Brushwood Fence

Using undergrowth, twigs, tips and small branches to make fences. Brushwood fences were probably one of the earliest fence types constructed in Japan. Today brushwood fences are very popular in Australia as well.

fences brushwood
Bamboo brushwood fence. Using the twigs and tips of the bamboo.

bamboo bark fenceBrushwood fence at the Rakusai Bamboo Park in Kyoto

brushwood fence
Another bamboo brushwood fence.

brushwood fence
Brushwood and bamboo panel fence in Kyoto.
Image by: Jeffrey Friedl

daimyoΒ fenceDaitoku-ji gaki en sode-gaki screen.

daimyo fence
Trimmed brushwork screen.

brushwood fence
Rakusai Bamboo Park in Kyoto. Bamboo tips are long lasting as long as they are not sitting in water.

brushwood fence
Brushwood fence made with thin bamboo branches.

brushwood fence
Shibagaki: An ancient style of brushwood fence. Construction requires bound brooms of brushwood to be set vertically against horizontal bamboo bars, and bound in place with wisteria vines. The three most common variants are aoshibagaki, made from fresh brushwood, koshibagaki, a low version, and uguisugaki, a short partition fence made exclusively from spicebush (Lindera umbellata) and popular in contemporary tea gardens.

brushwood fence
Brushwood Fencing with bamboo supports.

brushwood fence
Low brushwood fence.
How to build a low brush fence in images:

brush fence
Daimyo Fence at Kumamoto en, the Japanese garden at San Antonio Botanical Garden. A compacted bamboo brushwood fence might last 20 years or more.

brushwood bamboo fence
Daitokuji-gaki style bamboo fence with mail slot.

brush fenceBrushwood fence behind espalier. Building a roll top cap on your brushwood fence extends its life and adds a finished look. See video below.

brushwood fencing
Brushwork and brick fence with roll top cap in Australia.

brushwood fencing
Brushwork fence with roll top cap in Sydney, Australia.

pool and brushwood fencing
Brushwork fence with roll top cap in Australia. Guaranteed to last twenty years or more.

brushwood fencing
Brushwood screen that has been sheared at the top.

brushwood fence
Brushwood bundles connected to make a fence. Takehokaki: a bundle of branches of bamboo.

brushwood bundles
Brushwood bundles. TeppΓ΅-gaki fence.

brushwood fenceTaimatsu-gaki or Torch fence.

brushwood fence
Brushwood fence at the “Tea Ceremony House,” a collaboration installation of Hiroshi Sugimoto & Sumitomo Wood at House Vision 2013 Tokyo. Found on Pinterest no source.

brushwood roll fence
Bamboo and brushwood roll fence. Bamboo rolls are readily available and make fence construction easy.

brush fence
Horizontal, untamed brushwood fence.

How to Build a Brushwood Fence Australian-style.

Brushwood Fence Resources

Example of Panels for Sale:

Brushwood fencing for sale on eBay.

How to:

How to build a low brush fence:

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