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Looking for a guest posting opportunity? Check out our Guest Post FAQ

Insteading is looking for writers! Our mission here is:

to be a resource for those who want or need to step outside mainstream solutions to increasingly difficult economic and environmental problems.

To achieve this mission, we  focus on the intersection between self-sufficiency, sustainability, and community reliance, including topics like collaborative consumption, the sharing economy, local and virtual currencies, off-grid living, and peer-to-peer technologies.

Think you’ve got the stuff? If our mission strikes a chord with you, we’d love to hear from you! To learn more about writing for us and put in your application, visit Writing for Important Media.

Important Media is the reincarnation of Green Options Media, which was hailed as the “first green blog network.” Launched in February 2007, Green Options Media grew into a leader among “green” news and information sources aimed at general audiences.

Starting February 2010, GO Media reorganized 10 of its blogs into a new network called Important Media by original founder David Anderson. Insteading is one of the newest sites in this network.

Insteading is always open to accepting relevant, well-written guest posts. We get a high volume of inquiries, so we’re not able to accept all posts. Before contacting us about guest posting, please read over our FAQ.

Do you accept guest posts?

Can I cross-post something from my own website?
We require that all guest posts be original pieces written for Insteading’s audience. You are free to publish your guest post on your site, but we do ask that you wait seven (7) days after the post publishes on Insteading before reposting.

What should I post about?
Our readers are interested in living well without large amounts of money, land, or material possessions. We like to publish about new ways to share, trade, rent or barter for what we need. We also love news about new technologies that make it easier to live a low-impact or off-grid life.

It’s always a good idea to look over our site and see what we’re posting about to get a feel for the site’s topics and tone.

How long should my post be?
We do not have a minimum or maximum post length. However many words you need to say what you want to say works for us. What’s more important to us is that your post have useful, well-sourced information and that it be well written.

Can I include a bio?
Yes! You’re welcome to include a blurb at the bottom of your guest post about who you are and what you do.

Interested in guest posting at Insteading?
Drop us a line with links to three (3) writing samples as well as your pitch for a guest post topic.

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