What Will Technology Look Like After a Collapse? A Lot Like Cuba’s DIY Tech Today (w/ video)

Cuba DIY Culture

What will technology look like after an apocalypse? That’s a question that authors and film-makers have been trying to answer for generations – and the neat thing about imagining an apocalypse is that “what it takes” to survive one tends to be the same kind of “what it takes” to live and thrive off the grid. It’s all about resources, in other words – the ones that are available and the ones that force you to deal with the problem of scarcity.

That said, I’ve long maintained that what most Americans think of as a “post-apocalyptic dystopia” is what people in the third world live with every day (it is, so stop getting hysterical about “the end times” mmkay?). Looking at it that way, a perfect example of what technology and engineering might look like after a collapse might very well be post-embargo Cuba, which had access to international knowledge, products, and tech … and had that access suddenly cut off.

How do they live? How do they deal with batteries? Electric motors? Watch this video on the unequaled DIY-awesomeness of Cuba’s tech gurus and find out.


Source: Motherboard TV.

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Author: Jo Borrás

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