black dewalt tool box

So you need a toolbox. Every home needs the essentials: hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, nails, tape, and the like. You might have started with a drawer where you could fit the rusty, loose hammer that your ‘rents gave you when you started out on your own, but after a while you will need more.

Drawers and shopping bags only go so far, and they won’t do well with the heavy, high-quality tools that you should buy and maintain. As you start to accumulate a library of tools, you’ll need a place to keep them—and a way to carry them to the repair that you’re going to make.

It Should Stand Up To Heavy Use

Repairs and maintenance can get messy. Heavy stuff can fall to the floor, and poorly-made toolboxes can flatten. A good box will protect the tools inside you’ve invested in.

Plus, tools are heavy. They’re made of metal, and they’re guaranteed to scrape and dent flimsy carriers. A good toolbox will keep up with the tools.

Does It Have The Space For Your Most Important Tools?

A toolbox isn’t much use if you can’t put all your hand tools in it. If you have to run back to get a tool you can’t fit, or can’t keep widgets and nails in the box, there’s not much point to having the box in the first place. For example, if you own a cordless drill—and you should—will the toolbox fit it?

Get A Box That Helps You Stay Organized

If you have to rummage through your toolbox every time you need to get the next tool, or dig for the right size screw, you’ll start to get upset. Another risk is that a joint knife, screwdriver, or boxcutter might slice your finger. Repairs can be frustrating on their own—don’t make the process worse with a chaotic toolkit.

The Best Toolboxes On Amazon

Milwaukee 13 In. Jobsite Work Boxred milwaukee tool box

Estimated price:$30-40

The Milwaukee 13 in. tool box won rave reviews from construction experts at the Sweethome. It’s rugged and big, and it stands out in its organization. The Milwaukee tool box has compartments for every common variety of tool, and plenty of space for smaller things, like washers and nails. It even has enough space for a cordless drill.

Best of all, the Milwaukee is set up vertically, so that you can see each tool in its place, and put it back. This means you won’t wind up with a disorganized pile of tools somewhere on the floor around your repair job.

Stanley Click & Connect Tool Boxstanley click & connect tool box

Estimated price: $30-40

The Stanley Click & Connect Tool Box also excels with organization. You can fit small or flat tools in the base compartment, and large tools in the larger, top compartment. It’s big enough to hold most cordless drills.

The compartments also separate from each other, which makes access to screws and bolts easy. You can buy additional bottom compartments as you build your tool collection.

DeWalt One Touch Boxblack dewalt tool box

Estimated price: $20-30

The DeWalt One Touch Box is rugged and dependable. It doesn’t have many frills, but it will fit the tools that every household needs. It’s even big enough to hold a cordless drill.

The one feature that makes the DeWalt box stand out from other entry-level toolboxes is its latch. It’s reliable and secure, and you only need one hand to open it. That can be handy if you’re holding something in place while reaching for the right wrench.

Stack-On Steel Tool Boxred stack on tool box

Estimated price: $15-25

The Stack-On Steel Tool Box most resembles the classic tool box that you saw in your grandparents’ garage. It’s a red steel toolbox with two levels and a lever latch.

The Stack-On is heavy, and it can cause clutter. It doesn’t have enough space for a cordless drill, but it’s also steel, which means it’s nearly indestructible.