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  • Why I Wish More People Could Meet Farmers

    The other day I made a comment on a blog post that had quoted an article I wrote about the surprisingly tiny scale of organic farming.  In describing “conventional agriculture,” that author had used the term “chemical laden farming,” which I pointed out was misleading considering the  USDA data which documents how miniscule chemical residues […] More

  • ‘Local Food’ Labels Often Incorrect in England & Wales

    A local government watchdog group in the UK has found that approximately 1/5 of products labeled as ‘local’ in England and Wales are misleading consumers and aren’t actually locally produced. Some of the foods identified as not being ‘local’ included “Welsh lamb,” which actually came from New Zealand, “Somerset butter” which was from Scotland, not […] More

  • Living Plastic Free: Nine Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

    After spending most of February participating in Rodale.com’s Plastic-Free February, I’ve come to the realization that reducing plastic use is very difficult. I thought it would just be a little inconvenient. Instead, I found that it’s nearly impossible. More

  • Crowdsourced Project Funding

    All too often the only thing that stands in the way of a great idea is a lack of funding. Innovation is expensive, and most people don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to finance their creative breakthroughs. The conventional methods of funding projects—bank loans and venture capitalists—have become inaccessible to […] More

  • Crio Brü Winner

    We used a random number generator to pick a winner from the 38 entries, and the winner is….. More

  • Sustainable Wine Review: U.S. Rhone Producers Lead in Sustainability

    It seems like the whole wine world is abuzz with talk about American producers of Rhone Varietals. Amazing vintages, high quality, reasonable prices. But, in addition to all the typical wine buzz, I think we need to be talking about American Rhone because sustainability has been a part of the these producer’s ethos for decades. More

  • Antarctica’s New Mystery Carbon Sink

    Captain Robert Falcon Scott, head of the second expedition to reach the South Pole, and who, with his team, died on his 1912. Living on for almost 100 years now are the specimens he collected along the way- among them some smaller “filter-feeding animals” that resemble branching twigs. These specimens, along with many others collected […] More

  • Barbeque Curry Tofu

    We must have grilling on our minds this week! Just yesterday, Laura Phillips shared some great BBQ ideas for vegans, and today we’ve got a tasty recipe for BBQ curried tofu from Michelle Leeper! This recipe calls for pan-frying, but these tasty tofu cubes would be lovely on skewers, too. More

  • EU Succumbs to U.S. Pressure on GM Contamination

    Today, the head of Brussels-based Food & Water Europe and Washington D.C.-based Food & Water Watch denounced a recent EU Animal Committee vote to permit animal feed contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as “spectacularly shortsighted.” More

  • Why Genetic Engineering Is Dangerous

    Scientists are finding harmful impacts on soil micro-organisms, beneficial insects and laboratory animals exposed to genetically modified crops and GE food, and that’s just part of the problem. More

  • By the Numbers – Data Highlights from World on the Edge

    The hundreds of data sets that accompany Lester Brown’s latest book, World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse, illustrate the world’s current predicament and give a sense of where we might go from here. Here are some highlights from the collection. More

  • BBQ Ideas for Vegans

    There’s no reason to overlook the delights of cooking outside if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, and there’s certainly no reason to stick to tried-and-tested vegetarian burgers and sausages, either. More

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