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  • Mexico’s Marersa Expands Its Wave Power Offerings

    Maremotrices de Energias Renovables (Marersa) is expanding its wave power offerings. Currently, Marersa has a three megawatt plant at Rosarita in Baja California. They are looking to expand to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, as well as building more wave power plants in Mexico. More

  • Twenty Hydroelectric Power Facts

    Hydroelectric power accounts for nearly 16% of the world’s electric production. Electricity is produced by water falling through a turbine, either from a natural or artificial waterfall. Hydroelectric generation works equally well on a large scale to provide power to cities or regions or on a small scale to provide power to a single household or project. More

  • Scotland Opens Marine Energy Park

    The Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Energy Park opened earlier this week. Scotland’s first designated zone for the development of wave and tidal energy will bring together industry and universities to research and develop renewable energy. More

  • Hydropower Grows Steadily Worldwide

    The use of hydropower for electrical generation has grown steadily worldwide. New technologies make hydropower more efficient and less intrusive into the environment and tourist views. This article via sustainablog lays out the numbers in an easy to understand fashion. More

  • Ilisu Dam โ€“ Sinking History

    The Ilisu Dam is a dam under construction in Turkey at the headwaters of the Tigris River. It has generated controversy because 55,000-65,000 people will be forcibly relocated and a city with a 10,000-year history will be flooded. More

  • Feeling the Pressure: NYC Energy Company Uses Water Pressure to Generate Electricity

    When most people see the water towers that loom over residential areas they typically think of the water pressure in their showers or sinks. But when New York City’s Frank Zammataro โ€” President and Founder of the NYC-based energy company Rentricity โ€” sees a water tower, he sees electricity. Or at least the potential for it. More

  • Pouring Water into a Volcano to Create Energy

    Two companies will pour 24 million gallons of water into Newberry Volcano in central Oregon to test the potential to create geothermal power, using a technique called Enhanced Geothermal Systems. More

  • Should We Give a Dam About Hydro Power?

    The International Commission for Large Dams held its 78th annual meeting recently in Ha Noi, attracting 800 delegates from 90 countries. Vietnamโ€™s Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai made a speech emphasizing dams and hydro-electricity as a way of dealing with water deterioration and climate change. As Indian Council of Power Utilities President C.V.J Varma […] More

  • Brazil Approves Enormous Hydroelectric Dam in Heart of Amazon

    Brazil has approved an environmental license for the construction of a huge hydroelectric dam in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, bringing criticism from environmentalists for potential damage to the river basin and displacing indigenous peoples, even though the project is touted as a carbon neutral way to meet the region’s power needs. According to […] More

  • 1.5 Megawatts of Wave Power Coming to Oregon

    The first phase of an Oregon wave power project off the coast of Reedsport has begun with the contract award to build the first PowerBuoy. This project is the”first commercial wave energy PowerBuoyยฎ system in North America”, and eventually 10 buoys will be brought online.ย ย  One buoy will produce 150 kilowatts and create 30 jobs, […] More

  • Award-Winning HydroVolt Makes a Splash in Micro Hydro

    In talking about renewable and sustainable energy sources, most people think about brand new technologies. In truth, many renewable technologies are improvements and updates of energy options that have been around for centuries. The Hydrovolt is a new take on hydroelectric power that is making a splash in the micro-hydro world. The Hydrovolt is “a […] More

  • Mitigating Chesapeake Bay Pollution by Making Algae Biodiesel

    The Chesapeake Bay has long been plagued by pollution, and in fact a large portion has been declared a “marine dead zone“. This largest estuary in the United States is fed by 11 large rivers that contain run-off, which deplete the water of oxygen and are responsible for large algal blooms. The York River, which […] More

  • Floating Waterwheel Could Revolutionize Micro Hydroelectric Power Generation

    A new hydroelectric device, the Hydro-Electric Barrel (HEB) could bring renewable power generation as close as the nearest flowing water, making micro-hydro a reality for many who live near streams and rivers. The inventors claim it to be both efficient and cost-effective, as well as being less intrusive to the environment than other hydroelectric solutions. […] More

  • Scotland Offers ยฃ10 Million Prize for Wave Energy Innovation

    In order to harness Scotland’s immense marine energy resources and achieve a renewable energy target of 50% of electricity generated through renewable sources by 2020, the country has put its money where its mouth is. The Saltire Prize is a ยฃ10 million prize challenge for advances in wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters, and […] More

  • Himalaya May Become Most Heavily Dammed Region of the World

    The Himalaya region of the world is undergoing rapid change from global warming. For example, glaciers in the Tibetan Plateau are melting at a “worrisome speed,” according to Xinhua news agency. Over the past 40 years, Tibetan glaciers have receded 196 square KM, or 1/4 the size of New York City. Despite such loss of […] More

  • Trojan Horse Ocean Energy Converter Saves Coral Reefs

    The recent growth of wave power has many scientists concerned about its potential impact on ocean life. But a start-up called Swell Fuel claims that its small-scale wave power generators could actually benefit the deep sea environment. More

  • UK Government Funds Major Marine Energy Study: What About U.S. ?

    UK Climate Change Minister announced to a conference this week that the UK government will begin screening for the marine energy projects in England and Wales. The screening is part of an effort by the United Kingdom to become a world leader in wave and marine technology. “It’s a signal really that we are very […] More

  • Venice to Use Algae in Canals for Emissions-Free Power by 2011

    Nicknamed the “City of Water”, Venice, Italy is world famous for its canals. In fact, the city is practically a “no car zone” since it is built upon water. Unfortunately, this water is plagued by algae (Sargassum muticum and Undaria pinnatifida) that was brought to the seaport from Japan, China, Korea, and France. The algae […] More

  • Living Off-Grid: Our Micro Hydro Alternative Energy System

    As a follow up to Sean’s post on Micro Hydro Essentials, I thought I would share an overview of my system, which has powered my home for over 13 years. We are fortunate to live on rural mountain property in Northern California with a creek that is not seasonal, although the volume of water does […] More

  • Saltwater + Freshwater = Blue Energy

    Blue energy, or reverse electrodialysis, generates electricity through the convergence of fresh and salt water using artificial semi-permeable membranes. The technology is currently in use in the Netherlands, but the possibilities for its application exist wherever saltwater and freshwater mix. It’s not a new discovery, but until now, the cost of the membranes has been […] More

  • Easy Way to Unroll Barbed Wire

    Water Powered Cars: Miracle or Myth?

    Can water replace fossil fuels in our cars? Japanese company Genepax says it can, and claims to have done it. The water powered car can run on any source of water, including salt water, rainwater, tea, or soda. By using electrolysis, hydrogen is separated from the oxygen in water (H2O) and used to power the […] More

  • Micro Hydro Essentials

    If you’re an alternative energy advocate seeking for ways to green your living and you happen to live by a river or creek, you might be in luck. We all know energy is generated by building dams over giant underwater turbines, but this technology doesn’t have to be built on such large scales. Micro-hydro generators […] More

  • Wave Energy Farm To Be Developed Off The San Francisco Coast

    The San Francisco Bay Area looks like it could be home to USA’s first major Ocean Wave Energy farm. On the heels of President Obama’s commitment to developing a renewable energy economy, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, announced a preliminary permit application sent to the federal government for a wave power project off the coast […] More

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