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  • The Waste Biz: CES 2016 To Feature E-Waste Recycling Event

    The holidays are over, and that means it’s time to get out of holiday mode. So after a month without Waste Biz posts, we’re getting back on track here. Looking forward to an exciting new year in the waste industry! As a former Las Vegas resident, my attitude towards the mammoth CES (Consumer Electronics Show) […] More

  • Three Entrepreneurs Who Are Cashing In On Ugly Produce And Other Food Waste

      You probably wouldn’t guess there are big profits to be made in the food waste industry. But entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds are making a livelihood using food scraps to make everything from compost, biodiesel to flavored powders. Now three new hopefuls want to get in on the action by joining the movement to reduce […] More

  • The Waste Biz: Is “Big Food” Well-Positioned To Address The Waste Issue?

    The industries that make up “Big Food” – ranging from agricultural biotechnology to food processing to fast food to institutional catering – generally don’t get a lot of love from the sustainability crowd:Β applying industrial standards to the stuff we eat just doesn’t sit right with many (for numerous good reasons). But as I read through […] More

  • Montana Craft Brewers Get Entrepreneurial, Communal With Glass Recycling

    We Americans are doing much better in terms of recycling materials, according to a new article from Yes!: the EPA notes that we recycled 65 million tons of solid waste in 2013. We’re trying to do the right thing, but the economics of recycling follow the ebbs and flows of the market… and that means […] More

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