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Two sisters from Buenos Aires who grew up among woodworkers at their grandfather’s shipyard have created these awesome wood-block toys, now for sale on Kickstarter. The wood comes from a eco-friendly (and cheap) sourceβ€”the scrap pile of renowned furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti.

Pieces of sustainably-grown pine, lapcaho, petiribΓ­ wood that weren’t lucky enough to become one of Sticotti’s gorgeous modern chairs and tables get a second life as ABC wooden blocks, a tic tac toe set, or a desk calendar.

The pieces are available through Kickstarter, as
part of a collaboration with Sudacas, which live-streams South American designers and makers and sells their products to the world.

The two-sister team of the Argentinian design brand Sarmiento create the wood toys. Alejandra Sarmiento, a journalist and TV producer, and Maria Teresa Sarmiento, an architect, select the wood form Sticotti’s scrap pile, and fashion it into these upcycled objects.

They use no artificial finishes or stains, but rather paint by hand, with non-toxic materials. Since they hand-select the wood, each piece is slightly different. But don’t take my word for it: See their process in action for yourself in this replay of their Kickstarter live-stream.

Maria Teresa explains the thinking behind the project: “Trees are living things β€” a limited natural resource. We want our artisan wood pieces to have a sustainable background, so we found new purpose for the leftover wood from the collection of our friend, Alejandro Sticotti. By continuing the story where it could have ended, we created this unique collection producing zero waste, a fundamental concept in all of our designs.”
maria teresa and alejandra sarmiento at work

The pieces start at $39, and only 100 of each pieces will be made. With a pledge of $149, you’ll receive a bundle of all three. To back the project, visit its Kickstarter page.

Written by Seth Kolloen

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