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  • Reclaimed Wood Decor: Incorporating this Reused Material into Your Home

    Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest eco-friendly trends to come out of the interior design world. With products like reclaimed wood flooring and veneer paneling, the options and uses available with this type of lumber are limited only by your imagination. By learning more about this type of eco-friendly material, you can make educated decisions about the home design products you choose. More

  • Food Freedom Radio Chives

    Every day I am eating something I grew and posting on Food Freedom Radio’s Facebook. Chives grow like weeds, best early spring. Mix with free range chicken, mushrooms garlic & ginger. More

  • What’s Green And Happening in California Wines

    I’m always on the look out for new “green wine” trends. And now that I live here, I am especially interested in what’s happening in California. Two wineries have new offerings worth taking note of. I’m a fan of the eco-properties of boxed wine: Boxed wine reduces waste and carbon emissions. What’s not to like? […] More

  • How to Buy an Energy Efficient Water Heater [Infographic]

    According to the US Energy Information Administration, heating water doesn’t consume quite as much energy as it did twenty years ago. It does still represent over 17% of the average home’s energy consumption, though, so any increases in efficiency will make a difference in energy use and electricity bills. There are a lot of different types of water heaters on the market, though, so how do you know which one will work most efficiently for your living environment? More

  • Ten Ways to Conserve Water and Paper

    Water and forests are among the most precious natural resources on the planet. Unfortunately, they are consumed at an increasingly fast pace. Learning to reduce our consumption is crucial to the preservation of these vital resources. Here are a few simple tips to help you save on water and paper daily. More

  • Does organic food taste healthier?

    New research shows that people report that organic food tastes healthier than its conventional counterparts. When trying food – even junk food – with an organic label, participants guessed that the food was lower in fat and calories than food with a conventional label. More

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    Top 10 Reasons I Love My Dehydrator!

    We met about three years ago, on my birthday. I’d checked out his profile, and knew he was interesting… but I never dreamed how well we’d hit it off! I’ll never have a dehydrator-free kitchen again, if I can help it — here’s why! More

  • Poop in Public Pools

    Or, rather, don’t poop in public pools. Please. The microscopic flora in many pools is unpleasant to think about. More

  • Harvesting Justice 14: A Penny a Pound, Plus Power – the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Changes History

    For most tomato pickers in the US, a bucket brings in 50 cents, a piece rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 30 years. Because the rate is set so low, a worker has to pick more than two and a quarter tons of tomatoes per day – the weight of a young elephant – to make the minimum wage. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is transforming all of this. More

  • The Global Water Crisis

    The global water crisis affects us all. Experts estimate that population will increase by another billion people in the world by 2025. The infographic below shows that the world’s population has doubled in the last forty years, but fresh water use has quadrupled. More

  • What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for Sustainability?

    As the cost of unsustainable products like plastic, oil, gas, and coal continue to rise, projects with positive environmental effects are now having better and better ROIs… and that’s true for both large corporations as well as sustainable investments you make in your home and lifestyle. More

  • Almanac Beer’s Farm-To-Bottle Ethos

    It’s American Craft Beer Week and Almanac Beer Co. is a quintessential American craft beer company: small, independent, and traditional. And committed to sustainability. You have to love a beer producer whose motto is Farm To Bottle. Each of their seasonal limited release, small-batch beers is brewed  in collaboration with local farms.  Their offerings include […] More

  • Breaking News: TN Governor Vetoes Ag-Gag Bill

    Following an outpouring of opposition from thousands of citizens, religious leaders, defenders of free speech and people working against animal cruelty, TN governor Bill Haslam just vetoed HB1191/SB1248 — aka ag-gag bill, aka anti-whistleblower bill, aka total BS legislation. Well done, Governor! More

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    Reader Recipe: Vegan Butter

    This vegan butter recipe is quick and easy, uses relatively common ingredients, and measures just like non-vegan butter. You can use it in baking, for grilled uncheese sandwiches, or just straight on warm bread. It can easily be halved or doubled if you want to adjust the quantity. It is a nice homemade alternative to store-bought vegan butter, and would keep in the fridge for weeks if I could stop myself from eating it all so quickly… More

  • GMO Update: VT Labeling Bill Passes House, Heads for Senate

    GMO labeling bill H. 112 passed the VT House last week, and heads for the Senate in January 2014. The bill’s early strong performance is (yet another) indicator of the overwhelming shift in public consciousness — and public policy — towards more responsible labeling of foods containing GMOs. Congratulations democracy, and congratulations Vermont! Now: KEEP IT UP! More

  • The Drunken Botanist – Book Review

    The Drunken Botanist examines the wide variety of plants that have been distilled and fermented throughout the ages. It will appeal to gardeners, drinkers, and anyone who likes food history. More

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    Alcohol and Sex Make You Happier Than Kids

    A new study found that people rate sex as the top activity that brings them happiness, followed by drinking alcohol or “partying.” Caring for children ranked at number five. According to, Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand used mobile-phone text-messaging to collect data on what people did during the day and how they […] More

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    TN’s Attorney General Calls Ag-Gag Bill ‘Constitutionally Suspect’

    The governor’s office has been inundated by pleas for a veto, from thousands of citizens, religious leaders, defenders of free speech and people working against animal cruelty. Now TN’s Attorney General Robert Cooper has also chimed in against Tennessee’s ag-gag bill, calling it constitutionally questionable. More

  • Full Planet, Empty Plates: Chapter 2. The Ecology of Population Growth

    Throughout most of human existence, population growth has been so slow as to be imperceptible within a single generation. Reaching a global population of 1 billion in 1804 required the entire time since modern humans appeared on the scene. To add the second billion, it took until 1927, just over a century. Thirty-three years later, in 1960, world population reached 3 billion. Then the pace sped up, as we added another billion every 13 years or so until we hit 7 billion in late 2011. More

  • Do You Eat Mindlessly?

    While researching the milk industry’s attempt to use artificial sweeteners in milk without labeling, I can across some interesting data. In specific, a webcast featuring Dr. Brian Wansink of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and author of Mindless Eating in which he discusses his “award-winning academic research on food psychology and behavior change.” Some takeaways from the […] More

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    Bake With What’s In Your Pantry

    Ever find yourself wishing you could bake but have no time to get to the store for ingredients (think an early weekend morning when the kids are bored or a late night realization that you’re on snack duty the next day)?  It happens to me more often than I wish to admit. I was thrilled […] More

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