What is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energyΒ is energy that is consumed at insignificant rates compared to its supply and with manageable collateral effects, especially environmental effects.”

Renewable energy is one of the quintessential cornerstones of sustainability. In the homesteading world, investing in renewable energy can be the first step towards living a truly off-grid life. And even if you aren’t in the place to invest in solar panels and wind turbines, there are steps you can take to incorporate renewable energy into your everyday life.

Learn more about what renewable energy works best for your homestead, and learn more about what the cost break down looks like realistically.

Recent Energy Posts

  • Scotland Offers Β£10 Million Prize for Wave Energy Innovation

    In order to harness Scotland’s immense marine energy resources and achieve a renewable energy target of 50% of electricity generated through renewable sources by 2020, the country has put its money where its mouth is. The Saltire Prize is a Β£10 million prize challenge for advances in wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters, and […] More

  • Himalaya May Become Most Heavily Dammed Region of the World

    The Himalaya region of the world is undergoing rapid change from global warming. For example, glaciers in the Tibetan Plateau are melting at a “worrisome speed,” according to Xinhua news agency. Over the past 40 years, Tibetan glaciers have receded 196 square KM, or 1/4 the size of New York City. Despite such loss of […] More

  • UK Government Funds Major Marine Energy Study: What About U.S. ?

    UK Climate Change Minister announced to a conference this week that the UK government will begin screening for the marine energy projects in England and Wales. The screening is part of an effort by the United Kingdom to become a world leader in wave and marine technology. “It’s a signal really that we are very […] More

  • Saltwater + Freshwater = Blue Energy

    Blue energy, or reverse electrodialysis, generates electricity through the convergence of fresh and salt water using artificial semi-permeable membranes. The technology is currently in use in the Netherlands, but the possibilities for its application exist wherever saltwater and freshwater mix. It’s not a new discovery, but until now, the cost of the membranes has been […] More

  • Easy Way to Unroll Barbed Wire

    Water Powered Cars: Miracle or Myth?

    Can water replace fossil fuels in our cars? Japanese company Genepax says it can, and claims to have done it. The water powered car can run on any source of water, including salt water, rainwater, tea, or soda. By using electrolysis, hydrogen is separated from the oxygen in water (H2O) and used to power the […] More

  • Micro Hydro Essentials

    If you’re an alternative energy advocate seeking for ways to green your living and you happen to live by a river or creek, you might be in luck. We all know energy is generated by building dams over giant underwater turbines, but this technology doesn’t have to be built on such large scales. Micro-hydro generators […] More

  • Wave Energy Farm To Be Developed Off The San Francisco Coast

    The San Francisco Bay Area looks like it could be home to USA’s first major Ocean Wave Energy farm. On the heels of President Obama’s commitment to developing a renewable energy economy, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, announced a preliminary permit application sent to the federal government for a wave power project off the coast […] More

  • Water Saving Tips: Cut Water Use at the Tap

    The issue of Peak Oil is a hot topic these days, but an issue that will ultimately affect us even more will be Peak Water. To be more succinct, we’re running out of water. If we don’t act now to try to curtail our domestic water consumption, we’re squandering one of our most precious resources. […] More