Contributing Editor for Gardening and Building

Does beautiful topsoil make your heart flutter? Is “build a greenhouse” an item on your bucket list? Would you save your tools in a fire but let your laptop burn?

If this is you, envision yourself as Insteading’s Contributing Editor for Gardening and Building.

Job Duties

Produce content about the cool topics that get you fired up. You’ll do some planning, some writing, some editing. You’ll learn a lot as you work.

We anticipate monthly writing output of 4000-6000 words / month, spread across a few different pieces. We also anticipate 3-5 hours of planning and editing time per month. The exact mix will change depending on the month.

Your first task will be helping us build our our how-to and product guide content, covering topics like DIY building plans, gardening techniques, and tools.

Why Apply?

This is a terrific opportunity for someone with a passion for gardening and building. You’ll get paid to learn more about it, you’ll build your reputation in the field, and you’ll learn online publishing skills that can help you pay the bills in other ways.

About Insteading

Insteading helps people turn their spaces into beautiful, fulfilling, sustainable places. We do it with information, advice, product recommendations, and the occasional rant.

Who You’ll Work With

Content marketing expert Kane Jamison started Insteading and sets the overall editorial strategy for Insteading. Seth Kolloen, formerly Director of Content for Allrecipes, is Insteading’s editor.


You’ll receive a monthly stipend, commensurate with your writing ability and level of expertise, of at least $1,000/month.

To apply, please complete our application form below.

Contributor Application Form:

  • If you have done any blogging in the past or have a current website, please include the link so we can check it out.
  • We just want to know what your strengths are to understand what topics you'd be best at. You don't need to have expert knowledge necessarily, but should have read a few books, and hopefully worked on a project or two.
  • Select all that apply.
  • Please write a few short paragraphs explaining why you'd be a good fit for this particular position. Please also include links to published writing work.
  • Please enter a number from 11 to 13.

What Makes A Great Post On Insteading:

Please read other people’s guidelines on quality guest posting to get a better idea of what makes an excellent post. In general we want to see the following from guest posts:

  • Be Thorough – Our best posts are 1000 to 2000 words or longer
  • Make it Educational – please don’t pitch your product here.
  • Make it Practical & Applicable – make it relevant for our readers and include lots of useful tips.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – include unique or custom images that haven’t been used elsewhere, video, or other multimedia.
  • Write Clearly – use a tool like Hemingway App if you’re not a professional writer (most of us aren’t).
  • Prove It – use lots of cited and helpful resources, including other content on Insteading and elsewhere on the web
  • Relevant To Your Expertise – write about topics that you have direct experience with – please don’t submit a post on how to set up an aquaculture tank if you’ve never actually done it.

You can read more on our writer’s guidelines here.