Meet Farallon And Roanoke, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s Newest Models

You now have two more dream tiny home possibilities, as Tumbleweed Tiny House Company just announced two new designs.

Both designs answer a common request from Tumbleweed customers: Give us a house with a downstairs sleeping area! The designs incorporate a downstairs flex room. The room can be used as a second bedroom for kids/guests or converted into an office space.


The Farallon looks like a rustic farmhouse, with a gabled roof.
tumbleweed tiny house farallon design exterior

tumbleweed tiny house farallon design interior


The Roanoke is more of a shipping-container-style tiny house, with a shed roof for more interior vertical space.
tumbleweed tiny house roanoke design exterior

tumbleweed tiny house roanoke design interior
Both designs are available in two sizes. The 20-foot model has a base cost of $61,000. The 26-foot model has a base cost of $70,000. Each of these two models has 3 floor plan options. So, really, that’s 12 new floor plans to dream about.

Both homes are designed to travel on Tumbleweed’s Low-Wider Trailer. Tumbleweed matches all their home designs with one of their custom-designed trailers. This custom trailer/home fit is a key reason to buy from Tumbleweed. You don’t want to worry that, because you bought the wrong trailer, your $70K home is going to end up as kindling in a roadside ditch.

Cedar is Tumbleweed’s standard exterior; pine boards are the standard interior. The home each come with a full kitchen and bathroom, and a standard electrical system. Like all Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, you can customize the Farallon and Roanoke with extras like skylights, walnut shelving, modern cabinets, and more robust appliances.

Tumbleweed unveiled the Farallon at the August 2016 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs.

#tinyhousejamboree one of the #tumbleweed #tinyhouses the #farallon model 'n wonder if can stay in one like this hmm… ✌❀?

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If I had a spare 60 Gs laying around, I’d probably go with the Farallonβ€”love that rustic farmhouse look. Which is your favorite?

Written by Seth Kolloen

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