Food Consumption In America

Stunning statistics about what Americans eat.

American food consumption

What Are We Eating? What the Average (U.S.) American Consumes in a Year

Who Is The Average American?

  • The average American is 36.6 years old and eats 1,996.3 lbs. of food per year.
  • The average man is 5’9” and weighs 190 lbs.
  • The average woman is 5’4” and weighs 164 lbs.

How Much Meat And Other Animal Products Does The Average American Eat?

  • Each year, Americans eat 85.5 lbs. of fats and oils
  • 110 lbs. of red meat, including 62.4 lbs. of beef and 46.5 lbs. of pork
  • 73.6 lbs. of poultry, including 60.4 lbs. of chicken
  • 16.1 lbs. of fish and shellfish and 32.7 lbs. of eggs
  • 31.4 lbs. of cheese each year and 600.5 lbs. of non-cheese dairy products
  • 181 lbs. of beverage milks

Other Staples Americans Love

  • 192.3 lbs. of flour and cereal products, including 134.1 lbs. of wheat flour
  • 141.6 lbs. of caloric sweeteners, including 42 lbs. of corn syrup
  • 56 lbs. of corn each year and eat 415.4 lbs. of vegetables
  • 24 lbs. of coffee, cocoa and nuts
  • 273.2 lbs. of fruit each year

Source: Visual Economics

americans consume how much food per year

What Else Are Americans Eating?

  • 29 lbs. of French fries
  • 23 lbs. of pizza
  • 24 lbs. of ice cream
  • 53 gallons of soda each year, averaging about one gallon each week!
  • 2.736 lbs. of sodium, which is 47 % more than recommended
  • 0.2 lbs. of caffeine each year, about 90,700 mg

In total, Americans eat an average of 2,700 calories each day.Β 

From Visual Economics:

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  1. Hi – thanks for writing…

    Data was compiled by Visual Economics-

    The chart was first done July 2010 – but it looks like they referenced averages from multiple years. Best.

  2. After a bit of snooping, seems an average of 1,940 calories per day for woman age 19-50 is recommended. Men get to do a lot more snacking – recommended about 2,550 calories per day for men between 19-50. Recommended for 15 to 19 year old boys, 2,755 calories per day!

  3. I have been working on the world and its surviveability per capita in the next 30 years /to 100 years. we are in for such a surprise that when realized it will be too late.

    ex. china even if each family only produces 1 child per. china will not be able to feed their own population in 30 years. the same goes for nearly every nation in the world. ie. OBAMA,S USE OF PHRASE (WE HAVE ENOUGH FUEL TO LAST US A100 YEARS. he,s got to be kidding a hundred years, oh thats right ,we don,t what happens after we,re dead. he is not even considering the groth of population, housing ,cars on the road which will doubble in twenty years. we build over all the farm land,have contaminated most of the worlds water . we are producing less than half the food we did twenty years ago and raised the population 100 percent. even if we ( have a devasting war every twenty years we cannot catch up with the population needs and contamination we create.I am interested in hearing from world leaders on their/ our future. PEOPLE in general do not understand the TORAH GOD designed the ballance of use of food according to population growth. this is not a jewish its his plan for L I F E .

  4. I don’t think the ‘sugar’ percentage is accurate. Ready to eat meals are easier to access than ever before and fast food prices are much more affordable than healthy ones. This article states that a 5’4, 36 year old American woman weighs 164 lbs. If you calculate this weight to their BMI they are considered overweight.

    • three things, first BMI is not accurate, second most people in the US who are over 35 are at least slightly overweight. The man in this would be considered so as well, but you don’t mention that because no one seems to care if men are fat.

  5. The non cheese dairy products seems way off no one I know consumes almost 2lbs a day! this doesn’t count milk or ice cream or butter which are already mentioned in the graph, i think either someone added a zero or they are including wasted food in this.

    • Yeah, this post is more than 6 years old now, but I googled “non cheese dairy products” and couldn’t find much. It does seem like it would be hard to find much dairy beyond eggs/milk/cheese…

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