry executives and employees, who gave $27.6 million mostly to Republican candidates for Congress last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington. API has paid for advertising on policy issues and to lobby on legislation.

    Just to refute one of the lies you told about who supports Obama. Your not worth it but I could probably refute almost all of the companies you named.

  22. I detest what these guys stand for. They give Americans a bad name and I have instructed my entire company to never use any of these products, ever again. Also, we will not specify any of their products in any of our upcoming construction projects.

  23. Every dime we spend is a vote. Once every four years we get to vote on the president – it matters – but every time we buy something, every day, we are voting for who and what we want to support…. we create our world with these votes. So what world do we want to live in?

    Why vote for the koch brothers?

  24. Read ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein. Do We The People really want America to return to the Age of Robber Barons and hand over democracy to the likes of the Koch Brothers?

  25. Seems to me if the Koch brothers really wanted to endear themselves to Wisconsinites, they should donate 1/10th of their wealth to solve our upcoming $3.6 billion problem.

  26. Thank you so much for publishing this excellent synopsis of the extent of control that Koch Industries exerts over the world.

    It clearly illustrates how they could easily influence unscrupulous politicians to ruin our environment for personal greed.

  27. Is there something out there that lists which companies create products we should buy? I would love to have a list of products I can purchase that are made by a company that supports workers, unions, and middle class values.

    Is there such a list? If not, who can do the research and make one?

    I want to vote with my dollar everyday and never support Koch bros or any other corporation that is against workers again.

  28. The Koch brothers only came into the limelight because an IMPOSTER made a prank phone call to the governor or Wisconsin. Hmmm.

  29. It’s a shame that the rich people of the United States of America really don’t believe in Democracy or the Constitution.

    They buy anything from politicians to Supreme Court Justices to make sure that they don’t have to pay their fair share in taxes and also try to limit any power that may cause them any loss in the status of their wealth.

    They believe that the Middle Class is not needed anymore and they have taken their work that the middle Class has done and shipped those jobs overseas along with their wealth.

    The people or enities who have helped them do this is as follows.

    1. The republican party.

    2. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    3. Wall Street.

    4. The ignorance of the American Public.

    5. Parts of the Democractic Party.

    6. The big American Banks.

    7. Big Oil companies.

    Americans of the Middle Class. Think about this. We are an endangered Species! Since Ronald Regan was Govenor and then President!

    If we don’t act now we will lose the life that we use to know it to be. You need to divest yourselves of the enities listed above and start with local companies you know.

    We have the power of the internet to pass out information that will help the Middle Class to survive.

    H.R. Beaudoin

  30. I knew that they had far rreaching tentacles.

    If this isn’t a monopoly, then I’m from a different planet.

    I thought that there was federal restrictions on monopolies. EXCEPT THE KOCH BROS>

  31. There are plenty of Earth friendly products. Look on the web. Also look for brands available in places like Earth Fare, Whole Foods etc. You may have to pay a little more but until we create a large market that is just the price we have to pay.

  32. Boycott all of the consumer goods nationwide! Make them see what happens when the consumers/WORKERS fight back! They need workers to make money and this can show them why. I for 1 pledge here to never buy another product of theirs.

  33. It should be easy for anyone to look at this list and find one product you have been buying that you can do with out. These guys have been playing us all for suckers. Enough is enough.

  34. Whew! I’m glad I already don’t buy any of those brands but it looks like they supply so many other ingredients, that I may be supporting them whether I like it or not.

  35. George Bush on TV and radio lied to the American public and said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and all his war mongering regeime lied with him..Rumsfeld said..’quote’ we know he has them and we know where they are. George Bush said Quote: ‘we have no evidence that Sassam Huseien had weapons of mass destruction’

    Yep, He LIED and should be prosecuted for it and so should the wall street thugs who did an inside job and robbed America.

  36. I have never used any of the products mentioned…I know realisticly that we will never break these bastards backs, just like we will never break any of the other polutters and anti union corporations but some day, maybe not while I’m alive, they will be broken and cut off at the knees.

    It is a true statement: What goes around comes around

  37. The Koch brothers activities amount to a long list of major crimes against humanity committed for profit. Nay, more than that; crimes against biological life forms in general

  38. There are too many products here to boycott, and too many industrial products. We need to pick one consumer product and have an impact there.

    I say Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Soft and Gentle. They are consumer products for which there are ample substitutes, and they have real symbolic value; I wouldn’t wipe my butt with Koch products.

  39. Boycotting will most likely hurt the people employed by the Koch Brothers and the people who sell these products in their stores.

    The Koch Brothers will make damned-well sure that their income keeps flowing in – even if they have to lay off some employees and make the rest of them work harder for less money.

    AND, their Republican Bullies will make sure their incomes are protected by giving them subsidies and tax breaks.

    A boycott is pointless and will damage the wrong people.

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