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  • Private vs. Public Water: A Tale of Felton, CA

    Do you know who owns your water?  Many communities have moved from public water works to privatization of this important utility.  Corporations raise rates, and citizens are left with no local control.  In many towns, grassroots movements have successfully fought corporate water acquisition.  Felton, California is a model of such citizen action. More

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    Japanese Whalers Making Big Money on Illegal Whale Meat

    The BP oil spill may have killed a baby whale, but there are much bigger problems for endangered whales around the world. Japanese, Norwegian, and Icelandic whalers have been whaling unsustainably and illegally for years despite an international moratorium on whaling. Rather than address this problem with stronger laws and enforcement, the International Whaling Commission […] More

  • Key West Ocean’s Day Rally Turns to BP Protest

    June 8, 2010 was World Oceans Day.  Declared officially by the United Nations last year, this day celebrates how our oceans: Generates most of the oxygen we breathe Helps feed us Regulates our climate Cleans the water we drink Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines Provides limitless inspiration! More

  • Mt. Shasta Voters May Outlaw Cloud Seeding and Bottled Water Plants

    Despite the fall in popularity of bottled water, there is still large consumer demand. Major corporations are looking for new sources, and in many cases, communities are fighting back. In Mt. Shasta, California, not only are residents concerned about the “large water draws” of bottled water plants, they are also worried about the health effects […] More

  • Marine Conservation Team Blue Seals Barred from Gulf Oil Spill Areas

    During one of the worst oil spill disasters in our history, a rapid response team of marine conservation experts, the Blue Seals, has been barred from documenting the effects of the deepwater oil spill by BP and US government officials. According to the Blue Seals, their efforts have been hampered by a “virtual oil curtain” […] More

  • Turkish Farmers Learn to Cut Water Use Up to 50%

    About 72% of total water use in Turkey is for agriculture. This 72% is important when the country’s largest city, Istanbul, can be out of running water for days at a time in the summer. “We have to change our perception of water and water use practices considerably,” WWF-Turkey CEO Dr. Filiz Demirayak told the […] More

  • Endangered Whale Massacre on the Horizon?

    Here is some very surprising and disappointing news. The Chair of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) announced a proposal this week that would endorse the killing of whales, including some endangered species. The proposal would also allow the killing of whales in their number one feeding ground — the Southern Ocean. This would reverse a […] More

  • Is Climate Change Genocide?

    Climate change and rising temperatures are widely believed to be causing the retreat of glaciers and lower river flows. According to researchers, that is what’s happening to the Andean glaciers. Evo Morales, President of Boliva, believes there should be an international court of environmental justice- and many Bolivians agree with him. In fact, Boliva’s UN […] More

  • Summit On The Summit Group Climbs Kilimanjaro for Clean Water

    More than one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water- that’s more than 1 out of every 7 people on Earth. And the consequences of drinking contaminated water are no mystery- more children die from diarrheal diseases than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined- every day 4,000 children in developing countries die from […] More

  • project BLUE: It’s Not a Charity, It’s a Plan of Action

    The health of our oceans is not only important for environmental reasons, it’s essential for recreational reasons as well. And what sport will be impacted the most by the state of the oceans? Surfing, most likely. What can the average ocean sports lover do to work toward a healthy ocean environment? Probably the best way […] More

  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Clean Water: Summit on the Summit

    Every day, 4,000 children in developing countries die from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water. Clean water for all is an extremely important mission in our world, and a variety of organizations are actively working toward that goal. One event that may help to grab the attention of people in developed countries is […] More

  • opening ceremonies

    World Water Forum Publishes Global Water Framework

    Last March leaders and concerned citizens came from around the world to the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. The city, which spans the great Bosphorus, existing in both Europe and Asia, has served as capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire and is the European Capital of Culture […] More

  • Bottled Water Giant Nestle Wins Approval for Colorado Spring

    In recent years, Nestle has been hard fought by communities across the country over bottled water plants, as citizens are concerned that local aquifers will be depleted. From Washington to California, towns have been divided and long battles fought as the maker of Perrier, Poland Spring, S. Pellegrino, and Arrowhead bottled waters plans to expand. […] More

  • Traitor Joe’s: Greenpeace Rates Trader Joe’s Unsustainable Seafood Policies

    The environmental watchdog Greenpeace has gone after Trader Joe’s with a snarky campaign called Traitor Joe’s, complete with a website, a Traitor Joe’s Twitter account, and a singing fish telegram for consumers to let the company know how they feel about the store’s unsustainable seafood policies. According to the latest Sustainable Seafood Scorecard from Greenpeace, […] More

  • Go for a Skinny Dip and Save a River

    New Belgium Brewery, best known for brewing great beer, like Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat, and for the massive traveling bike carnival Tour de Fat, is also a leader in corporate water sustainability and donating to water advocacy groups. The company’s Skinny Dip campaign helps to promote and provide financial support for groups working to […] More

  • Army Corps of Engineers Plans to Cut Down All Trees Near Levees

    The Army Corps of Engineers has decided all trees must be removed that are 15 feet from a levee. The corps is worried tree roots could weaken levees meant to protect low elevation communities. Of course, the corps’ record is marred with mistakes when it comes to safeguarding communities from catastrophic floods, like New Orleans. More

  • The Coca Cola Company vs. Indian Farmers

    The Coca Cola company has invested over $1 billion dollars building a market for its products in India, but the company’s welcome has been less than effervescent, considering the contentious issues raised by the company’s business practices. More

  • United Nations Officially Declares June 8 as World Oceans Day

    Since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, World Oceans Day has been celebrated on June 8; however, the designation was not part of an official United Nations resolution. That has all changed: In paragraph 171 of its resolution 63/111 on oceans and the law of the sea, the General Assembly resolved that, as […] More

  • Australian Desert Hardwood wooden spoon

    Global Water Challenge: Universal Access to Clean Water

    Here are 3 quick but sobering facts about the present world water situation: Water insecurity could increase malnutrition in 75-125 million people by 2080. Diarrhea caused by unclean water kills five times as many children as HIV/AIDS. In some areas, the amount of available water can fall below 1/10th the basic human requirement.1 The good […] More

  • World Water Forum: An Agenda for Privatizing Water?

    The World Water Forum (WWF) held in Istanbul last week has turned out to be a more highly contentious event than anticipated by many. The forum got off to a rough start when Turkish police fired tear gas and detained activists who protested against the privatization of water, the most charged and controversial issue surrounding […] More

  • A Sea Change: Documentary Shows Harsh Truth of World Without Fish

    A world without fish? Though it might seem like a left-field concept to some, it’s important that we don’t forget that dinosaurs, dodos and other creatures that once roamed freely about our lands have long since died out. Top scientists now warn that our seas face a similar catastrophe thanks to a rise in ocean […] More

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    Tap Project: One Dollar Provides a Child with Safe Drinking Water for 40 Days

    Waterborne diseases are the second largest killer of children under five. Each day, 4,200 children die from water-related diseases, and 900 million people around the world are without access to safe drinking water1. UNICEF’s Tap Project is working to change that by raising money to support clean water programs with a simple $1 donation. That […] More

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