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  • roaches

    Natural Roach Killer

    Unless you’re a roach-loving entomologist, chances are you can’t stand having little critters all over your kitchen. Not only are they unsightly, but they are also known to be allergy triggers, especially for those who have been diagnosed with asthma. According to Pest World, cockroaches are said to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, […] More

  • ants on a leaf

    Natural Ant Killer

    As impressive as ants are, what with being able to lift 50 times their body weight and building their fancy colonies, they can become a bit of a nuisance in our gardens and homes. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that ants are vital to the ecosystem and do have a positive role to play as […] More

  • gopher

    How To Get Rid Of Gophers

    There’s nothing like planting a beautiful garden, only to have burrowing animals eating your carrots and making tunnels through your lettuce patch. Despite being cute and fluffy, gophers are a farm and garden pest. Along with rabbits and field mice, gophers are some of the most common mammals that disrupt growing crops. There are plenty […] More

  • lavender

    7 Effective Mosquito Repelling Plants

    Looking for a mosquito-free garden? We know that plant extracts and oils are effective as mosquito repellents, but there’s a variety of mosquito repelling plants also help keep pesky insects away. “Mosquito repelling plants tend to be highly aromatic,” says Amy Lawhorne, Vice President of Mosquito Squad, a national tick and mosquito control company. “Some have […] More

  • japanese beetle on sunflower

    How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

    I didn’t know about Japanese beetles until I moved to the Southeast. As it turns out, the early summer heat makes Tennessee a literal hotspot for these pests. To my dismay and endless frustration, they made quick work of my rose bushes and feasted on the broccoli plants in my garden. Present in every state […] More

  • chipmunk

    How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of Your Garden Naturally

    They’re cute. They chirp and flirt around, scurrying from one food source to another. But don’t deceive yourself. If you love your garden, you don’t want to be overrun by chipmunks. One chipmunk means many chipmunks. They’re rodents, and like mice and rats, they multiply quickly and they love to dig. They dig holes in […] More

  • fly traps in trees

    Homemade Fly Traps

    So you have a fly problem. That is truly annoying—we’ve all lost sleep as a black fly buzzes around the bedroom. If it’s in the kitchen, it’s probably grossing you out. You’ve made dozens of swatting attempts, with no success. Your arm is tired and you’re frustrated. What to do? Here are three options, with […] More

  • mouse in grass

    7 Ways To Mouse-Proof Your Homestead

    For homesteaders, the common house mouse is one of the most troublesome of pests. A small brown or gray rodent with little beady eyes, large ears, and a skinny three to four-inch long tail, house mice flourish under a diverse array of conditions in and around homes, sheds, barns, and outbuildings. The unwelcome intruders consume […] More

  • aphids on arugula

    How To Get Rid Of Aphids

    If you’re a gardener, you’re probably familiar with finding colonies of tiny, gray insects and eggs clinging to the underside of a leaf. If you’re unlucky, you may have even taken a bite of a kale leaf and spat it out quickly. Aphids are a common and persistent pest that lives all over North America. […] More

  • gecko on planter

    Geckos In The Garden

    Do geckos call your homestead home? Household geckos are said to bring harmony, good luck, and good fortune to the household. Killing a gecko invokes an unhappy chain of bad luck events of long duration. If you have geckos in your garden, celebrate their presence but try not to invite them indoors. A small to […] More

  • ladybug on flower

    Attracting Ladybugs To The Homestead Garden

    Organic gardeners know that when ladybugs are abundant in the springtime, they can anticipate a bountiful harvest. Fortunate is the homestead blessed with an abundance of ladybugs. Ladybugs are guests you want to invite and keep in your garden. Read on to learn a bit about these beneficial insects, how to properly identify them, and […] More

  • gopher poking head out of burrowed tunnel

    Rodent Control Without Poison

    As the weather starts to cool, rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels attempt to find a warm place to stay well fed during the cold winter months. While these rodent pests are small, they can cause huge problems for homesteaders. Rodents contaminate food and indoor surfaces with salmonella and a diverse array of […] More

  • How To Get Rid Of Pests In Your Vegetable Garden

    Pests can harm your garden, but there are natural solutions available. A new piece of property, fertile soil, and lots of sun and water is all you should need for a successful vegetable garden. However, there are the invasions that you probably didn’t consider. For instance, you have the blue jays that peck mercilessly at […] More

  • garlic plants to help repel mosquitoes

    How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes (Without All Of The Chemicals)

    Nothing ruins a lazy, summer afternoon with a book and a tall glass of iced tea like a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. They buzz, they fly, they pinch and bite. Not to mention they can carry dangerous diseases that they can pass on to you and your family this summer. Come June and July you’ll […] More

  • pile of watermelon

    Companion Planting For Melons

    As any experienced gardener will tell you, it takes a whole lot more than sun and soil to successfully cultivate a homestead garden. Moisture, nutrition, as well as weed and pest control are required. While many gardeners treat their garden with commercial insecticides to prevent insect pests, these noxious chemicals have the adverse affect of […] More

  • tomatoes growing on a vine

    Companion Plants For Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are a staple of the American diet. You can grow many varieties of tomatoes—pick the ones that make the most sense for your garden based on your preferred texture, appearance and flavor. You can grow dozens of different varieties from miniature grape tomatoes to heirloom. Traditional favorites cultivated in homestead gardens include: Early Girl […] More

  • apples spoiled by codling moths

    Organic Codling Moth Control

    In Western Washington, our apple trees have two major enemies: codling moths and apple maggots. While codling moths can be a nuisance (they don’t ruin the apple), apple maggots can leave the entire fruit bitter and unusable, even for cider. Yet some of the easy solutions for apple maggots don’t protect from codling moth. The […] More