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  • japanese futon


    Japan has a long history of developing thoughtful, tidy design ideas. That’s why the traditional bedroom setup in Japan is perfect for anyone who lives in a tiny house or any other sort of close quarters. Why You Should Use A Shikibuton Before we get into that, think about a typical Western tiny house or […] More

  • 15 Earth Homes

    Some earth homes take advantage of something called thermal mass, which basically means that the mass of a structure has some capacity to store heat. So the mass of a home can stay at a more constant temperature than temperatures outside the home due to the presence and absence of sunlight in a 24-hour period. Obviously, […] More

  • Tiny House, Big Living

    One look at this tiny house and you feel as if you are about to enter a doll house! With bright pink walls, Villa Hermina clearly stands out from the rest of the cottages in the area. Situated outside the southern Czech town of Černín, it was created by HSH Architekti, which unfortunately is now defunct. […] More

  • Tiny House Made from Big Dumpster

    There’s dumpster diving, then there’s this – maybe we should call it dumpster dwelling? The Homeless Homes project is turning urban waste into small homes. More

  • DIY Prepper Project: Build Your Own Motorhome (w/ video)

    One of the topics that regularly comes up on the prepper/post-collapse pages I frequent is the bug out vehicle. Almost no other topic brings up more diverse and “energetic” opinions than what the best bug out car, truck, or SUV really is. One thing that does seem certain, however, is that you should be prepared […] More

  • Gary Pickering Builds “Tiny House” Survival Pods for the Homeless (w/ video)

    Gary Pickering is making the world a better place by donating a number of self-built, portable ‘micro-houses’ to Utah’s homeless people in an effort to help them survive the area’s harsh winter weather conditions. How’d he come up with that? They say that necessity is the mother of invention. For Gary Pickering, years of being […] More

  • 7 Ways to Rebuild Society, Burning Man Style

    Some Monday mornings you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam caused by some idiot turning themselves into Ragu by plowing into the back end of a slow-moving semi because he was trying snap a picture of his wang to send to the NSA his secret mistress/mister. On those days, it’s fun to think of […] More

  • Renzo Piano Builds a Haute Shiver Shack For Off-the-Grid Singles

    Italian architect Renzo Piano has come up with a small, simple-living home design that could is less of a shiver shack and more of a one-person, off the grid castle – and, if you’re in the market for a “tiny house” and you have an eye for going off grid, you’ll want to pay attention, because it doesn’t get much better than this … More