Green Business Blog Carnival #10 at Cleantechies


Yep, moving a little slowly… I blame it on last week’s heat wave (which has finally ended). Fortunately, our friends at Cleantechies were right on the mark (and, in fairness, they had cool, pleasant weather), and got Friday’s Green Business Blog Carnival published right on schedule.

Edition #10 was a little light (I’m blaming that on the heat, too), but still had some great news and insight from the green business blogosphere. Among some of the cooler finds: Ford’s solar additions to its Wayne, Michigan assembly plant, and the growth of social entrepreneurship in Asia.

My favorite concerns a topic I’ve touched on before: the sustainability of e-readers. Raz Godelnik of Eco-Libris (who writes about this topic very frequently) discusses the lifecycle of ereaders very thoroughly in a post at the Independent Book Publishers Association.

We’re only a few days away from the Carnival’s next stop… back at Green Marketing TV. There’s still time to submit a good green business post, though… just use the form at Triplepundit. And, as always, we need hosts… so check the Carnival schedule, pick a date, and let me know…

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